Korruption Kills


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Evidence emerges to back my theory: government incompetence is to blame for the fertilizer explosion in Beirut. 2,750 Tons of extremely dangerous chemicals? Let’s just leave it in this warehouse near the city center, for years, until someone decides it’s time to weld!

The people know things are bad:

“Even if foreign countries send help, the government will steal it,” said a 23-year-old student who was among hundreds of volunteers who showed up to help clear the streets of debris and broken glass.

Like a mini, Middle-Eastern DC!

Macron viewed the damage and listened to the complaints:

Oppressed citizen 1: “Mr. Macron, free us from Hezbollah!”

Oppressed citizen 2: “Mr. Macron, free us from our corrupt government!”

Macron: “I tell you that I am working hard for the interests of the international bankers!”

And the wheels on the bus…

Is He Alarmed?


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Or bragging?

Bernard Goldberg revisits the poll that found Amerikans are deathly afraid of speaking their increasingly drugged-out and feeble minds. It’s the reason some of my columns are censored. It’s why the rest are afraid to say anything, for fear of being called bad names by thugs and satanists who already hate them.

His whole first paragraph is further proof that things haven’t changed since a Carpenter told off the Pharisees. There is no “accepted wisdom,” or wisdom of any kind anymore. Kids learn nothing in skoolz. The press is bought and paid for. The virus? What? Only violent mob attacks are “protected” assembly. Churches are in shambles. And, who the hell cares about voting for more of the same and more of the same?

He’s right to suggest that the US Empire isn’t like the USSR and communist China – it’s worse. We have been enslaved by globalists who want to destroy, not just rule over us. This is the terminally-high price of allowing the nation to be taken over and wrecked by a bunch of insidious aliens. Good work, Pharisees. Now, get the hell out!



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The explosion at the port of Beirut looked a lot like a fertilizer plant explosion. That or stored munitions that went horribly wrong.

They are reporting thousands of casualties. Pray for these good people.



Off-topic and a little self-serving, but, SUBSTITUTE fans, that was about the size and power of the Steinberg Island-ending bomb.

The non-fiction version is terrible.

UPDATE: “2,750 tonnes of the agricultural fertiliser ammonium nitrate” would do it. Preppers: if you live anywhere near (like within 10 miles) a fertilizer plant or storage facility, please take note this evening. And, why the hell was confiscated fertilizer just sitting around unsecured?

Greetings! I Come In Peace


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Remember when America was still a nation and a country? Back before it dissolved into a nest of ugly, obese, mentally-ill, retarded heathens? Yeah, I’m having trouble with the recall myself. It doesn’t help being hounded by masked morons in the grocery store. Thank God she wore a mask; I almost turned to stone just from view above the nose. And, isn’t it funny that people who are so terrified of a tiny virus that can’t kill them (by itself), don’t seem to mind confronting a heavily-armed man who could?

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for showing your true colors during this hoaxdemic. You’ve also reinforced my commitment to maintaining control of my anti-irritation actions and my resolve to spend as little time as possible around the masses.

Furthermore, Prawie miałem to z moim martwym krajem. Byłoby dla mnie wielkim zaszczytem (i przywilejem, na który nie zasługuję) odwiedzić Was w Polsce i mieć Was jako odbiorców moich pism. Cóż, ty i twoi wybitni sąsiedzi na Słowacji, na Węgrzech iw innych miejscach w regionie. Ze swojej strony pracuję nad tym. Dzięki i niech Bóg cię błogosławi.


Video of an Overdose


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Thanks to the leaked videos, presented through a DailyMail hit piece, one can watch George Floyd OD on Fentanyl.

Floyd was high as a kite. The officers asked him about this, and they asked the two passengers (whom we’ve previously heard nothing about) about it. Floyd was erratic and disruptive. He started saying he couldn’t breathe, along with many other statements, before he was placed on the ground. He began making parting statements, typical of someone who knows he is or could be dying. He knew that because he, unlike the police, knew what he had ingested. The passengers must have seen him take the dope. Are they accessories?

The dumbshit masses will probably see these videos the way the dumbshit Mail “reported” them. But, coupled with the autopsy report, this should terminate any murder charges. If that happens, or if it does not, look for this to continue to blow up.

Because the Poles Never Suffered


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It’s not like the Nazis, then the Soviets invaded and tried to destroy Poland or anything. Those pesky Poles should pay, and pay and pay and pay…

Mike Pompeo is a fat, stupid shill who works for another fat, stupid shill, who was elected by lesser fat, stupid shills. They want to share (impose) their debased servitude on the remaining sane people of Europe.

The United States is criticizing a number of eastern and central European nations, including Poland, for failing to compensate Holocaust victims and their families and communities for property seized during Nazi occupation in World War II as the numbers of survivors dwindles due to age.

In a report issued Wednesday, the State Department called out Bosnia, Belarus, Ukraine and particularly Poland for not having acted on restitution claims. Croatia, Latvia and Russia were also taken to task in the report, which is likely to draw angry responses from the governments identified.

“Much time has passed, and the need for action is urgent,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a forward to the 200-page report that looks at the records of 46 countries in meeting commitments they made to restitution in 2009.

Biden, if elected, would only demand the same thing. Vote Republican’t, or else! Biden or Killary would have signed the JUST Act instead of building a wall! This is what “Amerika First” looks like. Thankfully, Poland is led by and populated by men who literally believe in Poland First.

Churchians Craving Worldly Approval


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Add the SBA to the list of sunk denominations in Amerika. Allan Wall on the demise and a solution.

Why the Baptist leadership’s radical shift left? Most likely, elite Baptists yearn for respect from secular society, which they sure won’t get for opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. Thus, they go overboard on the race issue.

And of course, Southern Baptists—Baptist Southerners—have twice as much to prove!

All patriotic members of Southern Baptist churches should be appalled.

There’s a solution: Secession.

Baptists believe in “local church autonomy,” as Greear himself said. SBC does not control the autonomous local congregations, nor does it own their local property—unlike the Episcopal church. A Southern Baptist church in Anytown, U.S.A. can secede from SBC and declare its independence.

My advice to Baptists: Get your local congregation out of the Southern Baptist Convention. Free your local church from the growing “Wokeness” infecting the Southern Baptist Convention.

Become a free congregation, responsible only to God and each other, not to woke charlatans like J.D. Greear and Eric Brentmyer.

A good start. Maybe drop the (non-BLM) protestation too.

A Plausible Theory



Tom Ironsides, in one of our “talks,” mentioned that what’s happening with the hoax, as applied to the masses, looks a lot like what the CIA does to people at their black sites. Does science confirm this?

For much of psychology’s history, personality – the set of enduring habits of behaviour, emotion and thought that form each person’s unique identity – was considered set in stone, at least beyond early adulthood. Research over the last few decades, however, has led to a consensus that, while personality traits are relatively stable, they are not completely fixed. Instead they continue to evolve through life and in response to major life events.

In other words, from a theoretical perspective, there is every possibility that at least some of us will have been left changed by lockdown.

Was this one of the major purposes of the hoax? If so, it appears to be working smashingly. But not with us. You and I are just fine. Promise. [twitches]

The Uninformed Socials


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This is no surprise.

A new report from Pew Research makes an attempt to better understand U.S. adults who get their news largely from social media platforms, and compare their understanding of current events and political knowledge to those who use other sources, like TV, radio and news publications. The top-level finding, according to Pew, is that social media news consumers tend to follow the news less closely and end up less informed on several key subjects.

That seems to reinforce a belief that many people already hold, of course — that people who get their news primarily from Facebook, for example, aren’t as informed.

SM does not attract the brightest bulbs. That, coupled with the woeful state of the “information” provided on SM (if any), easily explains the lack of knowledge. Across the board, except for independent sources (in all media), the same story is generally put forth by the same usual suspects. Discerning minds are frequently able to spot narratives and falsehoods wherever found. But that leads back to the lower IQs of people on SM, along with those watching TeeVee and reading, on-screen or in print. They get the same mass messages from Langley and Madison Avenue.

Of course, SM users get those delightful cat videos and such.