The Red Badge of Merit


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Again, with the Vox Day business, here. Vox pointed out a disturbing (but fitting) trend in the new and worsening Amerika:

‘There are really two opposing schools, I guess you could say that there’s one that’s on the side of progressive ideology, whereas the other one is more in line with the way business was always run,’ Jeremy Zogby, a partner in Zogby Strategies, told ‘There is definitely a progressive slant in Millennials and Gen Z.’

Among all Americans, 47 percent prioritized diversity in workplace hiring, while 37 percent said merit should matter most.

Just as identity politics trump ideology politics, mediocrity trumps merit in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society. Welcome to life as the Third World has always known it.

This, however, is a trend that you need not accept. Pursue excellence even as you embrace your identity.

It’s going to be a rough (possibly utility and food deprived) ride, folks. But, he’s right as usual – don’t be a part of the slide.

The Mueller Report


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Here, at last, is the great disappointment of the Democrats:


Read through ALL of that…

It was the 448-page version of what Barr released last month in his substantially shorter summary.

My summary (with future extrapolation):

  • Russians attempted interference in the US 2016 election (as the US attempts the same worldwide in numerous countries and their affairs)
  • There was no collusion between Trump and Russia
  • There probably was a collusion between Team Hillary and someone Russian
  • There was definitely collusion by and among the Deep State to rig the election and defeat (later, frame or bog down) Trump
  • There was no Obstruction of Justice by Trump
  • This whole case was BS from the start and now it’s over
  • The Deep State is desperate
  • They need not be … no sealed indictments, no GITMO, no treason trials
  • Little if anything will be accomplished for Americans – On with the More of the Same Show!
  • Trump will be reelected in 2020
  • More of the same … for maybe a decade or so longer. Then…

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 3.07.08 PM

Debanking: The Banksters are the Mortal Enemies of the Free People


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Chase is not involved with any like, you know, alt right people or anything.” – Chase Bank SJW1234

Since Vox Day left a few years ago, and since Pat Buchanan is available elsewhere, I really haven’t paid much attention lately to WND. But, this story on a horrific trend in US banking is worth the read.

Chase Bank is shutting down accounts of people and organizations with controversial political views, according to an undercover investigation by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

O’Keefe’s latest probe found that Chase, without explanation, abruptly closed the account of a political activist that had existed for 15 years in good standing.

“First we get silenced on social media, which is a new public square. Then PayPal. And then I get debanked,” he said.

“It’s a very dangerous trend.”

Too big to fail? I’d say just about right for breaking up. The associated video:

I’d say boycott – and we should – but we may run out of businesses. You know, there should be an alternative to the banking stranglehold monopoly. That would involve an alternative to the Satanic Federal Reserve. I think I have a plan that should do the trick. All we need is an honest Congress and a President with a set of … nevermind.

Ready the Giant Laser Canon

Most advertising plans are idiotic. This one is plain evil.

“We believe in StartRocket potential,” she wrote in an email. “Orbital billboards are the revolution on the market of communications. That’s why on behalf of Adrenaline Rush — PepsiCo Russia energy non-alcoholic drink, which is brand innovator, and supports everything new, and non-standard — we agreed on this partnership.”

Futurism first reported on StartRocket back in January, when the company announced plans to project huge ads into the night sky using cubesats with Mylar sails that’ll reflect sunlight back down to Earth during the twilight of early morning or evening.

“We are ruled by brands and events,” project leader Vlad Sitnikov told Futurism at the time. “The Super Bowl, Coca Cola, Brexit, the Olympics, Mercedes, FIFA, Supreme and the Mexican wall. The economy is the blood system of society. Entertainment and advertising are at its heart.”

The idea prompted strong backlash among Futurism readers, who objected to the idea of invading the nighttime sky with ads.

Ruled by brands. Idiots chasing materialism even into the heavens, disturbing the very quiet of the night sky. Shoot it down, Space Force.

Stop. Mueller Time.


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We anticipate the full partial redacted whatever portion on the Mueller Report a little later today. I’ll get that up, maybe with a little analysis – like there’s anything to analyze, at some point. Check Drudge, news junkies.

Anyway, I assume that tomorrow, Good Friday, we will start seeing the unsealing of all those secret military indictments. Let the treason trials (Nuremberg-style) commence. … I crack me up…


First Venezuela, Now Syria. When, here, America?


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And, thank you, Christian Russia, for checking the insane plans of the Washington Neocons. Syria, parts of it, are becoming Christian (again).

A community of Syrians who converted to Christianity from Islam is growing in Kobani, a town besieged by Islamic State for months, and where the tide turned against the militants four years ago.

The converts say the experience of war and the onslaught of a group claiming to fight for Islam pushed them toward their new faith. After a number of families converted, the Syrian-Turkish border town’s first evangelical church opened last year.

Islamic State militants were beaten back by U.S. air strikes and Kurdish fighters [and Russia and the Regime] at Kobani in early 2015, in a reversal of fortune after taking over swaths of Iraq and Syria. After years of fighting, U.S.-backed forces fully ended the group’s control over populated territory last month.

Though Islamic State’s ultra-radical interpretation of Sunni Islam has been repudiated by the Islamic mainstream, the legacy of its violence has affected perceptions of faith.

Many in the mostly Kurdish areas of northern Syria, whose urban centers are often secular, say agnosticism has strengthened and in the case of Kobani, Christianity.

Christianity is one of the region’s minority faiths that was persecuted by Islamic State.

So, maybe all it takes is a depression and a civil war to reverse the curse in the United States of Babel. Or, do we have to wait until we’re the minority? We already have the persecution from our own brand of ultra-radicals.

Anyway, good for the people of Kobani. May the faith spread.

This reminded me of a plea from a Syrian Priest – against both the Islamists and the Neocon loons:

Pegging the BS Needle


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The whole Sol Pais story has triggered my bullshit meter. Why do I get the feeling that this is/was the most idiotic, poorly concocted, do nothing gun control false flag of all time? Is it the cynic in me?

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — After a massive manhunt along the Front Range and foothills west of Denver, Sol Pais was found dead by a self-inflicted gunshot wound Wednesday morning near the base of Mt. Evans, according to the FBI and Colorado law enforcement agencies.

The 18-year-old woman from Surfside, Fla. had been wanted by authorities since Tuesday morning after allegedly making “credible” threats toward schools in the Denver metro area. Pais was “infatuated” with the Columbine school shooting, authorities said. She was found dead around the base of Mt. Evans.

Read that whole article before it’s memory holed or they start messing with the “facts.” Nothing, absolutely nothing makes any sense, here. Is it CO specific gun control they were after or is was it something national? Mental health-related, maybe? Did this poor girl know something about someone? Did her Doctor work on MKUltra? So many questions. I expect no answers. Calling it BS.

QUICK UPDATE: I’m also calling it a homicide. I’ll give you as much supporting evidence as the FBI provided for the story (and what a likely story).

A Week of Miracles: Paris Out of the Ashes; Tiger Roars Again at Augusta & Perrin Storms C-Town – From TPC


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This column addresses three topics of great importance, in reverse chronological order. The originally intended subject comes last, after two of perhaps greater relevance and general interest. This is good stuff (great, even); read on:


International Desk: Only the Building Burned. The Church is Adamant, the French Spirit Indomitable.


You’ve heard the news. The world knows. Paris’s landmark, 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral suffered extensive fire damage on Monday, April 15th.


I learned of the tragedy while, of all things, leading a discussion en Français with a group of talented young people. My first thought was, “that’s a maintenance accident!” Thus I thought because the inferno was emanating from the roof and attic. And, I’ve seen this exact scenario before in Athens, Georgia, of all places.


On a summer day in 1995, I traversed North Campus. Smoke I smelled and then saw. Brooks Hall, then home to the Terry College of Business (the same MB goes on about) was burning. Bad. They had been conducting roof renovations and some jackleg ignited the attic whilst welding. We lost two floors that day.


So it most likely was in Paris. Notre Dame’s roof is a thin cladding of lead over centuries-old timber framing. Dry, dry, dry wood possibly treated with pitch or tar(?). The lead requires soldering from time to time but they have to be extra careful given what lies beneath. On Monday something slipped. Bad. You know the deal – the central spire collapsed, the roof is gone, and complete destruction was narrowly averted by 500 doggedly determined firemen.


I am not yet ready to embrace any theory aside from this obvious scenario. Yes, I’ve seen some pictures. And, y’all know I have a keen sense of affairs and a vivid imagination. As is, I don’t (yet) buy the Islamic Jihad or false flag angles. I have, however, sensed a tremor in the force of Western Civilization.


A Government of Illegal Men?


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This sad story has it all – women in combat, unchecked migration, and a rule of law as squishy as the average GOP spine.

Hernandez said it seemed cruel for ICE to inflict additional pain on the man and his daughter, noting the trauma they experienced after the death of his spouse.

“There are plenty of people you can go after but not a guy whose wife died in Afghanistan,” he said.

Vieyra was mortally wounded when insurgents attacked her unit using an improvised explosive device and rocket-propelled grenade fire in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, the Pentagon said at the time. Her unit had been sent to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Cecillia Wang, deputy legal director at the ACLU, said she could not recall a similar deportation. She said the deportation was unnecessary.

“It’s the height of cruelty for ICE to deport the father of a child whose mother died while serving in the U.S. army in Afghanistan,” Wang said. “The government can exercise its discretion not to pursue deportation against the sole remaining parent of a U.S. citizen child under these circumstances.”

I’m sure they would have shown one of us the same courtesy for, say, back taxes or inadvertently possessed bump stock.

We have no equal protection nor application. We have no law nor government. We have no common sense. We have no nation.

Tell it to the Marines?


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This “identity crisis” needs be quelled in a hurry.

Many of the Marine Corps‘ iconic battles such as Iwo Jima and Inchon are decades in the past, and the amphibious assaults that were once the service’s calling card seem to have fallen by the wayside in a world of artificial intelligence weaponry, cyberwarfare and the Pentagon’s strategic focus on outer space and great-power rivals such as China and Russia.

Now, an open letter to Lt. Gen. David H. Berger, the White House’s pick to become Marine Corps commandant, is fueling debate over whether the Corps is in the midst of an identity crisis that could mean tighter budgets and fewer clear missions.

While the Army and other services look to expand into cyberwarfare and other modern modes of combat, some strategists and many Marines themselves say the Corps is moving further afield from its core mission as America’s expeditionary force in combat.

They say Marines are beginning to buckle under the strain of seeking new missions and managing unconventional deployments to Eastern Europe, the North Atlantic and other places.

How about just letting the rest of the damned world take care of itself. Maybe keep the Fleet Force with the fleet and send the Expidicary Forces to the Southern border.