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*Well, this is the final installment in the soon-to-be-published GET OUT! Unlike the other, happier segments, about young people and Europe, this one is about the end of America and the dissolution of the United States. I honestly ran out of steam and make no apologies for the lack of details. We’ll come up with those another day. 

The Remains of AMERICA

Hello, friends, and welcome to part ten – whatever becomes of the United States and America. I did separate the US and A, there. Outbound kids, please read the following even though it (hopefully) will not apply to you. And, this was a little hard to write. Kindly review the options if you need to:

PART I: Poland

PART II: Slovakia

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PART V: Romania (and Moldova)

PART VI: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia (with Czechia)

PART VII: Estonia and the Baltics

PART VIII: Ukraine, Russia, and More

PART IX: Euro Micros (and Others)

First, because it’s Poland, another hopeful glimpse of the future of the West, courtesy of Vdare and James Kirkpatrick. The cementing of hard-right Chrisitan Nationalism in Polska really is a “white pill.” Not long ago, I looked into the satanic opposition’s despair over the recent, happy election. Kirkpatrick piles on with what it means for the good and the decent. Many thanks to the reader who reminded me of the story. White pills – and that means the Christ or Logos-centered truth in red pill-blue pill speak – is important, especially concerning the following installment.

For those who remain in that odd nation-shaped kind of place between Canada and Mexico… Wow, yes, things are dark and they will assuredly get much darker. Yet and still, there is a kind light shining ahead, perhaps way far ahead. In the end, for some at least, things will improve. It’s the getting there that will be most painful.

“America” was a distinct nation, composed of distinct People. That’s gone now, undone by decades of retreat, submission, and sabotage. Without a coherent nation, all we’ve been left with is the shell of a state, a loosely-cobbled country held together by threats and violence from the Potomac. I’ve long called a final trifecta to end the United States. The sequence I envisioned was: economic collapse, foreign war and defeat, and massive country-shattering civil war. 

An economic depression is in progress now. I did not foresee a hoax pandemic as a cover though that only matters as it underscores how stupid and gullible the people have become. It will get worse as the various political and central banking tricks increasingly exhaust themselves. 

In many ways, the foreign war is already in progress as well. We’re still bogged down in countless idiotic and unwinnable adventures in various theaters. Iran (and others) have, lately, demonstrated that Washington’s imperial dominance has ended. But, what I think is still coming, and what the neocons seemed bound and hellishly determined to deliver, is a crushing outright defeat by another power. The failed empire cannot beat small, unorganized tribes in the hills. It stands no chance against nuclear-armed and strategically-capable nations like China and Russia (and a few others). But, we are daily, hourly pushed towards some conflict that the lunatics know cannot be won. They will get it and it will end very, very badly for the US.

The good news is that I think that conflict will be over almost as soon as it starts. Then, once the world knows the paper tiger is impotent, the real trouble at home will break wide open. The same war games and models that say the US cannot win a war with Russia or China also say the empire cannot overcome a determined (patriotic) foe at home. They know all of this but they blunder forward regardless, being both stupid and evil. They don’t care.

I have heard it argued most convincingly that a civil war is already underway in the remains of America. Right now, it resembles nightly rioting and general unrest. Before this decade is out, look for it to escalate. Dramatically. So far, the traditional remnant of the American Posterity has not engaged their assorted enemies. They will. Unlike the civil conflict of the 1860s, this one will feature more than two sides.

An admission: Here, I have just about run out of steam for this series, ESPECIALLY as to this part. It’s a little depressing and it involves rank uncertainty which makes it hard to write about. What was (is) the territory of the United States will, at some point, and probably sooner than later, undergo balkanization. How many new states will we be left with? No one knows. It could be two, ten, or fifty. Knowing the ‘Murican way, we can safely count on achieving this inevitability through large-scale violence, perhaps on a scale rarely seen in history. 

Unlike the unpleasantness of the 1860s, this war will involve many factions fighting on different fronts. If one needs a summary like “North v. South,” then it will be Christians v. Satanists. They’d like to put a race-war spin on it, with Whites (and allies) against everyone else; that’s not exactly how it is, but that may be a representation of how it looks (judging by current events, for instance).

Later – I have the time – I’ll try harder to think out in more clear fashion how this might look, and what to do about it. Eventually, a new America will arise somewhere between Canada and Mexico. Geopolitical life won’t be the same, but it might end up better – after many trials. We, or our descendants, can look forward to peace and prosperity someday. For now, prepare for the worst. Right now, it’s not quite as bad as you think; later, it will probably be worse than you can imagine. In general, lay low and try to avoid attention. GET OUT OF THE CITIES! Never lose Faith and never give in or up. 

This started as a look at central and eastern Europe. This final bit was a reluctant bonus and I’m going to cut it short now. This thing is starting to accelerate, so you may know the trends as soon as I do. However, if at all possible, I’ll amend this ending with more concise details in the future. Thanks for reading. Now, get to work. Kids, get moving, and remember the postcards.