A Random Idea


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I saw yet another story about a dead Amerikan public “school.” This one featured the return of … wait for it … equitable, diverse … segregation! It also featured a diversity consulting firm made up of the oddities one would expect. The school was one of the “better” failed and dead schools. In the end, I canned the urge to repeat myself for the 353rd time.

Instead, here’s a novel idea: Young entrepreneurs! Consider starting your own diversity consulting shakedown outfit. Gear it towards equity, understanding, etc for Heritage Americans! I’m sure failed schools all over the country could benefit from forced learning about the high value of Whites, Christians, and normal, intelligent people. If not, they could always be sued. Or not – just a random idea.

Avoid the Sin of Moses


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It’s an extreme example and, therefore, perhaps not the most applicable, but this is why esprit de corps is so important. And, yes, the sin of Moses has perplexed more than a few folks over the years.

At Thursday’s daily Mass (Thursday of the 18th week of the year) we read of the sin that excluded Moses from leading the people to the Promised Land. While there are some mysterious elements to it, one thing seems clear: the grumbling of the people got on Moses’ nerves. Indeed, grumbling often affects more than just the one doing the complaining. Through it, infectious negativity can be set loose. Even if only a small number are grousing, it can still incite discontent, anger, and/or fear in others. Yes, the people nearly wore him out. At a particularly low moment, when the people were complaining about the food, Moses lamented to God,

Why have you dealt ill with your servant? And why have I not found favor in your sight, that you lay the burden of all this people on me? Did I conceive all this people? Did I give them birth, that you should say to me, “Carry them in your bosom, as a nurse carries a nursing child,” to the land that you swore to give their fathers? … I am not able to carry all this people alone; the burden is too heavy for me. If you will treat me like this, kill me at once, if I find favor in your sight, that I may not see my wretchedness (Numbers 11:11-12, 14-15).

Moses was so dispirited that he preferred to die rather than continue on in this way. In his weariness, he spoke rashly, and God excluded him from leading the people into the Promised Land:

And, this applies far beyond (or below) speaking rashly to the Lord.

Moses was worn down by the constant grumbling of the people. Be cognizant of the toll that such behavior takes on others. Practice gratitude, an important antidote to the poison spread by grumbling.

My own natural realism is sometimes mistaken for pessimism. It isn’t. However, as I’ve noticed via PPN, a little joy or boost to the presentation does good for the common spirit. Does it change reality? No, of course not. It don’t hurt none either!

Better, Yes


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Tho Bishop wrote not so much an attack on nationalism, Christian or otherwise, as a call for paleolibertarianism as a better alternative to modern globalism masquerading as leftism. He’s right – it would be better.

Written in 1994, one of the last journal articles he ever published, Rothbard’s analysis has tremendous relevance to revived discussions on nationalism both in America and abroad. The breakup of globalist institutions, such as the European Union, should be the top political aim of any “conservative” movement wanting to restore traditional social bonds and civil society—even if the underlying motivations for the secessionist cause are not purely “libertarian.”

The greatest flaw with the uniquely American nationalist crowd—a natural extension from those who still idolize Abraham Lincoln—is the failure to appreciate that there is no singular American nation. The most exciting aspect of the modern political stage is a growing acknowledgment of this issue.

In conclusion, history is not shaped merely by great men but is instead molded by the prevailing ideology of a time. Ultimately, however, the strength and lasting power of a movement depend upon the rigor and strength of its intellectual inspiration. The modern American right has succeeded in acknowledging many of the institutional causes that have given rise to the rule of the “evangelical left,” but the aim of replacing them with simply another variety of progressive statism is unlikely to result in their desired ends.

To truly threaten the modern progressive state, America needs a Rothbardian right.

Much of what Rothbard believed would be immeasurably better than the liberal-conservative charade today. It’s good to see people open to the idea of necessary secession and separation. However, there’s still a lingering confusion about the state versus the nation and, more importantly, about the preeminence of identity before culture and politics. There certainly was an American nation, an American People in the United States, years ago, before it was subsumed by malicious policies – some of which modern, or post-modern libertarians champion.

But, the hour is very late. The old America is subsumed even though a Remnant survives. That Remnant deserves a nation-state of their own. And they, we are currently under attack – this is a war, civil and external – on all fronts by multiple parties. Plainly put, an ideology that foremost promotes non-aggression is not particularly useful in a war. Rothbard’s ideas, many of them, would be ideal for future rebuilding. But the future isn’t now. Today, we need strong, utterly strong, and relentless nationalists. For the Christian American Remnant, it would be best if these strongmen were also strong in the faith. While it would benefit from dispensing with the lies of the globo Uniparty, and benefit even more from some well-placed Rothbardian Natural Law-based ethics and ideals, what America needs most is hardcore, uncompromising Christian Nationalism.

Kipling Knew


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It’s a wee bit late, perhaps, to Repeal Nineteen. The damage is done. We were warned, and none did a better, more poetic job than Kipling:

So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer
With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her
Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands
To some God of Abstract Justice—which no woman understands.

And Man knows it! Knows, moreover, that the Woman that God gave him
Must command but may not govern—shall enthrall but not enslave him.
And She knows, because She warns him, and Her instincts never fail,
That the Female of Her Species is more deadly than the Male.

– The Female of the Speices (1911)

It’s odd they’ve canceled Dr. Seuss, but not Rudyard. And, dear God, what would the cancellers think – if they could think – about Conrad?!

This May Explain the Forecast Drop


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So, the con is working as someone planned. 69% of USian adults will “take the jab!”

Altogether, 69% of U.S. adults surveyed by the Pew Research Center now intend to become vaccinated. That’s up from 60% in November and 52% in September.

69% is alarming similar to 70% – the predicted population decrease in the USSA between now and 2025.

Yet as it’s easy to see, even a 2025 forecast of 100 million people living here in less than 8 years is STILL DOWN 227 million from the 2017 population of America. How will America LOSE 227 million people by 2025?

We may have our answer! “The jab” just might be the most critical IQ test ever administered.

Preparing the Next Fraud


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Or, rather, preparing to cover it up in illegal legislation. The Heritage Foundation did something useful in compiling a list of the changes voting coming via HR 1.

H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process—which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom. It would (among other things) implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election; go even further in eroding and eliminating basic security protocols that states have in place; and interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voters, ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, secure the fairness and integrity of elections, and participate and speak freely in the political process.

Like I’ve been saying, next time the various frauds won’t be traceable. And laws and measures like this ensure that no one will be looking for it or will even be able to look. Call the form of government anything you like and vote any way you like – the USSA is just about done. For the People Act? Which people?

Failed Schools + Failed Students + Failed Parents = Failed Society in Baltimore


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This story touches on more than the usual systemic failure by design of the luciferian schools. But, as-is, it’s proof positive that nothing works.

A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City high school, where Project Baltimore has found hundreds of students are failing. It’s a school where a student who passed three classes in four years, ranks near the top half of his class with a 0.13 grade point average.

Tiffany France thought her son would receive his diploma this coming June. But after four years of high school, France just learned, her 17-year-old must start over. He’s been moved back to ninth grade.

“He’s stressed and I am too. I told him I’m probably going to start crying. I don’t know what to do for him,” France told Project Baltimore. “Why would he do three more years in school? He didn’t fail, the school failed him. The school failed at their job. They failed. They failed, that’s the problem here. They failed. They failed. He didn’t deserve that.”

That’s .1373, not 1.373. If that’s number 62 of 120, then it’s reasonable to ask if any of the students are even marginally passing. But – and I didn’t even bother to check the published school stats – there is literally no point in asking. This one isn’t about the schools so much as it is the multi-culture of terminal decline. Once this kind of academic excellence enters the workforce (ha!), it won’t be able to keep the lights on, keep the water flowing, or feed itself. It is entirely possible that no kind of education will fix this. If your child is in this kind of school, you likely cannot read what I’m writing. All others: HOMESCHOOL. And prepare for a future where it’s self-sufficiency or nothing.