Cigars Are Healthy: More Government Lies Debunked


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Two of my major themes here are that I: 1) hate government in all its evil lowliness, and; 2) I love cigars. Today I have greater reason to champion both of these worthy ideas.

The FDA is waging all out war on the premium cigar industry. Stupid law after draconian regulation threaten to disrupt if not kill the family of the leaf. It’s all part of the government’s larger war on freedom. They hate us, seeing us as little more than cattle to be milked of taxes until we die. Die will shall some day but not due to our cigars.

Cigars are bad, lies the state, because of children and health and safety and other BS – all of it dead wrong. It seems that the FDA has in its possession an in-house study which shows there are no significant health risks associated with smoking 1 – 2 cigars per day. The study was an amalgam of multiple independent medical studies conducted between 1965 and 2000.

The study noted that all examined types of cancers and maladies were in some way associated with cigars – they found that people will eventually die of something. Most people know that anyway. However, the increased risk associated with cigars is negligible, almost nonexistent; it looks to be an average increase of about 1%.

That’s it. One percent and cigars are bad. Most scientists and statisticians will tell you about something known as the margin of error in studies like this. It may be that cigars actually impart zero risk.

Of course the government spun its finding – when it finally released them – in the typical dishonest official way. (Seems to me they’ve been hiding this information). They summarized their findings, saying that cigar smoking is associated with death. They left out the contributing percentages which, again, are effectively nothing.

Here are some of the statistically insignificant findings (note all the single digits and zeros):


Heartland Institute.

None of this should come as a surprise, especially to the cigar community. Government is a giant lie personified; it is pure Satanic evil from Hell.

As part of the new cigar regulations which took effect at the beginning of the month, cigars now come with warning labels, such as:

  • Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.
  • Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.
  • Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Lies, lies, and more lies. Government needs its own “Government Warning” label.

And even this study only looks at health risks (none) and not health benefits. Cigars were prescribed for decades as medical treatment for a variety of illnesses, from asthma to anxiety. Cigar smokers tend to be happier people. Now there’s more reason to be happy.

So it is that my love of cigars is well justified – now by medical science. Also vindicated once more is my atavistic hatred of the dread institution of the state. In coming posts I may explore ways to deconstruct the menace of government. For now, I’m going to enjoy a healthy cigar.


Smoke on that, my friends.

By the way, I was serious:

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Government is a known leading cause of death, destruction, disinformation, theft, hatred, general misery and human suffering. To Hell with it.

World Book Perrin: International Studies


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I’d like to say hello to all of my new visitors and everyone around the globe.

So: Welcome! Welkom! Dobrodošli! Vítejte! Welkom! Tervetuloa! Bienvenue! Willkommen!  Yôkoso! and Sveiki atvykę!

This site is based in the United States. It frequently features themes of Western Civilization. Still, somehow, it has gained an audience around the world. I like to think of it as global madness. In the past four years I’ve had visitors from around 100 countries on six continents (not sure WordPress tracks Antarctica).

The other day I noticed that had the Anglosphere covered:


I suppose NZ took that day off.

Then, later, I dug a little deeper. Here’s a recent comprehensive map:


I think that one covers 91 countries. Not bad although I would love to pick up Iceland. China seems like a good market too. Sadly, I am not read in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, or Somalia.

Being somewhat Amero-centric, the vast majority of my views come from my own nation. Surprisingly (or not) my next largest concentration is in and around the Caribbean. That would be my cigar friends. The DR and Nica account for more traffic than all of my third largest contingent – Europe.

Here are my top twelve countries:


Hello out there! I have no idea how this site is translated abroad. Google I suppose. I’m just glad to have you.

I offer special greetings to my new preparedness audience. Preppers aim for freedom and that’s my main theme here, if one can overlook (or appreciate) cigar commentary and periodic zaniness.

What else? Through yesterday I had 686 live posts here. 687 now. My most popular category (and those are rather broadly defined) is “News and Notes”. The most frequently used “tag” is “America”. The most popular post for 2016 so far is A Den of Vipers and Thieves. I once knew the most popular post of all time but I have misplaced that…

2016 is already the biggest year yet and by December I look to surpass all previous years’ traffic combined. Thanks for being a part.

Your humble host,



Assassination Attempt on Angela Merkel???


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The mirror reports an armed driver tried to approach Herr Merkel’s motorcade in Prague. Details are few but it seems he never got that close to her. This does not smell like ISIS as they would have been much more aggressive and effective in their attack. Could be a nut or something totally unrelated.

If it were ISIS, that would be most fitting; justice some might call it. I suspect the elite would love if it were a nationalist BREXITer type. Then again, that would be justice too.



It’s high time the traitors started paying for what they’ve done. The criminals don’t come any bigger than the Lady Führer.

Will The U.S. Trade Folly For Madness?


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Playing with fire is dangerous. Imagine a wildfire is burning nearly out of control. Half of the assigned firefighters try to extinguish it while the other half feed it. The given explanation is that while the fire may be dangerous, putting it out for good would be folly. In fact, say the fire experts, the firemen should seek to control and direct the fire to benefit adjacent homeowners. Does that make any sense? No.

The above scenario is fictional but it mirrors American foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Paradoxical rumors have circulated over the past few years that Israel is partially behind ISIS, if not giving material support, then at least well-wishing. How could that be? Why would a Jewish nation support a violent and radical Islamic organization on its own back doorsteps? The strange answer and some validity to rumor partly appeared on August 2, 2016.

The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, a right-leaning think tank in Israel, released a report calling for the maintenance (not the destruction) of ISIS.

Why? The so-called Islamic State “can be a useful tool in undermining” Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia, argues the think tank’s director.

“The continuing existence of IS serves a strategic purpose,” wrote Efraim Inbar in “The Destruction of Islamic State Is a Strategic Mistake,” a paper published on Aug. 2.

By cooperating with Russia to fight the genocidal extremist group, the United States is committing a “strategic folly” that will “enhance the power of the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus axis,” Inbar argued, implying that Russia, Iran and Syria are forming a strategic alliance to dominate the Middle East.

“The West should seek the further weakening of Islamic State, but not its destruction,” he added. “A weak IS is, counterintuitively, preferable to a destroyed IS.”

Our frenemies in black. NBC.

The Israelis say getting rid of ISIS altogether would be folly. Come again!? The existence of ISIS, as it affects the West, isn’t counterintuitive, it’s plain stupid and suicidal. It would be one thing and different if ISIS were confined to Syria and Iraq. They are not. They regularly operate now, with devastating effect, in: Paris, Brussels, Nice, Munich, London, New York, Florida, Mississippi, California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and Minnesota.

Still, stupid is as stupid does. The U.S. has been simultaneously feeding ISIS while trying to steer it and at times quell it. Washington bows to special interests who chase power and profits while sacrificing American lives on the home front. In the bargain the government regularly gets to increase surveillance, “security” controls, and to call for gun control and other liberty restrictions. Abroad the government gets to demonize otherwise benign countries like Russia and Iran. One stupid course of action feeds another and so perpetuates the cycle.

These webs are truly mysterious, baffling. A young woman in Mississippi who does the same thing, pledging support to ISIS, is sentenced to 15 years in federal prison. And yes, the court found her mentally ill. We put mentally ill people in jail in America. This suggests our domestic policy is as insane as the foreign.

The American government is run by criminals and idiots. They are more than happy to trade real freedom for false security, peace for war, and folly for madness. If someone produced an accurate Bushite decks of ISIS cards (remember those from with al-CIA-da?), the aces would be people from D.C. These cards are already in play. Stop supporting these maniacs.

The Peddler Steakhouse, Boone


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To me and a few people I know, a properly cooked steak is one of life’s great luxuries. Cooked perfectly and it becomes almost a transcendental experience.

This is a continuation of my haphazard series on better businesses. It’s also a direct follow-up to my story about the great Tweetsie Railroad. Read that one if you haven’t before. As an aside and a testament to my snail-like pace of production, I started both of these articles some three years ago.

Let me tell you a tale. Usually in the fall I crave a mountain getaway. I like cool clean air, free-flowing water, and smaller numbers of people. The mountains feel more like fall that the rest of the South; it’s like the New England experience without the 16 hour drive or the hassle of Logan.

It’s a short drive and even makes a good day trip. There are suitable mountains in Georgia and Tennessee but this story involves those of North Carolina. On a hypothetical late-October day we might start early at Tweetsie. My daughter loves the place just as much as I did when I was her age and younger. As I written, it is exactly the same place today as it was in the 1970s.

After a fun day of train rides and funnel cakes finding a hotel is a must (for an overnight stay). I’ve tried the cabins and B&Bs. They’re great. The old … “family fun” motels I remember from my youth are still there – some of them. Sadly, they haven’t seen much maintenance or cleaning in the interim. For this story I will recommend the Holiday Inn Express right on U.S. 321 in Boone.

The Express is clean and modern and reasonably priced. The rooms feature balconies, fireplaces, and hot-tubs. Best of all it is right across the street from The Peddler Steakhouse of Boone.

peddler-steak-house (1)

There are other Peddlers out there, some of which are related to mine. Boone’s is the best. In fact, I call it the best steakhouse in the world. I haven’t been to them all but the Peddler puts to shame many of fancier variety and higher prices.

The restaurant is cozy. There’s a definite 70s feel in the darkness, the paneling, and the overall ambiance. There’s a little waiting room when you first walk in. Get there early as they are frequently busy. If you have to wait, order a drink and enjoy the good company.


Much of the staff are cute co-eds (Boone being a college town). That never hurts. Everyone is efficient and helpful. Once you’re seated the manager wheels around a wooden cart with the day’s best selection of meats. He offers assistance in ordering, cooking, everything. And I’ve heard him refuse an order because he thought the requested meat wasn’t up to Peddler standards. Phenomenal.

The menu is varied and I have sampled this and that. However, it’s a steakhouse and then and there I go all the way. I suggest the 10 oz. Fillet Mignon. Your steak will be grilled to order over an open fire by expert chefs. I say get it medium rare. I hold this is the best steak in the world, bar none. Forget a knife. Honestly you don’t even need teeth. Every filet I have ever had there has been 100% perfect. The price as of this writing is $34.95, a bargain for a priceless taste.



This picture really does not do justice. The Peddler.

As for sides I usual go with a sweet potato. This is really an afterthought. Nothing can compare, compliment, or detract from a Peddler steak. There’s also a full service salad bar of which you should partake. For $10.95 you can have greens, soups, fresh bread, and even caviar. Just save room for the steak.

The Peddler boasts an impressive wine selection. The one and only bone I have to pick is with the beers offered. They have all the usual American non-beers and a healthy number of real beers. It’s just that they could up the potential steak-pairing darks, bitters, and stouts. I generally have a Newcastle or a Pete’s Wicked Brown. This is a small imperfection, easily overlooked.

The women of my life say the desserts are excellent. I’ve never had one as, like I’ve said, there is nothing suitable to complement these steaks.

Boone is full of great places to eat. There is though only one Peddler. It’s simply the best.

After a perfect meal I like to float back to the hotel and enjoy a good cigar on the balcony. I’ve even witnessed an autumn snow with my smoke. If your now an aficionado, the hot-tub might be your thing. By the way, this scenario would work well in winter and a ski trip.

I don’t recommend many eateries; the Peddler is just in a class by itself. If you’ll excuse me, I have to drive to Boone now. High country perfection calls…

Vote For Freedom


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A friend of mine owns a cigar shop. Okay, several of my friends own cigar shops. However, so far as I know, only one is politically connected. Yesterday his Letter to the Editor appeared in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle. It was half impassioned defense of his livelihood and the premium cigar industry and half pragmatic appeal for Trump votes.

0906121812 - Edited

Regarding the later half, it was perhaps the best argument I have heard for voting for Donald Trump. I have copied Russell Wilder’s letter below (with his implied and assumed permission…). Please give it a read through. I was not swayed to the Trump Train though I support Russell’s libertarian ideals and his exemplary business. (By the way, if you are in Augusta and you need cigars … go see Russell and the boys!)

I don’t participate in popular politics or the Great Quadrennial Black Mass anymore because I am an esteemed member of the media. I have to maintain my neutrality… It was hard to write that while laughing. Seriously though, I have to maintain a free fire zone for all pols to stumble blindly into (don’t even have to bait ’em). I also acknowledge that the Old Republic has ended; I see no need to rearrange the deck chairs.

For those of you still in the system and leaning conservative, I encourage you strongly to consider Mr. Wilder’s sensible arguments. One may substitute “tobacco shop” with any honest field of business. I have some further commentary below but here is the letter:

Russell Wilder, We Must Vote For Trump, Letter to the Editor of the Augusta Chronicle, August 23, 2016:

For those who say they can’t vote for Donald Trump because he is not a real conservative, and they must stand for their conservative principles:

I voted my conscience in 2008 for Bob Barr, and again in 2012 for Libertarian Gary Johnson for president. What did that get me? It got me President Obama.

It got me the State Children’s Health Insurance Program expansion, along with its 40-cent-per-cigar federal tax increase; an increase of $1.67 to a $2.76-per-pound pipe tobacco tax; and a $23.67-per-pound increase in the cigarette tobacco tax.

Then three months later it got me the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009. This act gave the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate all tobacco products.

I used to be idealistic about what we can do to change our republic, but I no longer have time to wait and hope people will come to their senses, and become educated and involved in our self-governance.

I am losing my business that I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into. I have invested my hard-earned money, my time and my heart into creating a business that employs three people and serves my community and my customers. My business generates property taxes; sales taxes for the state and my county; federal excise taxes; and thousands of dollars in donations to charities in my community.

Gary Johnson has zero chance to win. He will not win one single Electoral College vote. Hating on Trump and “voting your principles” will elect Hillary Clinton. Is Trump my first choice for president? No! Is he my best option to keep my business viable so all my hard work won’t go to waste? You bet!

Is our political system in need of an overhaul? You bet! Are the two choices we have in November less than desirable? Of course! Is anyone other than these two candidates going to win in November? Absolutely not!

I’m a businessman. I have to deal with what I am given, and make the most of it for the best result I can get. I have to play the hand I am dealt.

Either Trump or Clinton will be elected Nov. 8. I choose the Republican nominee. I’m not completely sure what to expect if Trump wins, but I am completely sure what to expect if Clinton wins – and it won’t be anything positive for business.

When you have a business that means everything to you that is being destroyed by the federal leviathan, come and talk to me about your conservative principles.

If you feel we need to change the political system, as I do, it is too late to make meaningful changes for this election. I can assure my conservative friends that voting for a third party, voting for Clinton or not voting at all in protest won’t change anything. It will give us President Hillary Clinton, who will continue the failed policies of Obama.

Very well said, my friend. I read through some of the on-line comments that followed, as did Russell. A few folks actually grasped the important issues – freedom, mainly. The most of them were contributed I think by a robot. Those opined incredible stupidity; no actual person that dumb could operate a computer. It had to be an anti-freedom robot.

Among the drivel spouted by the evil AI, Russell was:

Accused of killing 500,000 people per year;

Compared to a meth or crack dealer;

Assumed to sell cigarettes; and

Being a “far-left” “loonie”.

If these remarks are not the result of a Satanic computer program, then the former Republic is inhabited by people so retarded as to be unable to operate any type of government let alone grasp individual liberty.

In any event I applaud my friend’s championing of freedom and his business interests. That some will continue to fight the good fight no matter what means there is hope for a later revival. I take comfort in the thought there may be cigars in the new Renaissance.

Possible ISIS Attack in Virginia


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Possible. Possible ISIS attack. It is possible but not certain. Yes, he yelled “Allah Akbar!” Yes, his name is Wasil Faroogui. Yes, he did previously try to join ISIS in Syria. And, yes, he was Allah Akbaring while trying to behead a man. That proves absolutely nothing. Just a mere possibility.


Possible ISIS radical Wasil Farooqui. ABC News.

This happened in Roanoke! If you’re not safe there…

Friends, there is only one solution here: we need to raise taxes and ban guns.

Find the Right Cigar Shop


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This is a pet subject of mine. I’ve written about it before several times. In my older article, Proper Cigar Etiquette I offered a brief glimpse of what helps make a great cigar shop great. Several chapters of the Happy Little Cigar Book are so dedicated and I even offer a short list of recommended shops.

America is a large place and, thankfully, filled with many, many decent to excellent tobacco houses and bars. The only way to really cover them all would be with a Fordor’s-style travel guide. That would take a while to put together though I am open to the idea. If I solicit you as part of a crowd-funding effort, please contribute. Hmmm… I might have to do a volume about shops in Europe too…

Anyway, for now, here are some generic ideas for picking the right shop. For starters, let’s examine some of the wrong shops.

What To Avoid

Not every place that sells tobacco in general, even to include cigars, is a real cigar shop. Think of it as CIGAR SHOP®. You’re looking for a pleasant experience. I’ll cover what to do if you’re on the road and have to settle – that comes a little later.

If one Googles “cigar shop” one will get all sorts of establishments advertising themselves as such when, in reality, they are not. I once looked up a shop at a beach resort. I drove to it and only then discovered it was a discount cigarette outlet in a scummier part of town. I left and did without. I have tips below on avoiding that mistake.

A good shop will sell cigars and pipe tobacco and little else. A few sell a limited selection of high-end “natural” cigarettes. Most of the better shops completely prohibit cigarette smoking for aroma issues.

Look out for hookahs. Again, I have been in fine shops that have offered a small selection of hookahs for sale. However, if the pipes are out and smoking, that is a bad sign. Most establishments will not allow hookahs and the … uh … hookah people associated with them.

Similarly, a good shop will forbid the sale or use of glass pipes, bongs, and other narcotic -esque paraphernalia. If you’re looking for a head shop, find one. Or, just hang out on the street and meet a local dealer. Don’t bother the smokers.

Pool tables also have no place around cigars. One might fit in a back room but usually not. The tables, along with darts, video and gambling games attract a certain element. How shall I put this? They attract trash. There. Avoid them. Sure, you might enjoy darts and such at the sports pub but the same does not belong around a tobacconist.

Loud, boisterous, and obnoxious people/crowds can ruin the cigar experience. At a special event or on a very busy night the volume may be up; it should not be the norm. If you can’t plainly speak with and understand the fellow sitting next to you, something is wrong.

It’s also wrong to have children in a cigar shop. I don’t mean having them stand by the door while you run in the humidor, only to leave in a minute. I once went to a shop and bought a few sticks. I was about to light up when the shop-keep asked me not to as her young daughter was present. A little girl was coloring in the smoking lounge. I left.

The afore-mentioned trash will sometimes amble in pushing a baby carriage or shepherding toddlers. This is awkward and inappropriate. The same types are usually asking for chemicals to beat drug tests, glass pipes, or weed. The employees of a good shop will soon ask them to leave. If people like that are humored, you may be in the wrong place.

Smoking Not Allowed?

I’ve been in a few places with a great selection and none of the problems listed above where one cannot light up. Most of these stores are in places like malls that prohibit smoking in general. It’s okay to purchase from these and then leave. There’s no reason to stay.

There are some shops which have acquiesced to smoking bans. There is an entire city in my neck of the woods where all smoking is prohibited. The local cigar shops did nothing to prevent the ban. None of the owners even bothered showing up at the government planning meetings. They did that to themselves. There is no reason to support such places.

Worst of all are the shops where the owner just doesn’t want smoking inside. This seems oxymoronic and it is. Do not patronize these idiots.

So, where does one find a good shop? There is trial and error, which will eventually lead to happy success. One can always consult with a veteran. Then there’s the internet:

IPCPR Listings

The  International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) is to cigars what the NRA or the SAF is to firearms. They maintain a website of preferred retailers at this website. A few easy clicks and one has access to hundreds of better shops from sea to smoking sea. You can find a shop near you, wherever you are.

Things to Look For

A good location. A shop should be accessible and offer ample parking. It should not be in a part of town where patrons are at risk of mugging.

Selection. Everyone has a favorite stick or two. Sometimes one can’t find them. However, a good shop should have enough alternatives to please the average smoker. These, of course, must be kept properly humidified and stored at the proper temperature.

Staff. The people who work in a shop should be (must be) friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Lounge. The hallmark of a great shop is its lounge or lounges. These should feature comfortable seats and plenty of ashtrays, lighters, and cutters. Some places even offer mini conference centers for working smokers (like writers). All good shops have wi-fi. They also have a system that will clear most of the smoke out while maintaining air conditioning.

Cigar Bars. Cigar bars are extremely popular. Some offer only beer and wine while others have full bars. Take advantage of this perk responsibly.

Television. I hate TV in general but most shops have them. They are not always on (good thing for me). However, when they are on, there is a protocol for what’s playing. The acceptable programming is (in no particular order): news, business news, sports (golf first unless it’s football season). If a movie is aired it should be the equivalent of an old John Wayne movie. Do not accept Dr. Phil, Oprah, or any unmanly programming.

Hours. These vary greatly. Traditional stores and those in smaller markets often are open 10 AM – 6 or 8 PM on weekdays. Bigger shops and those with bars are frequently open past midnight. Some open extra early for the coffee crowd.

Women. Cigar shops are by and large the realm of men. That said, many shops employ ladies and many women enjoy cigars. Not that you really have a choice but try to find company like this:


Davidoff Tampa – literally all of my advice rolled together.

Alternatives for the Road or to Get By

Sometimes there are no proper shops around. Then there are the times the shops are closed. There are still places you can find cigars:

Liquor stores. These usually have limited but decent selections. Some even have humidors.

Drug Stores. Behind the front counter there should be a few smokes. You will have to screen these for quality. It is an option.

Grocery Stores. Some carry a few cigars and some of those are pretty good. Many carry individual humidity controlled sticks. Look around the customer service desk.

Gas Stations. Usually these are dead ends. However, some stations in trendy or high-end vacation areas may carry cigars. the same goes for old-fashioned news stands (if you can find them).

Internet Options

This is a touchy subject in cigar-land but, hey, I’m a touchy guy. Don’t use these at the expense of your local shop, especially if you have a good one. Online retailers are based in better tax jurisdictions and thus can offer lower prices. These might come in handy if you need to make a large purchase.

One can also go online guilt-free when there isn’t a quality shop in your area or if you need something your shop doesn’t stock. For this option I recommend my friends at Cigars City.

To recap: Avoid the trash and the druggies. Seek out quality selection and good company in a comfortable environment. No matter where you are, the cigars are probably right around the corner.

Happy smoking!




Demise by the Numbers: The least Logical Gun Control


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I saw this meme/chart on the Facebook:


The Three Percenters/Facebook.

I’m a little skeptical about the exactness of numbers allegedly compiled as recently as June 15th of this year – those usually take a few months or a year to coalesce. However, they are inline with general trends and stats that I have researched in previous years, even to report here. I hereby grant them statistical validity for my purposes. Please note these are for the first half of the year only.

The ditzy feminist provides perfect commentary: complacent and even gleeful as to 640,000 deaths of politically correct origin but aghast that a few are killed by firearms.

Like most SJWs and liberals, feminists tow the hard-line for gun controls. For them the subject is supposedly about empowering women and preventing domestic violence. The Second Amendment = domestic violence. They’re right about some of their numbers of gun deaths (dishonest on most). My point is that those numbers pale 100 to 1 against other deaths that feminists violently champion.

Their dishonesty involves turning a blind eye not only to babies but to men. Even Huma Abedin’s former radical Islamic employer admits that men are the majority of domestic violence victims (concurring with the CDC and the EU). The truth must not interfere with the agenda. And the agenda is disarming the people.

The shriekers and hand-wringers pay no attention to the huge number of lives saved from criminals by guns every year. They either don’t understand or don’t care about the net effect. They certainly don’t care about despotism. If the Second Amendment equals domestic violence, then an absence of the Second Amendment equals domestic tyranny. As soon as any dictator takes power, from Stalin to Mugabe, thousands or millions always die – from guns, state guns.

If the idiots cared about human life, they might start by addressing the major causes of death and suffering. They don’t and they will not. They hate men and detest women. they serve only their god, the almighty government. They’ll just keep shrieking in their illogical fantasy world. Allow them no control.

BLM and My ATL SJW Experience, LOL


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Years ago, new into my legal career, I was eager to help as many people as possible. I was also active in a wonderful church. I consider a particular church “good” if it: is faithful to the Gospel and the early traditions of The Church; is led my a personable yet strict priest, and; is composed of decent parishioners. These things usually go together but not always. Sometimes they are all lacking – a bad church.

Anyway, I volunteered constantly in a variety of ways, to include a little pro bono legal counseling when necessary. My success and happiness led me to contact Catholic Social Services of Atlanta. I thought that there, with them, I could help the maximum number of people. I wasn’t just thinking law either.

By telephone I spoke with a director of something, a jovial enough seeming woman. We agreed to meet one afternoon and discuss what they were doing and how I could help.

We met at a fast food place somewhere between Marietta and Woodstock; I can’t remember exactly. At first the meeting seemed to go well as she told me about what she did and the organizations needs de jure. I then took the opportunity to explain my philosophies and what I thought I could do to help.

Some of our brief conversation centered on race and how a large portion of Services clients were lower-income blacks in the city. I took that as a cue for me to speak my mind on the subject. I said something along the lines that Dr. King had wanted to raise everyone up together – all races improving in harmony to accomplish new wonders. That is what he wanted, his dream.

I then noted how the government and various interests had done everything possible to give the appearance of integration while insidiously conspiring to lower all people down past the current lowest denominator. That was how you could have black mayors, city councilors and legislators (no Barack at that time), and black celebrities and executives and still have a hopelessly mired black underclass. Worse, I went on, the system was dragging down whites and everyone else.

Helping everyone shake off oppression and rise up was my goal, I told her. It was obviously the wrong thing. I said some other stuff but I had lost her. It was clear that I did not, would not, fit the agenda.

I’m guessing she was an SJW – a shrieker interested in prolonging problems in order to keep her job and to have something to shriek about. The thought of actually solving the problems horrified her as did my criticism of the government and the “system”.

I know now that CSS is an SJW organization. Sure, your local office may be honestly interested in helping society. But the big city branches and the national front are only interested in advancing a liberal, anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. They are deep into a host of social problems including, but not limited to, importing radical Islam into America and the West. It’s as big a scandal as the sex abuse cover-ups. It needs to be rooted out.

Heck no, I wasn’t a good fit. Our meeting ended awkwardly. They never returned my calls. I suppose we were better off without each other.

Then, today, I read about a racial attack in Cleveland, Ohio. It brought the above back to memory.

It seems that a group of seven young white men were walking the street when they were attacked by a gang (also of seven) who chanted “Black Lives Matter!” The gang beat down the walkers and then robbed them and ran off. The chant was a mere cover call for robbery – nothing to do with social justice at all.

Interestingly, the gang was interracial – five blacks and two whites. See their mug shots (six of the seven have been arrested):


News 19, Cleveland.

How wonderful! Black and white thugs coming together! Post racial America at its finest.

This is exactly what I was talking about twelve (?) years ago. Thirteen? (Long time). Instead of coming together for something positive, too often the races unite for debased criminality. This incident is not anomalous. It is pathetic.

I also find the success of a numerically even odds encounter a little strange. I suppose the victims were seven modern American men – weak. Then again, maybe they were all surprised. Maybe weapons were involved. Still, I’m not entirely sure I could have taken the whole gang alone but I know I could have at least made a dent in them.

Wouldn’t it be great if people would wise up and act civilized? Just act it if they can’t be it. Wouldn’t it be great if decent people fought back? I’m done with trying to “help” through corrupt organizations. Now I will just bring stories like this to your attention. Those who can make good out of it will. I’m helping.

In the near future (soon, soon, I promise) I’ll have my personal anti-terrorism book out. The main title is, for now, Fight Back! It will cover protecting oneself from ISIS agents as well as from street thugs like the above-pictured ramble.

We also need to fight back against those who have actively worked to retard society and lower all groups into helpless victim-hood and misery. They’re as bad as ISIS or worse.



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