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“Estonia and the Baltics” isn’t a band, but I guess it could be. Welcome to Part Seven: Estonia, and the Baltic States!

PART I: Poland

PART II: Slovakia

PART III: Hungary

PART IV: Poland 2.0

PART V: Romania (and Moldova)

PART VI: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia (with Czechia)

Pack your parka, because today we’re off to the lands beside the Baltic Sea. It can get just a wee bit cold there. We’re also straying deeper into territory that I honestly know little about, other than what I have (briefly) researched. I will say that a good friend vacationed in Estonia a few years ago and almost didn’t come back, saying he’d found the prettiest women on Earth. Above the pleasant aesthetics, note that I’m still running off of my three primary civilizational demographic requirements. 

We’re moving very fast, and a little loose now, but I am more convinced than ever that this series is not a good, but a great idea for the right young people. It has come to my wandering attention that the Sanders camp, having been robbed once again by the DNC, has been given a consolation prize, a chance to forge potential policies with Team Biden. Buried somewhere very deep within THIS RELEASE (like page 107), after hundreds of lies, fantasies, and luciferian drivel, is the beginning of the implementation of an old UN plan to flood the US (and, if permitted, Europe) with the third world. They literally envision moving the entire population of refugees and/or people who just want to move, from everywhere else into the United States. Imagine 500 million to 1 billion new incompatible arrivals. Then, imagine the Rwanda Genocide times 10,000. This is a pipe dream and obviously a back-burner issue for progressives. However, the fact that they have put it in writing tells us something, or it should. This potential nightmare is posited in addition to the rapidly approaching cataclysm already beginning to boil over. The deadly-serious joke these days goes, “don’t worry about reading ‘The Camp of the Saints,’ you’re living it.” If that’s true, then it’s the light version. The Sanders-Biden plan would be the extreme edition.

Again, if you are not responsible for the mess and do not wish to participate in its conclusion, then this advice is for you. You have your search engine of choice for the in-depth research, so I’m going to keep this as succinct as possible, starting with,


This nation is on the list, along with the others, because of cohesiveness. In Estonia, Estonians and Russians account for some 93% of the population, and virtually everyone, 100%, is European! The Russians came from a USSR immigration program and were originally viewed as problematic. However, assimilation over the passing decades has largely been a success, a successful mixing of cousins, so to speak. 

Not dissimilar to the Czech Republic, the Estonians lack a definitive Christian majority (roughly a third identify as Christian, mostly Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran). However, unlike in Czechia, a great majority are “believers” to one degree or another and the number of outright atheists is small. Before World War II, the country was 80% Lutheran. Thanks, commies.

The national average hovers around, or just over the normative, Northwestern European average – high above the falling US.

The language is Estonian, which is related to Finnish.

Recently, they have tilted a little to the left, though not nearly as far or as fast as other Western countries. The great majority of the people still take pride in traditions – now coupled with ultra-modern living and convenience. Estonia holds full EU membership. 

It is one of the most advanced of countries, fully “developed,” free, though – perhaps because of the full advancement – a little expensive. It’s a coastal nation, with low hills, and it’s cool. Summer days generally hover around room temperature, and winter nights can be thirty or more degrees (F) below zero. But, they host four, full and lovely seasons. 


Rolling a little faster, now: Here, one finds 99% homogeneity, very similar to Estonia. However, the nation is 80%+ Christian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Russian Orthodox. The intelligence quotient is high. The language is called Latvian. The geography and climate are quite similar to Estonia. Full Euro, with high GDP growth rates.


(Really moving along).

84% Lithuanian, 16% other Europeans. 80% or more Roman Catholic. IQ? Several points higher than the US. A climate and geography that are similar to Estonia and Latvia. Speak Lithuanian in a high income, developed environment. 


A little larger and inland, landlocked. Ethnically Belarusian and other Euros. 80% Eastern Orthodox, with more Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, and various Protestants. An IQ like Lithuanian. Flat and cool. A developed economy where privatization is still in progress. They’re not on the Euro, using the “new” Ruble – theirs, not the Russians. They speak Russian and Belarusian, officially. 

Yes, these are now only glimpses. But, again, they’re presented for a reason. Duck and SP. If it works, great; don’t forget my postcard, perhaps with something about our new band? 

*I keep mentioning the postcard like the US will have mail delivery in a few years. Silly old Mr. Lovett…