Free Gonzalo


The Grayzone spoke with Gonzalo Lira, Sr. about his son’s political persecution in the 404.

Even before his son’s arrest on May 1, Lira says Gonzalo was already a prisoner in his own home. “Gonzalo was literally kidnapped by the SBU,” he said of the first arrest in April 2022. “And after one week of cruel interrogations, he was released under house arrest.”

Lira Sr. told The Grayzone that Ukraine authorities did not have any documents actually charging his son with a crime at the time.

“The SBU destroyed all his communication equipment, and they held his passport,” he added. “Ukraine has enacted laws criminalizing dissent and allowing President Volodymyr Zelensky to ban opposition political parties, nationalize the media. This is in total contradiction for what the United States and we citizens of the free world believe and promote.”

“For the U.S. government, it would only take a phone call to Zelensky to free Gonzalo,” insisted Lira Sr. “The world knows that Zelensky is a US puppet, but he does not respect the right of an American citizen to exercise his freedom of speech.”

Lira concluded our exchange with a blunt statement: “Free my son from political imprisonment!”

The real criminals who run the USSA do not care about those falsely accused. The better odds are for a rescue once Russia wins. Here’s hoping and praying Gonzalo lasts until then.

Ban Child Soldiers


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Read this story about a heroic middle school boy fighting a satanic school system in Massachusetts.

A Massachusetts district court denied a request on Wednesday from the lawyers of a 12-year-old student seeking to exercise his free speech rights by wearing a t-shirt reading “there are only two genders.”

When Morrison protested the school’s censorship by wearing another shirt to class last month reading “there are only censored genders,” he was pulled out of class within minutes and ordered to remove it as well.

At a Middleborough School Committee meeting in April, Morrison questioned who is the “protected class” he had offended. “Are their feelings more important than my rights?” he asked, pointing out that he didn’t complain when the school hung “Pride flags and diversity posters” in the halls because “others have a right to their beliefs, just as I do.”

Nichols Middle School has stood behind its dress code, which prohibits messages on clothing that “state, imply, or depict hate speech or imagery that target groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other classification.”

The lawsuit argues that the school’s promotion of Pride month and other LGBTQ initiatives while barring Morrison from expressing his contrary views constitutes a violation of not only the First but the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees equal protection under the law. The next hearing is scheduled for June 13.

Forget about the legal mumbo-jumbo. ‘Muricans have relied on the courts to protect their rights for too long, and we do not do “law” anymore. The young man is brave and correct. The “school” monsters are wrong, faggots, and satanically evil. The real issue here is why parents continue to send their children into these concentration camps.

In the 19th century when compulsory fake education came to New England and the rest of the former US, it took the armed militia to force Massachusetts parents to part with their children. In hindsight, perhaps they should have gone through with the shooting war then.

There is a culture war now. But children are not supposed to be soldiers in any kind of wars. They’re not weapons with which to beat the woke out of queers or to “own the libs”. They’re supposed to grow up, learn, and live. Let them. Homeschooling is really the only choice anymore.

COLUMN: A June Update On WW3


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A June Update On WW3


I have returned from my first vacation in almost 400 years, and boy howdy, I need a break. 

June is upon us, a busy month. In addition to hosting Juneteenth, June is also sodomite child-predation month. Weight your millstones accordingly. And … you know what? I hereby cancel all of that! You’re welcome. Do remember that June 8th is, of course, USS Liberty Remembrance Day. 34 American men were intentionally killed by Israel. Believe it or not, the IDF/N has a memorial to the ship and her crew at the Clandestine Naval Museum in Haifa – something that queer dipshit Ron DeSantis wouldn’t allow in a Florida town where a survivor lives. Never forget.

It’s not your imagination. Republicans come in two primary varieties: bloodthirsty zionists, and pedophile sodomites. Please pardon the extreme redundancy in that last sentence. I know there’s considerable cross-over between the types, and I know there are one or two (and no more) exceptions to the otherwise hard and fast rule. Here, I planned to tell the truth about Lindsey Graham, Brian Kemp, Ron DeSantis, and maybe a few others, but what’s the point? I could mention the predictable debt ceiling caving and cucking by McCarthy and Company, but again, it’s a moot issue. Bloodthirsty zionists and pedophile sodomites. 

Instead, let’s take a somewhat rambling look at World War Three. I’ll try to steer this thing.

Regarding the hot part of the war in Europe, ZATO air games aside, I think the Wicked Witch of the WereWest, Vicky Nuland, is babbling her dreams aloud, Rainman-style, more than expressing coherent strategy. This summer may get hot. Or not. If the heat is on, look for a Russian victory. If not, look for a Russian victory.

There’s also a slow-smoldering fire in Serbia. The rainbow brigade from KFOR recently knocked some Serbian heads around. This miserable affair in Kosovo has been a GAE staple for decades now. Over the past week, somewhat reliable sources alleged that the usual suspects are trying to bring a Maidan-esque revolution to Belgrade. Here’s hoping that all of that fails, that the people behind it drop dead, and Camp Bondsteel is swallowed in a huge sinkhole. There’s more, but let’s keep this moving.

Four years ago, the USSA prepared to launch its biological warfare campaign and idiotic global hoax on the decent if dull-witted people of the Third Rock. If you’ve read … never mind. Just know that Occupied Palestine was one of the many countries that tracked the effects of the Great Hoax. They, at least the occupiers, have just reported that no healthy people under the age of 50 died from the Hoax. Furthermore, the average age of those who did die from (or with) the Hoax was at or above the ordinary average age of death. This was the standard, internationally-observed trend, and one that yours truly called out early in 2020. 

The same sources are a little slower getting to various other mortality statistics from 2021 and 2022 – likely to shield the public from the obvious fact that the second-stage bioweapon, aka the “vaccine” was far more deadly than the first stage SARS-HIV-HOAX bug. I think it was Dr. Zev Zelenko (RIP) who said Occupied Palestine was the largest second-stage bioweapon test laboratory in the world based on the percentage of people who stupidly, faithlessly accepted it. I watched him address the Rabbinical Council of Occupied Palestine back in 2020. Then, he explained his treatment protocol which boasted a virtually 100% cure rate. 

But, by and large, people don’t trust medical doctors with 100% success rates. Instead, they trust “science”, which they can’t define, as foisted by the Clowns who live to poison and kill people with biological weapons, chemical weapons, radiological weapons, nuclear weapons, and any other kind of weapons they can use. This young century, even without the Hoax, they’ve killed the hell out of millions of innocents.

The Watson Institute at Brown University just released a study, How Death Outlives War: The Reverberating Impact of the Post-9/11 Wars on Human Health, about the magnitude and causes of the murders perpetrated by Clown World. Read that, or at least, the Executive Summary (2 pages, come on). In brief summation, most people killed in warfare are not killed by overt martial actions like shootings and bombings. Rather, they die of disease, starvation, contamination, exhaustion, and despair. The Clowns have so killed at least 4.5 million innocent people over the last two decades (excluding the Hoax and the Ukrainian front – both Clown-sponsored activities). The ending words of the Summary make George Carlin look prophetic: “The post-9/11 wars have occurred in countries whose populations are largely Black and brown, and are often waged by countries with histories of white supremacism and Islamophobia.” 

They left out Clown-supremacy, but like Carlin said, “bombing brown people”. Equity and inclusion mongers can breathe smugly knowing C19 and the 404 Affair have greatly spread the misery among all peoples. All of these are crimes of aggression that cry out to Heaven for Vengeance.

Accordingly, the fake Brandon administration is declaring war! On — anti-satanism! Naturally, it’s what one might expect from the most satanically infiltrated and dominated fake administration in history. One can further expect Brandon to solicit and gain massive support from his pro-satanic, bloodthirsty zionist, pedo-homo GOP friends. In many ways, whatever controls Brandon is way behind the assorted GOPers. 

The main takeaway from all this madness and evil is that no one, especially no young man, double-especially no young Southern man, should ever trust anything said or done by the Clowns. Do not believe them. Do not support them. And most importantly, do not serve them. Let the Clowns defend Clown World. Let them die for it. Let them suffer Judgment for it. You, sane people, just live. Get out there. Build, get married, and raise families. Keep them safe from the deprivations of the world. While the luciferian order of today burns, it’s time to plan a new society. 

I have a little book that may help in recognizing some of the traps of post-modernity. Many thanks, again, to Dr. Wilson for his excellent review of The Substitute. Given all he wrote, and given that it’s all true, I suggest people purchase at least 25 copies.

That’s a wrap for this week. 

The Ragged Month


May is just about over. Whew. This week’s column will run either tomorrow or Friday. Not sure yet. In it, I plan to wrap a few things I’ve noticed lately. And I have been a tad on the busy side. Anyway, onwards, upwards, and so forth.


Memorial Day 2023


I have returned from my getaway. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for my brain to show up.

Today is Decoration Day, a time to remember those honorable men who served and sacrificed in the early American Confederation and Republic, the Confederacy, and any others who may have actually fought or suffered for Americans since 1865. Among them, may we all remember the 34 American men who died aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, killed by Israel, scorned and forgotten by the USSA. It’s also worth noting that the dead and wounded from the Liberty have been routinely spit on by a wide-range of degenerate USian scumbags like Ron DeSantis. At least the IDF keeps an open memorial at its Clandestine IDN museum in Haifa.

Happy Monday.

American Insouciance


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Dr. Roberts ponders a short list of Clown World hoaxes and crimes along with the ‘Murican acceptance thereof.

Having watched the insouciant American public for a lifetime, I have been convinced by them that they are incapable of defending their liberty and incapable of recognizing the challenges to their liberty. They forever fall for the “foreign enemy” pitch of the ruling establishment.

Insouciance is inconsistent with liberty.

I believe Jean Raspail saw the end of the Western World in 1973 and described it in his novel, The Camp of the Saints.  To stave off discouragement, I recite to myself the 9th century Anglo-Saxon poem, The Battle of Malvern Bridge, where the English Earl attempting to hold off the Viking raiders, tells his diminishing force: “As our numbers diminish, our will must grow stronger.”

So I fight on as our numbers diminish.

He’s right, of course. The few of us who remain standing must continue on even as the rest burns around us. Whereas quantity is its own quality, our quality must stand double or triple or more, becoming a quantity beyond numbers.

Destroyed With Certainty


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Chinese wargames yield the same results as those previously run by the satanic states. In a real shooting war, imperial yankee aircraft carriers and their support ships are giant floating targets.

Over 20 intense battles, Chinese forces sank the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet with a volley of 24 hypersonic anti-ship missiles, in a simulation run on a mainstream war game software platform used by China’s military.

In the scenario, the US vessels are attacked after continuing to approach a China-claimed island in the South China Sea despite repeated warnings.

A paper detailing the war game was published in May by the Chinese-language Journal of Test and Measurement Technology. It is the first time the results of simulated hypersonic strikes against a US carrier group have been made public.

The researchers, led by Cao Hongsong from the North University of China, said almost every US surface vessel was shattered by the attack and eventually sank in the simulation.

The war games suggested the US carrier group – previously regarded as unsinkable by conventional weapons – could be “destroyed with certainty” by a relatively small number of hypersonic strikes, they said.

If by some strange twist of fate, one still happens to be a real American man in the satanic states military, then now would be a really good time to get out. Just tell them you reject tranny ideology. Whatever it takes, and however it happens, is preferable to resting eternally at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Excuse for a COLUMN: A Rambling Retreat



A Rambling Retreat


Hello! For once in a blue moon, I’m on holiday. I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about this week, so here’s a general scoffing at a few things, perhaps coupled with random observations from the road.

Putin is dead nine times over, and Ukraine has won the SMO thrice. Still, ZATO needed a game-changer, a magic weapon of super-duper significance. And it is the Javelin M-777 HIMARS depleted uranium Patriot Asstroglide Storm Shadow F-16! If – big IF – these not-bad fighters make their way to the 404, then we’ll all get a kick out of videos and photos of them being blasted from the sky. *yawn*

The United States of ‘Murica is an exceptional nation. A beacon of democracy, rules-based order, degeneracy, usury, and sodomy to the world. So it is that the debt ceiling debacle isn’t really a big deal. It’s just more retardery from a dead empire. The only interesting thing – and this may be the margaritas typing – is that the pending gloom and doom threatens SSI payments. They’ll paper over it again this time, probably. Yet, sooner or later, and likely sooner, the show’s over. Fear of losing their precious “I done paid mine!!!” monthly checks keeps BOOMERS(!) and (shhhhhhhh!) Silents in places like Texas from supporting things like secession. It’s ironic that — ah, heck. *yawn*

Not! To! Worry! Tim Scott will save us! Vote for Honest Timmy, GOP-ites, and no one, and I mean, no one will call you “racist”. Okay, they’ll call you that until stage ten is in progress, but at least you can waste your vote on a nice guy who tells the truth. Timmy is right: ‘Murica is not in decline. ‘Murica is dead and decaying and has been for some years now. Given all of the other GOP hoodlums, not to mention RFK— There’s not going to be an election, so let’s just yawn through this one and move on.

Even the deep state’s ability to generate havoc has declined markedly in just the past few years. On Christmas morning, back in 2020, for reasons, they detonated an RV-load of explosives allegedly just to knock over a server tower … for reasons. This week, the best they could do was lazily drive a U-haul truck up to the White House. The only item inside the truck was a Nazi flag. If this was a DS attack, then it ranks among the lowest and saddest of all their many attempts. On the other hand, it was a Nazi flag, and Lil’ Ze has been MIA for some weeks now, so… Anyway, on to citrus trees and whatnot.

“Closed for the Season”. That’s what the sign at the Orange and Citrus Shop said. The doors were indeed locked, and the lights were off. That made it impossible to buy a basket or pecan roll or whathaveyou for housewarming gift purposes. Thank goodness the grocery store sells whatever that was I grabbed without looking. But I want to know exactly what season shuttered the fruit stand. Spring? Or is this an advance on summer? Tourist season? Baseball season? The rainy season? I suppose some questions just aren’t meant to be answered.

I also suppose this little excuse for a column has reached the natural endpoint. They can’t all be winners, right? We’ll be back next week, hopefully with some substance. In the words of Curly Bill, “Well, bye”.

Boston Beware


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This may be the world’s largest ever gathering of Satanists – and it’s about to begin at a Marriott hotel in downtown Boston.

No, it’s not Kongress. There are only 535 satanists, +-3, on Crapitol Hill. Allegedly 830 gathered in Beantown the other day, for their usual evil purposes.

It’s clear the experience was powerful for them.

“As a gay child, being told you are an abomination and should be destroyed, warped a lot of my thinking. Finding The Satanic Temple has really helped me embrace logic and empathy.”

The Satanic Temple is recognised as a religion by the US government, and has ministers and congregations in America, Europe and Australia.

More than 830 people snapped up tickets for its late April convention, dubbed SatanCon.

Members say they don’t actually believe in a literal Lucifer or Hell. Instead, they say Satan is a metaphor for questioning authority, and grounding your beliefs in science. The sense of community around these shared values makes it a religion, they say.

They do use the symbols of Satan for rituals – for example when celebrating a wedding or adopting a new name. That might include having an upside-down neon cross on your altar while shouting: “Hail Satan!”

For many Christians, this is serious blasphemy.

This is serious blasphemy – the only kind – for all Christians. That the US government recognizes this evil religion tells one something. This evil is the religion of the GAE. In the future, any actual Americans should consider handling situations like this the way they used to deal with them in the old days around the Bay.

Arrest Warrants With Potential Teeth


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“Men in dark suits” do not rule over Vladimir Putin and his government the way they do in the dead USSA. As such, Russia’s new warrants for the arrest of the ICC prosecutor and judge(s) stand a much better chance of service and prosecution than the ICC’s idiotic cross warrants against Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has charged in absentia and put on a wanted list a prosecutor and a judge with the International Criminal Court (ICC) for issuing an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin.

In a statement on Sunday, the Committee said that it was carrying out a criminal investigation into potential wrongdoing by ICC prosecutor Khan Karim Asad Ahmad and ICC judges Tomoko Akane, Rosario Salvatore Aitala, and Sergio Gerardo Ugalde Godinez.

According to the body, in late February Khan issued a request for an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, the presidential commissioner for children’s rights, which was subsequently approved by the three judges.

It’s like lawfare but with hypersonic missiles. If one can’t do the time, don’t do the bother Russia.