Horror in Milan – 51 Students Rescued After Kidnapping by Senegalese Migrant… — The Last Refuge


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The DIEversity will continue until civilization devolves.

A crazed Senegalese migrant kidnapped a bus loaded with 51 middle-school-aged students near Milan Italy. The suspect attempted to burn the bus with the students inside, but fortunately police were able to rescue the children as the fire started. One of the children was able to hide their cell phone and call for help. An […]

via Horror in Milan – 51 Students Rescued After Kidnapping by Senegalese Migrant… — The Last Refuge

PS: Good work, emergency crews. “Crazed” migrant…

An American Spring – from TPC


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An American Spring in the Air?

This very Wednesday, March the 20th, in A.R.S.H. 2019, at around 5:58 PM (EST), the Sun will traverse the celestial equator and we will cross the vernal equinox. In other words, Happy Spring 2019!

Springtime is the time of new life, renewal, and thawing. Flowers bloom. Temperatures rise. Old dust is swept away. Baseball players hit the field. Families hit the sunnier beaches. The Masters. Tax Day.
Picture from Free Images.
Eight years ago, word reached the eager ears of the West of an “Arab Spring.” Up rose an uprising in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East. The Egyptian affair probably worked out best for the people. In Syria, well … yeah. Libya was more of a reverse robbery by the Bank of England and Goldman Sachs than a revolution. And, unless they’re filming a Star Wars movie, nobody really cares about Tunisia.
Still, this has me, as always, thinking about possibilities. Could we witness our own revolution and/or revival? Could there be a Western Spring, an American Spring? Are we in the early stages of one now?
As I alluded to last week, Americans are waning in America. Original intent Americans are somewhere around 10-15% of the population. Stand-in or make-do Americans are headed towards minority, great plurality status in a decade or two. Then what? Don’t worry too much about the particulars – we’ll soon enough find out what’s in store.
Let’s be honest, for Spring’s sake. The Old Republic died in 1861; an Empire was born. The United States Empire masqueraded well as the Federal Republic for a long time, even as the cracks formed and grew. The flag. English. Disneyland. Etc. But, all good (or not-so-good) things must come to an end. Already collapsing, the Empire enters its Winter. Then what? We’ll soon find out.
I really have no idea how it will all come to pass nor how it will all shake out. Knowing something of history and of human nature, I suspect a war is in order. My best guess would Balkanization along the model lines of Yugoslavia.
However – Rejoice! Rejoice! – however it happens, I also suspect that a remnant of the American People and the American Nation will survive. Thrive, even, we may. The where’s and the how’s I know more of than I’ll write today. Shunning divination, I can only speculate. And, I’m not overly concerned with how the governance works out. I do have my preferences but this isn’t about me.


Terror-Who Now?


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The latest TPC piece should be out any minute now.

In the meantime: When I heard about the false flag shooting in NZ, I almost immediately wondered if the involved Mosque had been the center of any terror plotting, by jihadis, of late.

And … it sure was.

The Christchurch mosque where a gunman opened fire and killed dozens of Muslims has links to radical Islamic terrorism, according to a New Zealand newspaper.

The newspaper, called Stuff, reported on a story in 2014 about how two Australians killed in Yemen by drone strike were radicalized in Christchurch mosques.

Specifically, Christopher Havard was reportedly radicalized by the Al Noor mosque, the same mosque targeted by shooter Brenton Tarrant.

The article has since been wiped from the internet after the Christchurch shooting, but an archived version is available HERE.

Funny, huh?

Utrecht: Back to Regular Terrorism


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No “far right” white guy to blame this time. The shooting spree in Utrecht highlights what Sen. Anning said about the usual perpetrators. Their back. Sometimes DIEversity visits outside the schools!

And, the TURKISH suspect has been nabbed.

Police release photo of Gökmen Tanis, 37, captured on the tram’s CCTV just minutes before the shooting
Three people have died and five people are injured after the shooting in Utrecht, central Netherlands
Police said the gunman ‘who may have had a terrorist motive’, opened fire on a tram in the city centre
The assailant fled the scene but police have since arrested a suspect in the Oudernoord district of Utrecht
Tanis’ family members in Turkey say the person targeted on the tram was a relative of the 37-year-old
Dutch government raised the terrorism threat level to highest possible, and schools were on lockdown earlier
Incident took place just three days after a terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand where 50 were killed

I expect Brussels will immediately call for common sense Turk control. Hate has no place in Utrecht.

When Dieversity Calls on the Classroom


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“Diversity” along with inclusion, tolerance, and hatred of Western Civilization is the mantra of today’s “culture” and of the “schools.” It’s good, just read what they have to say over at Great Schools:

Ironically, while our schools are becoming more segregated, our society is becoming ever more diverse. Some 44 percent of American students today are nonwhite, and that number rises every year. To prepare kids to be global citizens, we need to expose them to more than the quadratic equation and the history of the 13 colonies. It’s essential for our kids to learn to get along with and understand people from all walks of life.

In fact, diversity in education has been shown to promote tolerance. One recent study found, for example, that college students in diverse settings exhibited less racial and ethnic prejudice than students who interacted mainly with those of similar backgrounds.

Learning empathy, flexibility, and how to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures will prepare kids to navigate an increasingly multicultural future.

Hell, why learn any math at all? And, who (outside of evil white racists) needs anything to do with those forgotten Colonies? Geez … English and all that…

But, don’t take my word for it. And, don’t even take that of the vested interests at Globo Ed, Inc. Here’s a real-world example of the excitement and excellence that is the mixing of divergent cultures in the academic setting, all the way from Sweden!

Swedish girls are being kept home from school after newly-arrived migrant students turned the environment into “anarchy,” according to independent journalist Joakim Lamotte.

Lamotte says he was contacted by multiple parents from Halmstad, Sweden, after their children were threatened, beaten, and called “whores” at a school where migrants are allegedly dealing drugs and carrying weapons.

“In recent days I have been contacted by parents of children at the Österledskolan outside Halmstad,” Lamotte reports. “They describe a school where insecurity escalated and many now choose therefore to keep their children at home because the school cannot guarantee the children’s safety. According to the parents, it is a group of new arrivals who harass their daughters.”

Lamotte quotes the testimonies of anonymous parents who say accusations of “racism” are flying freely, hindering free discussion about the issues at hand.

“Threats and violations occur daily at school,” said one parent. “Our daughter, who goes to eighth grade, has been exposed since the second week of the seventh grade. She has been called, for example, ‘whore’ and threatened several times that she should get beaten.”

“The police have been summoned many times. Last week, the police were in place on three occasions. An ambulance has also been called to the school during assaults.”

Parents say they believe management are not taking the problems seriously, instead attacking those who raise concerns about conditions at the school.

“Right now, it is anarchy at the school and they have lost control completely,” said another parent. “At the same time, school management wants to silence what is happening and blame the events on racism. Racism certainly occurs, but I and many others do not see it as the problem.”

“The reason for this is special treatment and that the newly arrived young people are not integrated. On Friday, two girls were hit and kicked by the new arrivals.”

Lamotte says the head of school has hung the phone up on him during multiple attempts to contact him.

Selling drugs! Threats! Calling your daughter a whore! Hitting! Kicking! No charges filed! Heck, no investigation! The admin hangs up on you! And, general violence and mayhem like something out of the third world! This is your child’s school on DIEversity. Use your empathy. Be flexible. Navigate the destruction.

All that or rebel.


Hush, Pat! Quit Noticing the Obvious!


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Pat B. is at it again, asking uncomfortable questions and challenging the loyalties of the disloyal.

What defines us, said Joe Biden, are the “enduring principles in the Constitution, even though we don’t necessarily all know them.”

But if these principles, of which many Americans are not even aware, says Joe, are what define us and hold us together, then what is it that is tearing us apart?

Is it not our differences? Is it not our diversity?

Is it not the powerful and conflicting claims of a multiplicity of races, religions, tribes, ethnicities, and nationalities, as well as clashing ideologies, irreconcilable moral codes, a culture war, and conflicting visions of America’s past — the one side seeing it as horrible and hateful, the other as great and good?

“Diversity is our greatest strength!” we are ever admonished.

But where is the evidence for what appears to be not only an inherently implausible claim but a transparently foolish and false one?

A nation needs evidence like a fish needs a bicycle.

Globalist Gun Grab Afoot


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“There will be no opposition.” Last week’s false flag in Christchurch was a grabber’s dream come true.

The New Zealand leader’s promise of tightened gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings has been widely welcomed by a stunned population.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her Cabinet will consider the details of the changes on Monday. She has said options include a ban on private ownership of semi-automatic rifles that were used with devastating effect in Christchurch and a government-funded buyback of newly outlawed guns.

While curtailing gun owners’ rights is a political battleground in the United States, Christchurch gun owner Max Roberts, 22, predicted Ardern won’t face serious opposition to her agenda.

“There will be no opposition to it. There’s no movement in New Zealand for that. Our media and politics are more left wing,” said Roberts, a carpenter who uses guns for hunting.

Elliot Dawson, who survived the shooting at Christchurch’s Linwood mosque by hiding in a bathroom, hopes New Zealand follows Australia’s lead on gun control.

Then, they’ll follow AUS’s lead on “refugees” and increased crime and terrorism (of the real, regular variety).

As always, question the official story and the ever-mutating narrative. Vox explains:

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, 2019!



Here’s to another St. Patrick’s Day, a celebratory tradition here at the old blog going back to our first March. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! And, here’s to the coming of the First Day of Spring, 2019 – I’m more than ready this year – this Wednesday, the 20th.


Saint Patrick was born a Roman citizen in ancient Britain.  At age 16 he was kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland.  He suffered his bondage for six years before escaping back to his home.  Later, as a priest and a bishop, he returned to Ireland as a missionary of the Church.  This in itself is a miracle I think.

BTW, the snakes are metaphorical. St. Paddy did not drive actual serpents out of Ireland. He forced out something much worse. Today, we could use his insight in Hollywood, in academia, and in the Vatican.