Was it the Swamp, the Drain, or the Plumber?

Donald Jeffries speculates that the Trump phenomenon may well be over – if it was ever real to begin with.

At this point, the only question I have left in my mind is whether or not Trump ever had any sincerity, or whether he ever meant anything he said during his campaign. I think it’s virtually a certainty that we will never see that vaccine-autism commission, an audit of the fed, a massive infrastructure rebuild, an end to DACA or any other aspect of our mindless immigration policy, an end to our reckless foreign adventurism, or a draining of even the shallowest part of the swamp.

The saddest part of the Trump phenomenon is that it may very well make it impossible for any major candidate to ever raise the important issues of immigration, dishonest media, putting America first, or official corruption ever again. In fact, when some candidate even alludes to some of Trump’s populist themes, he or she is likely to be met with derisive comparisons to the failed and disgraced President Donald Trump.

If Trump was ever sincere, his election has proven that one person simply cannot fight this corrupt system, this horrid swamp. Trump the reformer, the unlikeliest of knights in shining armor, is gone. The renegade billionaire striking fear into the heart of the establishment lasted a brief shining moment, like Camelot.

Some regs have been cut and a few nice speeches given. What else?

Hillary? Still on this side of the prison wall.

Wall? Where? When? Who’s paying?

The immigrant invasion? DACA = Amnesty on steroids.

Tax reform? DOA. Maybe a few breaks or a “rebate” or something.

Obamacare? Hahahaha…

Auditing the Fed? Uh, no…

Reigning in the debt? No, it’s raining debt.

Federal spending? To the moon.

Moon program? So 1960’s.

Neocons running the show. Check, check, and check.

War and foreign meddling? Yuuuge!

Infrastructure? Crumbles and ages.

Second official look at Tower 7? Don’t be crazy.

America first? Well, Washington firstest. New York firstier.

Trump has lived up to his pledge to be the Tweetingest President ever – likely to suffer no rival for decades to comes (assuming we have those).

As Jeffries notes it was a nice thought – the outsider shaking it up and all. Dwindling possibility it could still happen. The next three years will shed more light (or darkness) on the subject. I’ll be back for the next Great Quadrennial Black Mass with more assessments no-one will care to read or understand.

Happy first Full day of autumn!


Another Rare (Odd) Victory for the Fourth Amendment


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Another court has quashed the warrantless use of “Stingray” devices by the police.

A device that tricks cellphones into sending it their location information and has been used quietly by police and federal agents for years, requires a search warrant before it is turned on, an appeals court in Washington ruled Thursday. It is the fourth such ruling by either a state appeals court or federal district court, and may end up deciding the issue unless the government takes the case to the U.S. Supreme Court or persuades the city’s highest court to reverse the ruling.

The case against Prince Jones in 2013 involved D.C. police use of a “StingRay” cell-site simulator, which enables law enforcement to pinpoint the location of a cellphone more precisely than a phone company can when triangulating a signal between cell towers or using a phone’s GPS function. Civil liberties advocates say the StingRay, by providing someone’s location to police without court approval, is a violation of an individual’s Fourth Amendment right not to be unreasonably searched. The D.C. Court of Appeals agreed in a 2 to 1 ruling, echoing similar rulings in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and federal district courts in New York City and San Francisco.

For those only concerned with “law and order,” this was just a case of bad police work. That is why all of their evidence and any hope of subsequent conviction is gone. The perp had two stolen cellphones in his possession, either of which could have been tapped with explicit permission. Instead, they opted to spy directly on the bad guy’s phone, sans the warrant. You get what you pay for – or skip.

As a victory, I’m sure there is a technological way around all of this anyway. That, or the Supremes will ultimately find that such illegal spying is really just a tax or something.

For now, it’s another small victory for the Bill of Rights.

When Hogs Fly…


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Here they go again.

Well, it’s not a flying car. It’s a motorcycle. Prototype. Concept. Test. Not just quite ready for the market at this time.

Three years! 2025! Couple of decades. 23rd Century….



Kitty Hawk.

Nice concept. However, I think 8 feet above water might be about right. As built, or as looks, this thing could have no glide factor. If the engine dies, pilot/rider dies. And obviously not suited for Class A cruising.

Anywho, plenty of YEARS to work that out, Buck Rogers.

Miss America? Anyone Seen Her?


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Another round of riots set off by another police shooting.

Read the Order of Acquittal HERE.


Make of that and the ensuing violence what you will. There’s more where that came from, some a little better, some much worse.

Paul Craig Roberts tackles the declining, infantile nature of the Nation and her People.

People can no longer think or reason. There seems to be no rational component in their brain, just emotion set into action by fuse-lighting words.

Here is an example hot off the press. This month in Cobb County, Georgia, a car was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol. The white police lieutenant requested the ID of a white woman. She replied that she is afraid to reach into her purse for her license, because she has read many stories of people being shot because police officers conclude that they are reaching for a gun. Instead of tasering the woman for non-compliance, yanking her out of the car, and body slamming her, the lieutenant diffused the situation by making light of her concern. “We only shoot black people, you know.” This is what a person would conclude from the news, because seldom is a big stink made when the police shoot a white person.

The upshot of the story is that the lieutenant’s words were recorded on his recorder and when they were entered as part of the incident report, the chief of police announced that the lieutenant was guilty of “racial insensitivity” and would be fired for the offense.

Now think about this. A little reasoning is necessary. How are the words racially insensitive when no black persons were present? How are the words racially insensitive when the lieutenant said exactly what blacks themselves say? And now the clincher: Which is the real insensitivity, saying “we only shoot black people” or actually shooting black people? How is it possible that the officer who uses “racially insensitive” words to diffuse a situation is more worthy of punishment that an officer who actually shoots a black person? Seldom is an officer who has shot a black, white, hispanic, Asian, child, grandmother, cripple, or the family dog ever fired. The usual “investigation” clears the officer on the grounds that he had grounds to fear his life was in danger—precisely the reason the woman didn’t want to reach into her purse.

For a person who tries to tell the truth, writing is a frustrating and discouraging experience. What is the point of writing for people who cannot read, who cannot follow a logical argument because their limited mental capabilities are entirely based in emotion, who have no idea of the consequence of a population imbued with hate that destroys a nation in divisiveness?

I ask myself this question every time I write a column.

I ponder similar questions. Writing or expressing anything other that pop trash nonsense is tiring. Still, we try.

First Law Demonstrated Again (London Tube Updates)


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It’s really easy. Perrin’s First Law of Terrorism: Terror suspects are ALWAYS known to authorities in advance. Always.

For example: The London Tube Bombing Case: Arrestee No. 1, an 18-year-old “refugee” and foster “child,” was arrested (and released) at the same train station only two weeks ago.

Arrestee No. 2 is a 21-year-old “refugee” and former foster “child.” They say he loves a party.

The first suspect is from Iraq, the second from Syria.

The process goes something like this, overall: Western nation invades or meddles in foreign country. Foreigners are angered by this. Western nation foolishly allows mass migration of angry foreigners into Western nation. Western nation puts up displaced angry (fighting-age male) foreigners in foster homes. Displaced angry fighting-age male foreigner fosterlings bomb local subway train. Repeat process until Western nation is dead.

Meddling there + importing here = suicide.



For only Two Pounds a day you can help a needy child like this hospitalize thirty or so of your countrymen. Facebook/Mirror.

Terrorism Template Update: London Tube Edition


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No doubt you have heard of the subway fire-bombing in London which left a multitude singed and injured.

A woman was reportedly severely burned in an explosion at Parsons Green underground station in west London that is being treated as a terrorist incident.

BBC presenter Sophie Raworth, who was on the packed commuter train heading into central London said she saw a woman taken to ambulance with burns “from top to toe”.

Witnesses described a loud bang, followed by flames and a “fireball” that erupted in the District Line Tube carriage at about 8.20am today.

The packed commuter train also had many children on board, travelling to school.

Several passengers were injured in the explosion, and witnesses said there were scenes of panic as people struggled to escape the carriage, “collapsing and pushing” each other.

Images of the aftermath of the incident appear to show a bucket with wires trailing from it smouldering inside the carriage, near doors.

Before we get to my Terrorism Template in use, word comes that the suspect has been identified from CCTV footage. He is already known to authorities somewhere because Perrin’s First Law of Terrorism.

Other than the use of a primarily incendiary bomb, this story unfolded like most. What caught my eye this time comes from deeper down in the Template, the reactionary part after the main event is over. Note:

In [Other Country A (probably America or Great Britain)] [Idiot President or Prime Minister X] declared, “[stupid quote]”. [Insert additional stupid quote if politician X calls for bombing or other military action in unrelated county B – also insert podium pounding picture of serious looking idiot or map of country B]. The shocked attention of the world is now turned towards the people of [city].

Today, “Other Country A” is indeed America. Here, this morning “Politician X” Trump did call for action in or against unrelated countries. In fairness, Trump first decried the actual attack and offered sympathy and assistance to Great Britain. Then he said it was time to “get nasty” and touted his immigration ban affecting six Muslim countries.

This is a stretch, and barely fits, in that the ban is not necessarily military action. And it is related to defense in the wider war on the West. But it usually comes conjoined with additional actions in already failed missions – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.


The burning bucket. Evening Express.

This and more I briefly covered in today’s commentary for Prepper News Weekly:

See also: PNW, 9/15/17.

Also Ochlocratic


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Jimmy Carter is right about the oligarchy angle but there is more:

Former President Jimmy Carter offered a damning indictment of U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs Tuesday, saying money in politics makes the nation more like an “oligarchy than a democracy” and casting President Donald Trump as a disappointment on the world stage.

Carter’s criticisms, offered at his annual presentation to backers of his post-presidency Carter Center in Atlanta, went beyond Trump, but he was particularly critical of the nation’s direction under the Republican president’s leadership.

The 39th president, a Democrat, offered this advice to the 45th: “Keep the peace, promote human rights and tell the truth.”

Carter’s insisting on peace, human rights, and truth shows just how long he’s been away from Washington. It’s as bad as Rand ranting about the Constitution and the Senate actually doing its job. Sad.

Just one example:

Proof of Oligarchy: Trump pushes DACA, Wall can Wait.

Proof of Ochlocracy: Appeased by Football and fake Economic Numbers, MAGAers Overlook DACA/Wall.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Chuck Schumer

Just because you’re not in The Big Club doesn’t mean you won’t support it. Talking Points.

War, War, Forever More


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Were my debt-trimental plan from the previous post enacted and followed, there would theoretically be money for everything under the sun: Universal Healthcare; universal income; welfare unending; chickens on pot; a starship to get me to a saner planet, and; funding for wars the world over.

As is the wars (and all that other spending) are bankrupting the country. There are also funny, lingering Constitutional issues, holdovers from when the Old Parchment meant something.

Rand Paul is about the only man left in D.C. who still throws around the “C” word, the dirtiest 12 letters in the English language. Today he again pushed the antiquated idea of Congress, not the White House, declaring war:

The Senate on Wednesday rejected a bipartisan push for a new war authorization against the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, electing to let the White House rely on a 16-year-old law passed after the Sept. 11 attacks as the legal basis to send U.S. troops into combat.

Senators voted 61-36 scuttle an amendment to the annual defense policy bill by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that would have allowed war authorizations, created in the wake of al-Qaida’s 9/11 strikes, to lapse after six months. Paul, a leader of the GOP’s noninterventionist wing, said Congress would use the time to debate an updated war authority for operations in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere before the old ones expired.

Paul criticized his colleagues ahead of the vote, urging them to embrace their war-making responsibility instead of surrendering their power to the White House. He and senators who backed his amendment said former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump have used the war authorizations from 2001 and 2002 for military operations in countries that Congress never voted to support.

“We are supposed to be a voice that debates and says, ‘Should we go to war?’ It’s part of doing our job,” Paul said. “It’s about grabbing power back and saying this is a Senate prerogative.”

Debates? Doing their job? The Constitution? Such craziness.

All know that the purpose of the Senate is to collude with assist the House with cobbling together “budgets” for the spending of money we don’t have. The wise executive apparatchiks handle the details – “healthcare” for the kiddies, billion$ for banks, and wars without end.

And the wars are really going so well. Rand is in an irrational dizzy about Afghanistan. Why? We’re having so much fun there, we’ve made it a multi-decade party.

Then, there’s the … whatever kind of meddling it is … in Syria. A Christian Bishop from Syria (yes Alabama, there are and have been Christians in the Middle East) explains the sheer brilliance of U.S. policy in his country:


The man seems a little distressed about something. Calm down, Padre. They’re raising the debt ceiling!


And, you. You keep a votin’ for all this. Doing such a swell job.

Just Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment


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Barring a return to the majority of our history, income tax-free, a tax cut (any tax cut) still sounds good.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Tuesday the Trump administration is considering backdating tax reform to the start of this year to boost the economy.

Backdating “is still something we are considering and it would be a big boon for the economy,” he said at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor.

Republicans aim to overhaul the American tax code but have faced various hurdles in their goal of passing a tax reform bill this year. Congress and the White House have not yet released a plan but are working this month to prepare legislation. Mnuchin heads to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to discuss tax policy with GOP congressional leaders, the latest in a series of meetings.

Earlier Tuesday, Mnuchin insisted that a tax overhaul would happen this year.

“We’re going to get this done by the end of the year,” Mnuchin told CNBC, adding that the administration is “super focused” on the goal following the three-month debt limit and government funding extension passed last week.

The Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on Thursday on individual tax reform. Sen. Orrin Hatch, the committee’s chairman and one of the six primary tax negotiators, said he expects to share the plan with other lawmakers after that and other hearings.

President Donald Trump urged lawmakers last week to push forward with tax legislation “ASAP,” telling them not to wait until the end of September. Tax reform is one of the key planks of the agenda he pitched as a candidate, and he has made two recent speeches touting the benefits of changes to the tax system without offering new details.

Great. I think the biggest of those various GOP hurdles this year has been the hurdle of the GOP itself. Maybe Trump should enlist the Dems’ help. Whatever works.

I like my idea the best – big government proponents should too. By killing the 16A, the entire tax code, and the IRS, no money will be lost at all. In fact, we may be approaching the magical point of unlimited (free) government budgets! This is because Congress will soon remove any pretense of a debt “ceiling.” The whole bunch (D’s and R’s and the President) call for essentially endless and limitless debt.

And why not? Why not fund the government completely with IOUs? They’re never going to be repaid anyway. It makes perverse sense. Everyone, every single big government lover of any stripe, could get his pet project funded to the moon. And everyone else would keep their cash!

No … that game would not last forever. None does.

Okay, okay. Cut this year. Repeal next year. Forever never comes.