Books by Perrin Lovett:



Revised Second Edition

From Green Altar Books, an imprint of Shotwell Publishing, March 2023. 


BUY AT AMAZON (PAPERBACK, $25.00, and KINDLE, $7.95)



CLICK HERE for a free ebook, while supplies last. A guide for young Posterity Americans. 85 pages, July 2020. Despite the 2022-23 conditions in Europe, I still stand by the loose advice herein. I does appear that I somewhat misjudged Poland. It is what it is, and it ain’t bad.


(A very short “novel”) ~ SOLD OUT

Click Here. Perrin Lovett, 2020. My longest super-short novel yet. $499.95?


The Substitute! (1st Ed. Out of Publication)

-The story of a man versus the system. Tom Ironsides, the retired CIA Paramilitary badass vs. the corrupted public schools of America. With some awesome “Company” flashbacks and holding-over. Intellect and Action! Romance too! Out of print. A little sloppy, inconsistent even, but nonetheless a collector’s item.


The Happy Little Cigar Book


$7.99 at Amazon

NOTE: I should revise the HLCB. Should. Paperback reads much more easily than the Kindle. Is what it is…

-Happiness, up in smoke…


Perrin on Politics

P on Pols Cover


-Worth every penny… It occurs to me that my views have changed a little since I cobbled this one together. There is now the hard fact that practical politics in America are a thing of the past. Consult the blog for many years of my changed outlook.


MORE! Books Coming Soon-ish



[The Draft Cover (Idea) Is Incredible]

A novella featuring Tom Ironsides in action. Paris, 2017. A plot and a coup. Political intrigue. Action. More action. A hint of something else. Coming from Shotwell, presumably in the fall of 2023.


THE “BEST” OF PERRIN’S TPC and OTHER COLUMNS? (Currently on the back burner)

Title and Cover Subject to (extremely likely) Change. This one, after several years, still hasn’t happened. Not a bad thought though.

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 3.19.48 PM

-Thirty-something columns you just can’t find anywhere else – all consolidated and ready to read. Mostly hard-hitting political and social commentary, the reader will find the bulk of Perrin’s developing fiction herein as well. Expect high-quality paperback and questionable-quality Kindle versions at very reasonable prices. Getting there, slowly.


Some Older Reviews:

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