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Ria! Ria! HUNGARY!

This is part three in my series on alternative civilized nations for young Americans to consider as the United States continues to disintegrate.

PART I: Poland

PART II: Slovakia

My title derives from Hungary’s 2016 national (football) chant, which does not really translate into any decipherable message – other than to give the chance of shouting the name of a great nation. The ancient royal motto was Regnum Mariae Patrona Hungariae, a tribute to the Catholic heritage of a great people. For a while, the simultaneous cry was Cum Deo pro Patria et Libertate -With the help of God for Homeland and Freedom! If you’re into God, freedom, and I suppose, “Ria,” then keep reading.

The Third Republic of Hungary, a little larger than the US (client) State of South Carolina, is another of the terrific Central Euro nations that are sometimes described as “Eastern.” It’s south of Slovakia, east of Austria, west of Romania, and north of the rump states of the former Yugoslavia. It’s been in the news lately, even in fading Amerika, for very good reasons. 

A noticeable trend continues, there: the clear and coherent nation of ten million is 98% Hungarian with a small admixture of other Slavs, Germans, and a few Roma. As estimated it is at least 60% Christian (40% Roman Catholic). A quarter of those surveyed did not answer and other evidence suggests the Messianic population is considerably higher. (The minor party of the right-wing governing coalition even has “Christian” in its name!) As in Poland, the incompatible are not welcome.

The national IQ average is in-line with that in Poland, with the same upward trajectory as Slovakia. In fact, partly, for some of the reasons below, this trend might be starting to accelerate.

She’s a beauty of a country, home to rolling hills and valleys, replete with both forests and gentle grasslands. Four mountain ranges are present, including the far eastern tip of the Alps. The climate is variable, with warm summers and cold winters – partly governed by geography and elevation, as much as by latitude.

Booming Budapest, the capital and largest city, is home to a metro population of over three million. This metropolis, and most other cities and towns, is a blending of the modern and improving and the traditional, the proud, and the beautiful. By general European standards, the cost of living is low. Taxes are moderate and, as in Poland, the people who pay for the various social services are the same people who reap the benefits of the programs. The house currency is the Forint (300ish = 1 USD), though a possible conversion to the Euro is under consideration.  Hungary is a full member of the EU and a Schengen country.

Hungarian is a different kind of language than Slovak or Polish, but it is learnable. Consult Duolingo or Hungarian101, a Youtube series. 

The Parliament is controlled by the combined forces of (majority) Fidesz, the Hungarian Civic Alliance, and the Christian! Democratic People’s Party (a minority splintering of Fidesz). Together, they hold a narrow … super-majority of the 199 seats. They are also regularly joined by other center-right, pro-Hungarian parties. Viktor Orbán “The Man!” is Prime Minister and leader of Fidesz.

Orbán, a man of the kind America needed when it still counted, is the architect of Hungary’s successful stand against the powers of homoglobo. Soros and Co. called, as usual, for third-world immigrants to “fix” the Hungarian economy and society. However, Orbán became possessed of the insane idea that somehow, magically perhaps, it was possible to birth new native Hungarians. In 2019, Parliament enacted his plan via the … Child Tax Credit!!!

Yes, young people, buy into this graduated plan and see your population (magically) increase while your tax burden declines. If a happily married couple (magically) produces four or more future citizens, then they PAY NO TAXES! It’s brand new, but I can predict where this will go: First, there will be a baby boom, silencing the globos with vigorous native blood. Second, place your bets, tax revenues will, particularly in the long-run, rise. A win, win, win.

We know this is a winning scheme because of the way the enemy’s lapdog media spins it – as a move of “desperation.” By their words, we know who is really desperate. And, in Hungary, the enemy has great cause to worry. It’s another nation where the true and the beautiful is celebrated, expected, and enforced, and where the values of Amerika – sodomy, abortion, obesity, usury, and death – are frowned upon, ridiculed, and forbidden.

Again, your ticket for admission to this branch of real civilization is either employment or education-related. Your task is to research the specifics and logistics. Start Page and the Duck! Soon, very soon, I will revisit Poland, where I have uncovered nearly unbelievable programs designed to help both the nation and (certain) young internationals, like YOU! You will not want to miss that, along with some of the extended cultural information I’ve found. 

I’m doing all of this for you, the future of the West. For your part, those who take the plunge, again, please send me a postcard!

*Should this article be republished elsewhere where my prior general permission has been obtained, I insist that it be disclosed in full or not at all.

** Next up, it’s back to Poland! Staggering good news. Then, on to Romania, the Czech Republic, and/or elsewhere!