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Minnesota: From Lockdown To Burndown


Congratulations To The Class Of COVID-19


Ah, another major rewrite in the interests of providing up-to-date coverage of more current events. This column was originally drafted early, as the secondary title suggests, as a commencement address of sorts to the Corona’d Class of Twenty. I had some good wishes and advice in-store, which honestly, would have been largely ignored. (At eighteen I would not have followed most of what I wrote). Anyway, other things happened and are still unfolding. I’ll hold the graduation thoughts for another time, minus a few cogent points, below, and this: Congratulations, kids! We’re proud of you.

You might have heard about some unpleasantness in the Twin Cities and that such was spreading into other areas and states. Let’s discuss that with a little background:


In Other News…


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I have plenty to say regarding the lawlessness in Minneapolis (and elsewhere). For now: load the rifles. That, next week, at TPC. I had to shake up the column due to the riots, etc; I was planning a commencement address to the young graduates of the Class of COVID-19. I’ll still have a little advice, tempered by the burning of Minneapolis and by the fact that I know few listen to advice.

But, per the schools, some advice of the usual incoherent sort came from South Carolina via a letter to the editor. Teaching is hard when there is no school! Need more money! You’re too [fill in the rambling blank] to homeschool! Who has no clue, now?

Two Countries, Two Approaches


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In Australia, alternative people can commit a series of felonies in pursuit of another – and the judge says it was all fun and games. “They were polite and respectful!” That makes all the difference… [Americans: gun on the nightstand!]

In Poland, insult and bully a Christian rightly opposed to the alternative felonies – and get sued and go to jail! [Americans: ditch IKEA, consider moving to Poland.]

One country slides into the filthy abyss while another stands tall and strong. Which way do you suppose America leans?

Mask of the Devil Mouse



Desperation in Disney’s company town:

Character meet-and-greets will be paused as the park reopens, and all play areas will be temporarily closed.

All guests’ will need to reserve entry into the park in advance, and their temperatures, along with cast members’, will be checked, and face masks will be mandatory for everyone.

The company said they plan to enact “high-energy squads” of employees who will roam the parks checking to make sure people are wearing masks.

Disney officials said they might make “relaxation zones” where people will be allowed to remove their face masks.

Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with any more reasons to avoid Orlando – roving death mask squads, the “high-energy” kind!

Note to the budget-conscious: the whole continental area outside the gates is also a “relaxation zone,” minus the $150 ticket.

Flatlining Summer School


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With all the hoax excitement, I forgot about summer school in Amerika. The educrats at the Fort Worth, Texas ISD (which must stand for Intentional Student Dismantlers?) did not.

A total of about 300 students are expected across the four locations.

Most of them are bilingual, or English as a second language students, who the district determined would benefit from a learning environment difficult to create outside of the classroom.

“The parents wanted to consider that,” said district spokesman Clint Bond. “And most of our elementary students we don’t do a one to one device with them, in other words, a computer or chrome book or a hot spot.”

Some special education students are also expected to attend summer sessions.

The Texas Education Agency has listed all of those student groups as children that districts may consider prioritizing the availability of on-campus summer programs.

The students will be in classrooms at C.C. Moss Elementary, Westcreek Elementary, Seminary Hills Elementary and Western Hills Elementary.

Middle school and high school students taking summer classes, either for assistance with a subject or to get ahead for next year, will continue to study virtually.

“[A] learning environment difficult to create outside of the classroom…” I’ll say. It’s hard to replicate the hell of a cellblock outside the prison walls. When I see these stories, generally knowing nothing about the specific schools, I just get these feelings. Then, I check. What do the four (bolded) elementary schools all have in common? They are complete and total failures – as measured by the education racket itself. Have a look:

C.C. Moss;


Seminary Hills;

Western Hills.

Failure, failure, failure, and failure. Each one is in the bottom ten percent of all elementary schools in TX. The “Statewide Performance” charts say it all. There is NO performance. All the listed charts say things, none of them good. Under the “Students” tab, one finds historical demographic shifting of the kind present in or coming to most school districts nationwide.

Summer schooling is generally different than that of the regular year – and generally no better. These student groups are different too. But they all deserve better. And, doing absolutely nothing – as has been the case in Texas for the past two months – would be better.

The Fort Worth ISD ranks 802nd out of 979 districts in the state. It has a number of magnet schools, which rank reasonably well, though there are fewer of those special institutions than alternative (jail) schools. The rest of them, where that virtual learning does not happen, redefine “disgraceful.”

The ISD has about 84,000 inmates. Two percent of them probably receive a nominal education. Anyone who would send a child into such an environment is an abuser.

Potemkin Justice


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By October 1, 1946, the Anglo-American system of jurisprudence was completely dead – a forerunner for the nations. Today, in America (and the UK), we have two systems: 1) a “justice” [SIC] system for us, used selectively to herd the serfs about, and; 2) a “just us” system for our betters. Of course, the Senators did nothing wrong.

The Justice Department has closed insider trading investigations into three senators who sold off stocks following early briefings on the coronavirus, aides told NBC News.

A spokesman for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., confirmed that she had been informed that the Justice Department had dropped an inquiry into her trades and called the allegations “politically motivated.”

 Rare or unknown is the courtesy of an inquiry-dropping notification. But, again, they’re special. They really are: Kelly Loeffler looks like Giraffe Barbie; Dianne Feinstein missed her appointment that day with Dan White, and … I’m surprised they let Inhofe off while keeping the pressure on the Burr (up NC’s butt).

No wonder people are cracking up.

Breaking The Hammer: Fables Of The Paper Eagle – From TPC


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Breaking The Hammer: Fables Of The Paper Eagle

Greetings! Another week and more affairs, some pertaining to the wider world, in that uniquely American way. Those of you who spent the weekend fellating the current “heroes” probably won’t understand or like the following. Tough. However, I’m proud to say that you might be compensated when a “hero” visits you in person before too long – gun in one hand, syringe in the other!

There’s so much happening with homeschooling and the death of the public schools that I almost ran with that. (Dead schools, dead horse, I know). But, the CDC has effectively recommended disbanding the “schools.” For once, I agree with the CDC!

Also, I had to alter this column slightly when some brand new (decades-old) news broke over the weekend. I did so. Sometimes it’s hard to write a national affairs column about a nation that died around the time I was born – at least, with a straight face. While the original main body, below, concerns the ongoing collapse of the US Empire overseas, there is a domestic story to tell first.

Back in 1969, the residents of Tribeca noticed a new construction site at 33 Thomas Street, a phenomenon not unheard of in Manhattan. By 1974, the new building was finished and open for business; an ugly 33-story tower at home among many others. This one was different. People noticed, though for years they said nothing, that the building had no windows. Blank concrete walls rose to the sky, topped by a bunch of antennas. After initially accepting the cover story that the odd structure was only an AT&T transfer station – which it was and is, in part – the truth emerged: it was (and is) also an NSA listening post.

I know, I know, the blind homers of C-town don’t care ‘bout no Yankee city. And you don’t have to, a similar post in downtown Atlanta being much closer. While they still serve various purposes, these facilities have become somewhat obsolete – being replaced by those personal spy devices that you’re reading this on at the moment.

The NSA itself, born in 1952 out of other nefarious government programs, was long the subject of controversy – not about what it did, but rather, about the tin-foil nuts who suggested it was real. As recently as thirty years ago, the existence of the agency was deemed a crank conspiracy theory. (I’ve come to accept “conspiracy theory” as synonymous with “hard fact.”) As the years passed, other programs were mentioned: Carnivore, Echelon, DCS1000, Boundless Informant, Galileo, FISA, etc. I remember discussing some of these, back in the day, with MB – back when we thought something bad was going to happen to America. Ah, the naivety of youth.