Fan Mail: What Was He(?) Inhaling?


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After several months of neglect I decided, tonight, to clean out the comments backlog over at FP. I did this manually, knowing that amidst all the Russian election hackers and China-Bots there might be real people trapped in the Spamville jail. There were. Three. Three out of maybe 700… The good news is that hopefully this will train the WP AI (Perrin hopeful of AI…) to kill this crap automatically in the future. It’s still a new site with a really new reboot on theme.

That works. I’ve been knocking down the spammers, here, for almost 6 years. I rarely get any now. Double-checked tonight and confirmed – only 9 POS attempts over the same time period.

Back to FP, there was more good news! Along with all that shit about free money, porn, free porn money, Costco generic Viagra (who knew?), cat paintings(??), virus invitations, incomprehensible gibberish, and foreign criminal solicitations, I found the most charming spam I have ever encountered.

I found this:

(Posted without gmail address. And, don’t y’all go surfing for the house finisher…).

It was so touching I almost let it pass. Are these not those lost Chicago lyrics we’ve heard legend tell of?

You’re the meaning in my life,

You’re my inhalation…

And to think my prepper shenanigans would make a reclusive web logger run out of the post. Hope he’s (she’s) (it’s?) not AWOL or something. Or maybe he/she/it has given up the crack pipe for whatever the hell post he/she/it/zir was inhaling on there. No idea.

But I do know this gem of a post, highly reflective of this “highly respected web log,” rarely causing run outs, beats the slow Sunday evening alternative: commentary on Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the DC funny farm…



download - Edited

Sputnik Int’l. 



Trouble in Paradise?


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Down in Cigar-Land people seem to tire of Daniel Ortega, again:

Mr Ortega has offered talks but protest leaders have refused, saying police violence must stop first.

Government buildings have been damaged or set on fire, and troops have been deployed in several cities.

Students from Polytechnic University in Managua have barricaded their campus. At least 100 people have been injured.

Pope Francis has called for an end to the violence and for differences to “be resolved peacefully and with a sense of responsibility.”

One human rights group reported that the death toll was more than 25.

Ortega got his political start as a student protester. Full circle. The funding, or lack thereof, for government pensions is and/or will be a sore point from Managua to Paris to Hartford.

No word whether this has reached Esteli or Jalapa. Leave the leaves out of this, please.

Y’all stay safe.


Increased “contributions” and decreased benefits. Americans take note. AFP/BBC.

Amazing Amerikan Woman Tries to Change World, Fails Horribly


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Horribly. Miserably. This story is beyond sad; simply horrifying:

How this Midwestern mom ended up married to an ISIS sniper

Yahoo! ran a representative picture right up front (but don’t be fooled):


A pretty good, almost Madison Avenue worthy start, but … read on:

Samantha Sally spoke to CNN about how her “romantic” second marriage to Moroccan-born husband Moussa Elhassani resulted in an unexpected move to Syria in 2014. Once there, Elhassani became violent and joined ISIS as a sniper.

“Before he would spoil me,” the 32-year-old American said. “We were very much in love. The romance never left. As soon as we came here, it changed. I was a dog. I didn’t have any choice. He was extremely violent. And there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing.”

The family ended up settling in Raqqa, Syria, where Sally gave birth to two more children. In addition to Elhassani’s violent behavior, she was subjected to abuse from ISIS leaders, including a three-month stretch in jail while she was pregnant. Sally says that she was tortured, sexually abused, and put in solitary confinement while being accused of espionage on behalf of the U.S.

Their home life eventually included the purchase of three Yazidi slaves — two teenage females and one young boy — captured by ISIS. Both girls were raped by Elhassani, though Sally defends having them stay in her home.

“No one will ever know what it is like to watch their husband rape a 14-year-old girl,” she said. “Ever. And then she comes to you — me — after crying and I hold her and tell her it’s going to be OK. Everything is going to be fine, just be patient.

“I would never apologize for bringing those girls to my house,” she added. “They had me and I had them. And we knew that if we were just patient, we would stick together. You understand? In any other situation, they would be locked in a bedroom and fed tea every day. And the situation I was in with them, we cooked together, we cleaned together. Drank coffee together. Slept in the same room together. I was like their mother.”

Her eldest son, Matthew, was also taken advantage of and was made to appear in videos on behalf of the terrorist group. Sally’s objection to his participation resulted in a beating and two broken ribs.

Things changed when Elhassani was killed in a drone strike in 2017. Sally and her family eventually left Raqqa and were detained soon after. They remain in custody and wait for U.S. officials determine whether her affiliation with ISIS merits jail time.

Sally, meanwhile, is hopeful that she and her four children are able to return to the U.S.

“I will do anything to get my kids back where they belong,” she said. “If I have to spend 15 years in prison, it’s better than anything here.

“Me and my kids, we talk about wanting to eat McDonald’s,” she continued. “We want to live a normal life again.”

So. Did you catch it? This was one of the most vile, racist reads I’ve seen since I don’t know when. It’s like David Duke, Robert E. Lee, and Richard Spencer conspired to write an evil, dystopian fictional plot. But, sadly, this one is all too real.

I’ll never, for the life of me, understand women like this. Living with the slanderous allegations of being a “terrorist” and of “treason” do not justify her. The insult and shame of being expected to apologize for her savage “husband’s” illicit amorous affairs is not an excuse. Nor was seeing her cockroach “husband” squashed like what he was. No excuses. None.

After experiencing the very best of diversity, an immersion class if you will – the tribal war, idiotic violence, slavery, abuse, child rapes, broken ribs, traitorous behavior, etc. – this bigot had the audacity to contrast the great good of the barbarous stone-age world with “normal life” back in America. Normal. Life. In America…

How can she shun the very cultural enrichment which will surely save Western Civilization by destroying it? It boggles the mind.

She even thinks 15 years in American prison is “better than anything [in the land of greatest pride, strength, and human dignity].”

Leave her in jail where she is. That’s where she belongs. The kids can come back. Maybe they can share with the deplorables all the good lessons they learned living among our betters. Maybe.

Two Books Concerning the Two-A (Second Amendment)


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Hold on to your ARs! Superstar Survivor David Hogg (rhymes with “slog,” as in the tiring noun usage) readies a new and sure-to-be trendy book on how you need to surrender your lives to communism. It’s anterior title is #NeverAgain.

One hopes, given the title, it may be the last time we have to hear from the spaghetti-armed bully who is totally not a crisis actor. More likely it’ll be the long-awaited sequel to the utter fairy tale bullshit that was Michael Bellesiles’s (pronounced: “l-i-a-r”) Arming America.

Captain Boogie Board is probably out hawking it at one of today’s marches for Marx. Good luck, kid.

If you’re into truth, then seriously consider Tom Wood’s new work, Wrong About Guns.

There’s an Epidemic of Low-IQ Arguments Against Guns

Supporters of gun rights are being accused of child murder, and liking their guns more than their children. Time to fight back.

Inside this free eBook:

* Why civilians have a much better record than police at stopping mass shootings — the numbers will shock you

* Don’t countries with tougher gun laws have fewer gun fatalities? Here’s the real truth

* How concealed-carry laws reduce violent crime

* The truth about “assault weapons”

* The bogus constitutional arguments of the anti-gun lobby

* The only reasonable approach to school shootings

Yes. It’s FREE. Get a copy, right now, HERE!


Unless Perrin (or Woods) is your FB friend. Tom Woods.

#NeverAgain need you fall victim to the lies of disarmament. To pay Woods back for this freebie, consider his other, paid offerings from Amazon.

Draw! ‘Lifelike’ Robot Terrorizes Pub Yobs…


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It’s just a “malfunction” and IT is just smashing the pint glasses … for now:

A ‘malfunctioning’ robot named Fred has terrified drinkers in a London pub by smashing a pint glass while talking about a ‘robot invasion’.

The hyper-realistic automaton, modeled to be an exact replica of London-based actor Tedroy Newell, sat down for a refreshing lager at The Prince Alfred pub in Maida Vale, in the west of the capital.

Unsuspecting customers were unprepared for what came next, with the humanoid berating locals before crushing the drinking vessel in his hands.

The robot, described as ‘indistinguishable from humans’, was created as part of a stunt to promote TV Series Westworld.

Ah, yes. Westworld. Yul Brynner’s little “malfunction.” Nice. Artificial life imitates art. No word if “Fred” has a swashbuckling friend.

Westworld (1973) Blu-ray Screenshot

Draw. Westworld.

But fear not! Besides the warnings of this “highly respected web log,” other resistance forms, of a kind most effective:

What resistance may look like: In the Industrial Age, [Carl] Frey said, people rioted against automation. This time will be different, he said. “Now people have political rights and can vote against automation,” he said.

Exactly. Voting has worked ever so well these past, what, 6,000 years??? The robot monsters, including the rigged Diebold ballots, will certainly honor your wishes. Just ask “Fred” when he calms down.

This may not end well.

Introducing the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs


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That would be yours truly. Over at The Piedmont Chronicles. Our inaugural outing:

Zuck It Up: On the Meeting of a Social Mogul and the Contemptible Congress
Br’re Fox and Br’er Bear Outwit Br’er Rabbit

The great concern of the people is that Facebook violated their privacy and misappropriated their cherished personal information: email addresses, voting habits, cat pictures, etc. Zuckerberg admitted as much, roundaboutly. Hence, the popular clamor for regulation: if not from Big Social, then by Big Brother.

Now for my funny, impromptu thought. Remember Uncle Remus? Surely your parents read to you those beloved moral stories by Joel Chandler Harris. It seems to me that what I witnessed on the Tube was, literally, a meeting between a sly, elitist, globalist corporatist and a bunch of mid-witted, elitist, globalist statists. Allegorically, I saw an Uncle Remus tale unfold.

The American people played the part of Br’er Rabbit. Facebook and Zuck represented Br’er Fox. Uncle Sam was Br’er Bear. Play along here… The happy little rabbit, while busily posting meal pictures and juvenile memes, noticed the mean old fox was cheating him. Incensed, the rabbit angrily demanded action, either from the fox or from Br’er Bear. In other words the hapless bunny tattled on the small predator to the large predator. Seems risky to me.

Read More at TPC.



This is a new, weekly feature column and the start of what will surely become National $yndication. You can help. Call or email your local fish wrapper and request demand they carry my column$. Thank$ a million.

When Will We Learn?


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Dear Gawd, think of the children.

Seven students at a Maryland elementary school attacked themselves or each other with assault pencil sharpeners.

Seven students at an elementary school in Prince George’s County cut their wrists at school using blades from pencil sharpeners, according to officials.

Officials with Prince George’s County Public Schools said a concerned parent at William Paca Elementary School in Hyattsville came forward on March 29 and an investigation was launched.

It was revealed that the students used blades out of pencil sharpeners to cut themselves, officials stated.

All seven students were seen by the school nurse and none of the children were taken to the hospital, according to officials. School counselors were brought in to speak with the students.

Stop the madness! No civilian needs a high capacity pencil sharpener. Come to think of it, no civilian needs a pencil. Police and military. Young Hogg. Crying. Scary. I blame the… CNN, School Shooting™.



The news gets worse:

A “man,” practically a child at 38, was arrested for stalking Taylor Swift with a knife and rope:

Meanwhile, police obtained a temporary restraining order preventing Sandrock from possessing guns.

According to the document, Sandrock was wearing a mask and rubber gloves when he was taken into custody and told police he had driven from his home in Broomfield, Colorado, to see Swift.

Sandrock told officers he owned three handguns and was on probation in Colorado for firing one, police said.

A search of his car turned up a knife, rope, ammunition and more masks and gloves, according to the restraining order.

Prescription medications, including oxycodone, were also found and Sandrock told arresting officers that he had depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and manic episodes, according to the document.

The arrest followed the April 8 arrest of a homeless man on suspicion of trespassing after he tried to climb a wall at the same property and ignored warnings by security guards to leave.

Swift was not at the home.

Banned from possessing guns but NOT pencil sharpeners…

Swift, one notes, is a mere child herself – likely not much older those those tots in MD.





Gurl, Imma let you finish … but first muh #knifecontrol… AP.

Call the Khan Man.

Three Stories


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These three kind of go together. I like finding semi-related issues or tales and mixing them together; James Altucher calls it “idea sex.” Anyway, it’s been a long day so I’ll leave the interweaving to you and those XXX minds…

All three are health matters, if you will. All three are important. Here goes:

Canadian Liberals Attempt to Decriminalize ALL Illicit Drugs

Go Liberals! Read the reasons why and then about the experience in Portugal. This was also one of Ron Paul’s ideas back when elections still sorta almost mattered. If Canada becomes the first G7 to return to the traditional minding of one’s own health business, trust the US to be last.

Labels, Public Info Everywhere, 10,000 Diets Books, and Americans are Still Getting Fatter

Drugs, guns, knives, cars, bad doctors, and just about everything else take a backseat; this is THE epidemic. It’s one with surprisingly simple solutions but also with extremely organized enemies of the public health.

American Man Graduated from College and Taught School for 17 Years and He was Illiterate

In a nation awash in money, schools, books, ebooks, and free time, a horrendous percentage of the people either can’t read, can’t read well, or won’t read. This vexes more than just the word-slinging mercenaries. “Adults who can’t read are suspended in their childhoods, emotionally, psychologically, academically, spiritually. We haven’t grown up yet.” He got help. There’s always hope.

Maybe that’s the tie-in. We, collectively speaking, can make it all better: health and fitness, crime-free sobriety OR responsible enjoyment, and reading the fun and wisdom of the ages.

Not so much wisdom here, tonight, I fear. Tired. Long (good) day.

Evening, friends.


Total Knife Control Failure


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The failings of knife control are as predictable as the failings of gun control. Even in a place where everything is controlled and all weapons are strictly forbidden. A lesson from a South Carolina prison:

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Inmates armed with homemade knives fought each other for about seven hours over territory and money, leaving seven of them dead in the worst U.S. prison riot in a quarter-century, officials said Monday. An inmate who witnessed the violence told The Associated Press that bodies were “literally stacked on top of each other.”

At least 17 prisoners were seriously injured at Lee Correctional Institution, South Carolina prisons chief Bryan Stirling said. The first fight started in a dorm about 7:15 p.m. Sunday and appeared to be contained before suddenly starting in two other dorms. Cellphones helped stir up the trouble, and state officials urged the federal government to change a law and allow them to block the signals from prisoners’ phones.

Criminals gonna criminal. And if they can’t get weapons, they make them. Someone pass this along to the Khan Man.

Temporal proximity raises speculation: will SC be the target of Young Hogg’s next bullying session?

Perrin Lovett/FPTV.

The Modern Sirens of Finland


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Somebody call Martha Burke! There’s another egregious case of sex discrimination.

Okay, no one cares as this case involves excluding the evil bearers of male privilege:

We’ve all had those moments, whether you’re drowning in work in a cramped cubicle or just tired of the daily grind. In those moments, a thought might cross your mind, like “I wish I could escape to a private island.”

Well, entrepreneur Kristina Roth actually made that happen. She’s not just escaping to an island, she owns it. And she’s opening it up to women worldwide. But men? They’re not allowed.

“I’m a computer scientist, and I worked only with men. Ergo, how many times did I have to listen to ‘Hey blondie, what are you doing here?’ At least that was during my studies,” says Roth. “And I think judging a book by its cover — again that’s a cliché — that happens a lot in the tech world.”

Roth wanted to create something better. SuperShe society was born. It began as a networking group and expanded to include a lifestyle blog, events and women-only retreats in luxurious locations such as Hawaii, Necker Island and Turks & Caicos. It was meant to create a fun way for women to network — a way that men have been networking for years, Roth says, whether it’s at the golf course or the cigar club.

The golf course and the cigar club. Now what does that remind me of? Oh yeah, the harpies screamed until the National admitted women. Now the women, the kids, and who knows whom else want to ban the smokes on the course. But that’s okay. You’ve come a long way, baby.

Imagine if Blondie was a he and he started a computer company that forbade female employees. Ms. Burke?


And that’s a-okay, really. CNBC.

Jeffery Epstein has an island for a type of men, mostly men. Excuse me, he HAD an island like that. Fire gets rid of evidence, no? Let’s assume this new venture is something different entirely. Some of you with the right plumbing might find out.

What can She do, She’s a nervous wreck?
There’s men everywhere, She better go and check (out). CHECK OUT!
She can’t tell a computer from a cigar in the ground.
They all got her golf ball spinning round and round.
Island of women, oh yeah.
The island of women, oh yeah.
It drove her insane.

Deep apologies to Billy Gibbons and the boys…

You Go, Gurl!