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For Students, Parents, and the General Public

The following is a clearinghouse of sorts on educational matters. No inclusion herein (except for THE SUBSTITUTE) is a full endorsement – although, they are all here for a reason. Also, links may be dated or have changed or may have been deleted; if so, then search them out by browser. This list is partial, poorly-organized, and subject to change.

General Reading:

Amazon (World’s largest bookstore): Under “Kindle books,” refine search results in the “Sort by” box: search “Price: Low to High” – many categories, especially classics and older publications, feature numerous books available for free (you’re welcome).

Gutenberg (Giant free online library)

Classical Reading:

The Loeb Series (Greek and Roman translations [$$]

FREE College Courses:

From MIT (amazing resources)

General Reference:

LexisNexis (search anything [$])

InfoGalactic (unbiased online encyclopedia)

World Languages:

Babbel [$]

Duolingo (free if quirky)

Ye Old Latin Dictionary

Top Ten Reasons to Study Latin

Tests and Intelligence Performance, Etc:

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (IQ Test – consult a psychologist for administration)

Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales (IQ – consult a psychologist for administration)

Highlands Ability Battery (Non-IQ / innate performance over sheer cognitive ability – consult a psychologist for administration)

IQ Measurement Conversion (by David Brown)

IQs by Occupation (Based on Henmon-Nelson WAIS R proxies)

Starter Info for Those With Learning Disabilities (with partial commentary by my old man)

Classical Learning Test (CLT) (like the SAT but better)

The ACT (like the SAT)

Saturday Afternoon Test (the SAT)

Education-Related Books/Writings:

THE SUBSTITUTE (2nd Revised Edition!)

THE LOST TOOLS OF LEARNING – Dorothy L. Sayers (1947)

Teaching the Trivium – Bluedorn(s) (2001) (classical Christian homeschooling)

Unschooled – Kerry McDonald (2019) (Divorcing education from “schooling”)

Dumbing Us Down  – John Taylor Gatto (1992)

The Underground History of American Education – Gatto (2003)

Weapons of Mass Instruction – Gatto (2010).

Out of the Ashes – Anthony Esolen (2017) (with Chapter(s) on Education)

Life Under Compulsion: Ten Ways to Destroy the Humanity of Your Child – Esolen (2015)

Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child – Esolen (2014)

Restoring the Promise – Richard Vedder (2019)(colleges)

At Our Wits End – Dutton and Woodley (2018)

Dr. Walter Williams (a wealth of ed columns and more from the late, great professor)

Linda Schrock Taylor Columns (at LRC)

Read Better! – Taylor

Become a Lifelong Learner – Brett and Kate McKay

Academically Adrift – Arum and Roksa (2011), a study of studies and more advice ignored.

The Death of Education – Eric Olsen (2009).

Surveys, Statistics, and Other Resources:

NAEP (A “Nation’s Report Card”)

US NEWS High School Rankings

School Digger – K-12 Scores, Reviews, Etc.

What Will They Learn? – ACTA Guide to What US Colleges Teach

US DOE Stats

Homeschooling Legal Resources (USA) *Note, 2/2022: HSLDA may not be entirely onboard with CN… User’s discretion.

Homeschooling in Europe

Homeschool Reading List (with Teenage Liberation Handbook)

Polish Homeschooling (po Polsku)

Association of Classical Christian Schools

Recommended Reading List (Magdalen College)

More Reading Recommendations

Khan Academy

Sylvan Learning (proven tutors)

Mathnasium (proven math)

Catholic Religious Ed. (free, online)

Homeschool Connection: Online Catholic Homeschool Courses (and More!)

Clonlara School: A Homeschool system: it may not be perfect, but it came recommended from a trusted source. Inexpensive.

US College Enrollment Stats. (Unz).

Individual Subjects

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! (many of these are incorporated above – ie: The Mathematical Papers of Newton may be found at Amazon; French language under Babbel; etc.)