COLUMN: Whatever It Is, Russia Didn’t Do It


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Whatever It Is, Russia Didn’t Do It


So, don’t fall for it.

Please remember that the US entry into the War of Northern Aggression, the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the War in Vietnam, the Iraqi Gulf War, the Global War on Terror, the current US-NATO War Against Russia, and any other wars and engagements over roughly the past 200 years were all based on lies. Lies were told, in order to dupe the decent if dull-witted people into supporting illegal, unnecessary, and lethal foreign entanglements, by the rulers of the USSA yankee empire. The rulers changed over the years, from psychotic, freemasonic Anglo imperial elitists, to Anglo elitists backed by talmudic zionists, to talmudic zionists backed by wicked, stupid Anglo elitists, themselves backed by an assortment of the most despicable trash ever collected since at least the heated fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. The “United States”, call it what one will, is not the nation of the Americans, and Americans have no controlling interests in the government in DC. Nor do they have any usefulness to the rulers in DC aside from acting as slaves and cannon fodder. Keep all of that in mind.

Also remember that the same satanic US government, not of or for Americans, launched the largest bioweapons attack in history against the entire world population not quite four years ago. This attack was also based on and riddled with lies.

Recall that the rise of non-gold-backed US “currency”, with mass financialization and the pea and shell game of the Petrodollar, amounted to an act of world war, designed almost exclusively to enrich a tiny foreign elite at the expense of the decent common people of the world, Americans included. One may correctly suspect that these intertwined schemes were based on lies.

Keep in mind that the yankee empire’s use of an atomic bomb against a church in 1945 was also based on and papered over with lies. 

The attack on the USS Liberty, fifty-six years ago today, and the subsequent, ongoing cover-up, was based on a series of lies.

The massive invasion of the US homeland since 1965, the largest illicit transfer of human beings in recorded history, was and is based on lies, shrouded in lies, and continued by lies.

In fact, just assume that everything one has been told, in living memory, by or about the yankee empire is and was based on lies.

This past weekend, evidently the vaunted NATO-Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia kicked off. If one blinked, one may have missed it. If one paid close and careful attention, one may have also missed it. I read multiple accounts, including at least one from the MOD, about multiple assaults on the Donbass and other southeastern regions in the conflict zone. Yet, the numbers didn’t add up, at least as of the time of my drafting. What I saw looked more like a slightly heavier ordinary day in the SMO rather than a D-Day-like operational attack. Heretofore, a pattern has established itself: Ukie forces and NATO ringers slowly move one or two pieces of Ukie or Western equipment into range, and then both forces and equipment are destroyed by Russian artillery, drones, or air strikes. A recon video I watched, from I think Sunday, showed a dozen or more Ukie armored vehicles openly driven across a field before being blasted to pieces. Another video showed wunderwaffe Leopard tanks reduced to flaming wrecks. In desperation, the NATO Nazis blew up a dam, evidently because nothing says “successful counteroffensive” better than a wall of water blocking one’s potential route forward.

In my unofficial opinion, this latest move looks a little like probing. A little. Honestly, it also just looks sad. Whatever it is, it has not worked. Kiev lacks manpower for any further major warfare operations, and the WereWest lacks the armaments to keep them going. There are still some unknowns for this summer and the remainder of the year, but even the Mouth of Sauron, Jake Sullivan, admits that any additional meddling is designed only to give Lil’ Ze (or another proxy) something to bargain with at Russia’s negotiating table. 

The time has come, or will soon arrive, for the GAE and NATO to fish or cut bait. The rulers know their tactics in Ukraine have only played into Putin’s hands. They know they cannot defeat Russia militarily. They know the real global damage, via the bifurcated economy and concurrent realignments, has severely weakened them and their poor host nations. They also know that no American is in any way interested in or supportive of a war with Russia. Or China. Or Iran, etc. Dire desperation builds in places like DC, London, and Brussels.

We will soon find out how crazy and evil our crazy, evil overlords really are. As no one knows exactly how things will shake out, predictions are both pointless and a little dangerous. However, given the stakes, pattern-based observation and mild caution are warranted. The Clowns who control DC, London, and other WereWestern capitals, the true enemies of the West, are in a tight spot. With the very real risk of losing all their power and influence looming overhead like a giant rogue wave, they may, in fact, be desperate and wicked enough to burn everything down. It is possible that they may seek to engage in an utterly unwinnable total war simply out of spite and malice. They may deem the time right for a last-ditch effort to lure Western peoples into open conflict. If so, then how might they start the final deception? Whatever it is, it is generally known as a “false flag”, and it will have to be substantial enough and/or hyped enough to catch the attention of even the remaining MAGA TV-watching crowd.

Previously, our real enemies have had some fascination with nautical themes. We fondly recall the Star of the West, the Maine, the RMS Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, Persian Gulf shipping threats, and other maritime lies and deceptions, along with the very real and very not-talked-about Liberty. If it’s to be a ship or ships this time, two obvious candidates stand out. 

The least obvious, most accessible, and harder martial sell would be one or more container or other cargo ships. Thousands of these monsters loiter on the high seas, canals, and harbors at any given time, and they would make for extraordinarily easy targets. One well-placed torpedo and virtually all global shipping would grind to a halt. If nothing else, the mega insurance companies wouldn’t allow day-to-day operations to continue. 

The most obvious choice would be one or two of the shining stars of the US, British, or French fleets, the aircraft carriers. Times have changed, and Fred Reed was correct in describing a carrier as a “bladder of jet fuel wrapped around high explosives wrapped around a nuclear reactor” (what, really, could go wrong?). And as someone else added, today there are only two kinds of warships: subs and targets. Add to that calculus the hyper-sonic anti-shipping missile and carriers are about as useful as a be-sailed ship of the line. But they still look impressive. And they, and their support ships, carry enormous crews. The Nimitz and the Ford, each with about 100 aircraft aboard, also serve as temporary quarters for about 6,000 men (and women, transvestites, non-binaries, and, as we might guess, elves and Klingons). Double or triple that number for the combined fleet(s). 

I’ve long told the ‘Murikan CONservative class, “Y’all gonna lose a carrier”. Several years ago, I even wrote a charming short story about how it might, literally, go down, “da airpane sheep”. Don’t think the luciferians won’t make my fiction come to life if they think it will help their lost cause. It will be telling if the carrier selected is an older model bordering on retirement or a refit.

Either way, carrier or commercial, this ship will be another hoax. Sullivan or some other liar will inform the world of the catastrophe and then blame Russia. The idiots in the media will parrot this lie. Russia will naturally reject it as will most of the world. Will the people be gullible enough to fall for it? That jury is out, as we’re talking about people dumb enough to wear diapers on their faces and ingest a known lethal poison all because a talking rat said “Boo!” about the common cold. 

There are other hail-satan options. In 2001, the rulers finally carried out Operation Northwoods (aka, 9/11) against land targets in NYC and DC. At the time, most of the people fell for that one. This time, it would likely have to be much larger or of a nearly-spiritual element. Again, among several scenarios, two suggest themselves a little louder than the others. Nuking a US city would probably do the trick. Given that half of ‘Murikans seem to worship Israel, an attack on Occupied Palestine might do it too. (The rulers are almost as contemptuous of their skin-in-the-game co-ethnics as they are of the rest of us). 

Again, the blame would go to Russia, possibly with an honorable mention to China or Iran. Lies.

Know that if one or more of the above fake attacks happens, and the rulers falsely retaliate against Moscow, then the brown stuff will really hit the spinning blades. Unlike the Sudanese, the Taliban, or the Viet Cong, the Russians have the ability to pretty much do anything they like, at any time, and anywhere. If all the carriers suddenly go down while DC, NY, and London are flattened, then we’ll know it probably was Russia. Probably in defensive retaliation. And probably on a long delay – the rulers are quick to lie and slow to tell an embarrassing truth, especially one with harsh consequences. Plus, their delay would give them time to concoct more lies.

All of the above, or just some parts of it, will be enough to tank the remains of the USSA’s empire and potentially jumpstart the political breaking of the USSA homeland, with or without (probably with) a massive civil war. Ain’t these exciting times?!

Other possible options range from someone cutting undersea cables to knocking out satellites to a fake visit from a fake alien, and beyond. The grand fake event(s) might not even be related to the war. It’s possible they might shift gears completely and use the new hoax to help the dullards forget about the last one. Whatever it is, it’s fake, gay, and a hoax. Whatever they sell, don’t buy it. 

Our task in all of this insanity is to separate ourselves from it as much as possible. The government and its media have never told us the truth about anything and are not about to start now. Therefore, disregard everything they say, in general, and, especially, regarding WW3 or any other major event(s). If one must make assumptions, then assume the opposite of what the Clowns say is the truth. That part isn’t that hard. Do. Not. Trust. The. Clowns. The harder part will be convincing friends, loved ones, and neighbors to do likewise. Despite all the revelations about all the other hoaxes, many folks will still gleefully fall for new ones.

It is also of paramount importance not to serve the Clowns. Don’t listen to them. Don’t watch them. Don’t give them money. Don’t shop at their converged corporate stores (more than one absolutely has to). Don’t vote for their minions. Don’t wave or salute their gay pride (Stars & Stripes) flag. Don’t honor their lies. And, if nothing else, DO NOT serve in their military. This is Clown World’s fight. Let the Clowns fight it.

In all of this righteous resistance, discretion may become the better part of valor. Don’t necessarily advertise a lack of support – just don’t support. Even as they depend on us for everything, the Clowns hate Christians and the American people more than anyone else aside from Jesus Christ. Avoid making oneself a target of their still-dangerous wrath. Be mindful that Andrei Raevsky shuttered his excellent website back in February in anticipation of these matters. Go dark, or gray, though with a stern will.

It bears repeating that no American man, certainly no Christian, White, or heterosexual man, should ever again serve in the imperial yankee military. Think about it, you young man in Alabama. These same fiends replace you in all things and blame you for everything. Then, they expect your blood sacrifice for their ignoble plans? No. First, it is self-defeating. There is no point in marching and dying for nothing like so many hundreds of thousands of poor Ukrainian men over the past year. Second, there is no reason to actively support people who hate you. Third, and most important, serving these monsters, tolerating their evil, and participating in it is the same kind of tandem mortal sin Saint Paul warned against in Romans 1:32. If we cannot stop their wicked deeds, then we at least do not have to approve of them and ratify them. We must not join in them. 

We – all of us – can be active in other ways. Today we will do what they don’t want us to. Ignore their open calls. Mock them when it’s safe to do so. Don’t buy their pedo-satanic filth. Get married to the girl of your dreams. Work for you and her, not for them. Have many, many children. Teach those children. Read the Bible to them. Love them. Pass on your heritage to them. Shield your loved ones from evil, and kill or cripple anyone who attempts to harm your family. Build what you can today, and prepare to finish the work tomorrow. 

And tomorrow, either during the final hours of the final collapse, or certainly immediately after it is over, as we continue to build new societies, we must remember those who destroyed our old civilization. Many of them will survive with us and try to blend in. We must ferret them out and bring swift, terminal justice to their necks. Who knows? The Russians might help us with that.

As for the inevitable lies, the Russians didn’t do it. The Clowns did. Draw a line of truth and refuse to bend. The future of Western Civilization depends on our wise, strong actions and judgments going forward. Luckily, we have the Highest Help.

Deo vindice!

Never Forget


Today is USS Liberty Remembrance Day.

34 US servicemen were killed by the IDF on this day in 1967. Even as some homo GOP types insist the event was a “conspiracy theory”, the IDF maintains a memorial to the ship and crew in Haifa. Must have been some conspiracy theory. Learn more via my 2020 PL/TPC piece on this ongoing American disgrace.

Never forget what happened, nor who has tried for decades to cover it up.

Homeschool or Rape Cover-Up


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I’ll just quote Vox in full here regarding this latest predictable, predicted truth about the failed “schools”:

If, at this point, you are still putting your children in public schools, you are committing child abuse by proxy:

US public school employees who sexually abuse children are typically moved to different schools three times before they are finally arrested, preying on as many as 73 victims before they are eventually punished, according to a new report by a conservative think tank.

Published last week by the Defense of Freedom Institute, the report details hundreds of cases in which teachers in public school districts were accused of abuse, but had their records scrubbed before being moved to new positions, where the abuse continued.

Citing earlier research by the Government Accountability Office, the report noted that firing teachers can be a costly process for school districts. As such, the districts often negotiate confidentiality agreements with unions whereby a teacher can resign or be demoted to avoid disciplinary action, before being transferred to another school with a clean slate.

The average employee accused of abuse is passed to three different school districts before facing legal consequences, and can abuse up to 73 children in this time.

This system has allowed sexual assault to proliferate, the report claimed. According to the most recent Department of Education data, 13,799 cases of sexual violence and 685 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded in schools during the 2017-2018 school year, up from 9,649 and 394 in 2015-2016.

Homeschooling your children should be your #1 first priority. It doesn’t matter if you have to move, add a side-hustle on top of your primary job, or lower your standard of living. Just do it! Neither your nor your children will ever regret it.

There is an entertaining novel, now available directly from the publisher in EPUB and print(!), that goes into great detail about these kinds of hideous schemes. Maybe it’s worth buying and reading.

A Hero Misapplied


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An Australian court rules for the victims of Clown World.

Yesterday Justice Anthony Besanko handed down his ruling in Afghanistan war hero Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation case in the Federal Court in Sydney.

Justice Besanko released a summary of the judgment, agreeing to delay releasing his full reasons until next week, so that it could be vetted by the federal government to ensure that it did not contain any sensitive national security material.

Justice Besanko dismissed Roberts-Smith’s case against Australian media – on the basis that the most serious defamatory allegations made by the press, namely that the soldier was a war criminal and murderer, were substantially true.

The trial – dubbed “the defamation case of the century” – ran for over 100 days, and the legal costs are thought to exceed $15 million for each side. Roberts-Smith will now have to pay the costs of both parties. This was an absolutely disastrous result for the war hero – or, perhaps more accurately, former war hero.

Roberts-Smith, an SAS soldier who won a Victoria Cross fighting in Afghanistan, sued The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times, and three journalists, over articles published in 2018 alleging that he was a war criminal and complicit in the murder of six innocent Afghan civilians.

It would be difficult to come up with a more Anglo name than “Roberts-Smith”. Which one says “Old Winchester” better? Ah heck, just link ’em together! Even in this late day, all SAS soldiers are hard men, and this one in particular looks the part, like an ancient knight hurled into the post-modern insanity. Like the USSA, England, France, and Germany, Australia is being overrun with foreign invaders. How much better it would have been to have men like Roberts-Smith actually defending their home nation rather than trotting the globe wrecking other nations for the Clowns. There are lessons to be learned, here, if there is still time.

“Free Speech” A Felony In Flori-Duh


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Free speech was always a lie designed to break Christian blasphemy laws and allow the breakers to take over society. Now in charge, they have criminalized speech they find offensive. They had help from ‘Murika’s hero, Ronny DeSantis (R – Israel).

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation cracking down on hate crimes Thursday morning after a high-profile speech in Israel.

Known as the “Public Nuisances” bill, the legislation — passed Wednesday by the Legislature — makes it a felony for hate groups to harass people for their religion or ethnicity. Florida had the fourth-highest number of antisemitic incidents last year, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

This is the second time in four years he’s traveled outside the state, sans an emergency, to pander to Jews at the expense of Americans in Florida. The fact that, outside of an emergency, the law says all Florida legislation must be signed into law within the State of Florida means about as much as the 1st and 14th Amendments to the yankee constitution and its Israeli Floridian counterpart.

Note that we have long since passed the point where the law is of any help to the people. We’re also at or passed the point where we can count on the courts to enforce our rights. Know that based on established precedent, reading John 8:44 would now suffice to qualify as “harassment” under this fake, illegal law. Just ask the ADL, which, again, was founded to honor the legacy of a convicted Jewish child rapist and murderer – all in keeping with the dictates of old Rambam. “Ram, bam, eff you, ma’am.” Ergo, if one offends a satanist in Flori-duh, and one is convicted for it, then once cannot trust in any defense at trial or on appeal.

The great news is that all ‘Murikans may be able to look forward to DeSantis’s antics nationwide, if he is picked by the Dark State next year as Head Puppet. Otherwise, Brandon or anyone else will serve the purpose.

Welcome to Sunshine Dystopia.

Start With Nullification


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Under the constitution of the old CSA, the several States had the ability to impeach federal judges within their borders for doing things like this:

A federal judge ruled on Friday that a Tennessee law banning drag shows in public or in places where children could view them is unconstitutional, finding that it violates freedom of speech protections.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Parker said in his ruling that the law, which Gov. Bill Lee (R) signed in March, is both “unconstitutionally vague and substantially overbroad.”

The law says an “adult cabaret performance” is unlawful if it happens on public property or in a location where the performance “could be viewed by a person who is not an adult.” It defines such a performance as one that is harmful to minors and includes topless dancers, “exotic” dancers, strippers and male or female impersonators.

Parker had issued a preliminary injunction at the end of March to block the law from taking effect. He agreed with Friends of George’s, a Memphis-based theater group that produces drag performances, comedy sketches and plays, that the state’s Adult Entertainment Act (AEA) could apply “just about anywhere.”

A schoolboy who wore a t-shirt advertising a scientific fact cannot obtain temporary injunctive help from the yankee courts, but child molesters can. This is an indictment of something or another. The CSA and its superior laws being temporarily suspended, Nashville should just do what the rulers of Mordor do when confronted with a ruling they dislike – ignore it. The TN Assembly could just pass a simple resolution telling the judge, “No, you’re wrong” and be done. Beyond that, before getting to the big S-word, there are other options, EC status, and more. Of course, given that we’re talking about Republican’ts, there’s little point in further talk. The Lt. Gov. is probably a “Friend of George”, so what does it matter?

If any Americans survive this decade and finally decide to act, then the swing-back is going to be harsh. I suppose that’s the way it always is.

Assume The Worst


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Something is very wrong in Cleveland.

IN the span of two weeks, nearly 30 children have vanished in Cleveland, sparking huge concern from a local police chief who said he hasn’t seen anything like this in his 33-year career.

As many as 27 children have been reported missing in the greater Cleveland area, according to Newburgh Heights police chief John Majoy.

He called the number of missing children, whose ages range from 12 to 17, unprecedented when speaking to reporters.

“There’s always peaks and valleys with missing persons, but this year it seems like an extraordinary year,” he told Fox News Digital.

“For some reason, in 2023, we’ve seen a lot more than we normally see, which is troubling in part because we don’t know what’s going on with some of these kids, whether they’re being trafficked or whether they’re involved in gang activity or drugs.”

There’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for this unprecedented spike, such as a network of international pedos, likely operating with cover of the alphabet agencies, rounding kids up for purposes. In a dead country that has institutionalized child sacrifice this is normal. No civilized people would tolerate it.

Free Gonzalo


The Grayzone spoke with Gonzalo Lira, Sr. about his son’s political persecution in the 404.

Even before his son’s arrest on May 1, Lira says Gonzalo was already a prisoner in his own home. “Gonzalo was literally kidnapped by the SBU,” he said of the first arrest in April 2022. “And after one week of cruel interrogations, he was released under house arrest.”

Lira Sr. told The Grayzone that Ukraine authorities did not have any documents actually charging his son with a crime at the time.

“The SBU destroyed all his communication equipment, and they held his passport,” he added. “Ukraine has enacted laws criminalizing dissent and allowing President Volodymyr Zelensky to ban opposition political parties, nationalize the media. This is in total contradiction for what the United States and we citizens of the free world believe and promote.”

“For the U.S. government, it would only take a phone call to Zelensky to free Gonzalo,” insisted Lira Sr. “The world knows that Zelensky is a US puppet, but he does not respect the right of an American citizen to exercise his freedom of speech.”

Lira concluded our exchange with a blunt statement: “Free my son from political imprisonment!”

The real criminals who run the USSA do not care about those falsely accused. The better odds are for a rescue once Russia wins. Here’s hoping and praying Gonzalo lasts until then.

Ban Child Soldiers


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Read this story about a heroic middle school boy fighting a satanic school system in Massachusetts.

A Massachusetts district court denied a request on Wednesday from the lawyers of a 12-year-old student seeking to exercise his free speech rights by wearing a t-shirt reading “there are only two genders.”

When Morrison protested the school’s censorship by wearing another shirt to class last month reading “there are only censored genders,” he was pulled out of class within minutes and ordered to remove it as well.

At a Middleborough School Committee meeting in April, Morrison questioned who is the “protected class” he had offended. “Are their feelings more important than my rights?” he asked, pointing out that he didn’t complain when the school hung “Pride flags and diversity posters” in the halls because “others have a right to their beliefs, just as I do.”

Nichols Middle School has stood behind its dress code, which prohibits messages on clothing that “state, imply, or depict hate speech or imagery that target groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other classification.”

The lawsuit argues that the school’s promotion of Pride month and other LGBTQ initiatives while barring Morrison from expressing his contrary views constitutes a violation of not only the First but the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees equal protection under the law. The next hearing is scheduled for June 13.

Forget about the legal mumbo-jumbo. ‘Muricans have relied on the courts to protect their rights for too long, and we do not do “law” anymore. The young man is brave and correct. The “school” monsters are wrong, faggots, and satanically evil. The real issue here is why parents continue to send their children into these concentration camps.

In the 19th century when compulsory fake education came to New England and the rest of the former US, it took the armed militia to force Massachusetts parents to part with their children. In hindsight, perhaps they should have gone through with the shooting war then.

There is a culture war now. But children are not supposed to be soldiers in any kind of wars. They’re not weapons with which to beat the woke out of queers or to “own the libs”. They’re supposed to grow up, learn, and live. Let them. Homeschooling is really the only choice anymore.