Churchians Craving Worldly Approval


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Add the SBA to the list of sunk denominations in Amerika. Allan Wall on the demise and a solution.

Why the Baptist leadership’s radical shift left? Most likely, elite Baptists yearn for respect from secular society, which they sure won’t get for opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. Thus, they go overboard on the race issue.

And of course, Southern Baptists—Baptist Southerners—have twice as much to prove!

All patriotic members of Southern Baptist churches should be appalled.

There’s a solution: Secession.

Baptists believe in “local church autonomy,” as Greear himself said. SBC does not control the autonomous local congregations, nor does it own their local property—unlike the Episcopal church. A Southern Baptist church in Anytown, U.S.A. can secede from SBC and declare its independence.

My advice to Baptists: Get your local congregation out of the Southern Baptist Convention. Free your local church from the growing “Wokeness” infecting the Southern Baptist Convention.

Become a free congregation, responsible only to God and each other, not to woke charlatans like J.D. Greear and Eric Brentmyer.

A good start. Maybe drop the (non-BLM) protestation too.

A Plausible Theory



Tom Ironsides, in one of our “talks,” mentioned that what’s happening with the hoax, as applied to the masses, looks a lot like what the CIA does to people at their black sites. Does science confirm this?

For much of psychology’s history, personality – the set of enduring habits of behaviour, emotion and thought that form each person’s unique identity – was considered set in stone, at least beyond early adulthood. Research over the last few decades, however, has led to a consensus that, while personality traits are relatively stable, they are not completely fixed. Instead they continue to evolve through life and in response to major life events.

In other words, from a theoretical perspective, there is every possibility that at least some of us will have been left changed by lockdown.

Was this one of the major purposes of the hoax? If so, it appears to be working smashingly. But not with us. You and I are just fine. Promise. [twitches]

The Uninformed Socials


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This is no surprise.

A new report from Pew Research makes an attempt to better understand U.S. adults who get their news largely from social media platforms, and compare their understanding of current events and political knowledge to those who use other sources, like TV, radio and news publications. The top-level finding, according to Pew, is that social media news consumers tend to follow the news less closely and end up less informed on several key subjects.

That seems to reinforce a belief that many people already hold, of course — that people who get their news primarily from Facebook, for example, aren’t as informed.

SM does not attract the brightest bulbs. That, coupled with the woeful state of the “information” provided on SM (if any), easily explains the lack of knowledge. Across the board, except for independent sources (in all media), the same story is generally put forth by the same usual suspects. Discerning minds are frequently able to spot narratives and falsehoods wherever found. But that leads back to the lower IQs of people on SM, along with those watching TeeVee and reading, on-screen or in print. They get the same mass messages from Langley and Madison Avenue.

Of course, SM users get those delightful cat videos and such.

Something Pointless This Way Comes – From TPC!


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Something Pointless This Way Comes

Tuesday, the Third of November, in the year of our COVID, 2020, will be here before you know it. With it comes the joy, the fear, the hype, the bullshit, and the utter idiocy of … THE GREAT QUADRENNIAL BLACK MASS!

That’s what I started calling Presidential Dog and Pony Shows a cycle or two back. Fortunately! And I am so happy to prognosticate this! This will be one of the final installments of this pathetic ritual. 

Perrin’s medium-to-long-term prediction(s): Orange Man takes this one, defeating the Sniffer (or whatever the DNC foists) by a margin similar to that he wrangled over the Hag back in ‘16. Old Tweets will proceed to do exactly what he has done since January of 2017, namely, nothing. That, and Tweet more. Love him or hate him, he’s your last Republican and the penultimate Chief Executive. In 2024, should we make it that far, you’ll get the final Democrat, the last “leader” of the US Empire. As of now, I’m calling her a “her,” and allotting her one short, “fun”-filled term. I am open to the possibility of her squeaking by again in 2028. Heck, I’m technically open to another shithead of some make and model in 2032, but that’s bordering on fantasy. Let’s call it: Trump, one more, and then – lights out.

The offers, as they currently stand: The Trumpster: a self-centered con artist who can’t stop talking about himself to save his country. He debt-spends like [all modern presidents], murders diplomats, bans firearm accessories, and does not build walls, drain swamps, or lock up hags. Yes, he talks a wonderful game. That alone might make him more palatable than Creepy Joe, who slurs his incoherent words, at once proving the DNC has nothing to offer and that dead robots can get dementia. Word around the nursing home has it that he too would sling bombs, defer to the Fed, and not raise the feeblest hand against the rot. That sums up your choices as usual. Pick the best cat: Lassie, or Rin Tin Tin!

Oh, I assume Boot-head Supreme still wants to give you a pony. You’ll need it if the food shortage grows.

Re-elect Trump – it doesn’t matter. Elect Biden – it doesn’t matter. Have both serve concurrently – it doesn’t matter. Sober up one of your third party hacks – doesn’t matter. Have no president – it does not matter. Neither does a single seat in the House or the Senate. At the state and local levels, you will continue to support and install degenerate scumbags who hate you. And, with very few local exceptions, even that doesn’t matter.

Congratulations, dumbasses! You have, at long, long last, slouched your way to the terminal point where there are no longer any political or legal solutions to your problems. Really, give yourselves a round of applause. Take the masks off for this one. It’s a rarity in human achievement. You are not voting your way out of this mess.

I leave it to the rest of the press to lie to you about your vote counting, Republican’ts, Demoncrats, democracy, muh constitution, and the rest of the rubbish. Odds are, you’ll believe whatever they tell you, just as sure as you step and fetch with a diaper on your face. In the off-chance that you’re not a party to the guilt of destroying all of Columbia, then later, I will offer some advice. We still have time. If that’s you, then undoubtedly you’ve already started planning. 

SWEDEN: Lil’ “Karen” Gets Big Taste of BLM

We will, of course, have more exciting and in-depth coverage of the absurd spectacle as the time draws nearer. JUST KIDDING! There’s literally nothing to cover! I’ll let you know if any atomic bombs go off (though, even you’d likely know about that anyway … I guess) and after the votes are counted (or manufactured) I’ll congratulate you on the big, shiny, wooden horse you’ve just pulled inside the gates. Then, I think I shall retool these affairs columns, gearing them towards East Asians, Persian Muslims, or some other group with brains, balls, and a future.  

For now, two more small things:

GET OUT! No, not you – you need to stay put and accept what you’ve helped create. This is for young, innocent Posterity Americans: my guide for evacuating the worthwhile from modern Gomorrah before the Wrath falls in full. It’s an ebook, cheaper than you’d imagine, coming soon, and looking much like this:

Get out!


A Correction: Or, a modification, to be precise: Back in May, I wrote the following about the George Floyd arrest: “Officer Chauvin responded along with at least three other officers, and as you’ve likely seen in the video, killed the unarmed, handcuffed, and seemingly compliant Floyd in what might best be described as a murder.” I must admit that, for a moment there, they had even me going. Yet the hoax will always out. I’ve since corrected my mistake at my own site, now adding clarity, here: 

We now know, thanks to an autopsy and (gag order-blocked) bodycam footage and dispatch recordings, that Floyd killed himself with a triple-lethal Fentanyl overdose coupled with aggravated severe heart disease, the ingestion of other narcotics, and also potentially with self-inflicted wounds. He was anything but compliant, hence the use of restraint as the officers attempted to subdue then help him. He was a drug addict and a career felon who enjoyed holding pregnant women at gunpoint during violent home invasions. 

Okay, I’ve done my part. I expect the heathens, savages, and communists will cease and desist now. Thanks. (Okay, get those masks back on, servorum, lest Fauci’s Schutzstaffel come calling).

*Originally at TPC


Might As Well


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Oh, no!!! Whatever will you do without your precious election???

President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested delaying the November election until ‘people can properly, securely and safely vote.’

But Trump does not have the power to delay the election. That would take an act of Congress, which is highly unlikely to happen.

Trump’s pronouncement, however, came right after news the U.S. economy shrank by 33 per cent in the April-June quarter. That number marks the worst quarterly plunge ever and comes as the coronavirus pandemic has shut down businesses, thrown tens of millions out of work and sent unemployment to 14.7 per cent.

Yeah, I mean we do have a hoax and all. Hmmm. This fits perfectly with my column this week at TPC – the gist was that the whole shitshow is utterly irrelevant at this point. I’m still sticking with all my predictions.

You Think?


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Oh, wow, we’re about to get even more bad economic news.

The U.S. economy ground to a halt for almost the entirety of April. Now the world is about to find out the depth of that contraction.

Data due Thursday are forecast to show U.S. gross domestic product plummeted an annualized 34.8% in the second quarter, the most in records dating back to the 1940s, after the spread of Covid-19 prompted Americans to stay home and states to order widespread lockdowns.

Because of a virus… But, not to worry – the Fed has all that funny money, so it’s really a gain!

This is the high price of economic sorcery.



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Here it is, GET OUT!

Get out!

CLICK for your free ebook! It’s my compilation guide for young Posterity Americans who want to continue to live in civilization, even as the United States continues to slide.

It’s a little rough, especially in the segment (chapter) formatting and in the Intro, but I can work on those items. Note that after I do iron out a few things, she will probably be available for a slightly higher price. Grab your free first edition today, right now. Then, kids, get going!

The Case of the Closed Bullshit Case


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Mike Adams was a successful professor, earning six figures for his work. At work, he delighted in trouncing the satanic monsters who destroyed higher academia; he won, they lost, repeatedly. He was a best-selling author. He was a widely-read syndicated columnist. He had friends. He was about to receive another settlement from UNCW, a sum in excess of $500K. He was relatively young and energetic. He had a nice house and a new car.

So, of course, he had nothing to live for.

After gaining entry to the home, NHSO says deputies found Mike Adams who had fatally shot himself.

According to NHSO, medical examiner confirmed Adams committed suicide.


Where were the Clinton’s that day?

*Amended from the original, 7/30/20, based on new information.

Literary Updates, Etc.


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The first edition of GET OUT! is primed and ready, pending one more little check. It’s, at this version, a cobbling of what has run here previously, with a few appended notes. Look for that ASAP.

Get out!

Also, I submitted a new column to TPC this morning. I’ll have that when (if) it runs.

More to come and thanks for checking. Thank you, in particular, for yesterday’s heavy traffic regarding the final GO! segment and Scott’s necessary FP column!