Books by Perrin Lovett:


Click Here. Perrin Lovett, 2020. My longest super-short novel yet. $499.95?


CLICK HERE for a free ebook, while supplies last. A guide for young Posterity Americans. 85 pages, July 2020.

The Substitute!

$19.95 at Amazon

NOTE, 7/2022: What was hastily self-published in 2019 is more of proof copy, good but in need of a little work. The REVISED EDITION is with my publisher now, with release expected towards the end of 2022. I suggest holding off until then; I will herald the changes loudly. Those who purchased the original: thank you, and you have a collector’s item.

-The story of a man versus the system. Tom Ironsides, the retired CIA Paramilitary badass vs. the corrupted public schools of America. With some awesome “Company” flashbacks and holding-over. Intellect and Action! Romance too, kids! Awesome, the author thinks…


The Happy Little Cigar Book


$7.99 at Amazon

NOTE: I should revise the HLCB. Should. Paperback reads much more easily than the Kindle. Is what it is…

-Happiness, up in smoke…


Perrin on Politics

P on Pols Cover


-Worth every penny…


ALL of Perrin’s Works on Amazon and Kindle.


UPDATE: MORE! Fiction Books, Coming Soon



THE “BEST” OF PERRIN’S TPC COLUMNS, SO FAR – FOR 2018, MAYBE SOME 2019 Too… Novel pushed this to the back burner…

Title and Cover Subject to (extremely likely) Change

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 3.19.48 PM

-Thirty-something columns you just can’t find anywhere else – all consolidated and ready to read. Mostly hard-hitting political and social commentary, the reader will find the bulk of Perrin’s developing fiction herein as well. Expect high-quality paperback and questionable-quality Kindle versions at very reasonable prices. Getting there, slowly.


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