The Big Tell


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Vox has put some of the retarded predictions form the usual suspect on the record. I predict that every one of them will totally fail and probably by sometime next year.

But, here, the ziocons and the NATO Nazis and the rest of the trash get right to the ultimate scheme.

Putin deposed, Russia broken up, and NATO in a face-off with China: As Ukraine sees a path toward victory and a desperate Vladimir hits the panic button, expert argues THIS is how the war could end.

I put bold emphasis on the real, previously-stated goal of the tiny, weak, stupid servants of satan. They lust to carve Russia into five smaller countries, each a slave state controlled by guess who. What they’re going to do instead, in reality, is destroy the West, breaking up the EU and sooner or later, the US.

These people are legitimately stupid and evil. At least the majority of the world is being freed from their control. Go, Russia, go!

Further Observations of World Affairs


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There’s a lot going on, so here’s a little list of reading links.

Jew or Gentile in the WereWest, criticism or mere observation of Israeli strategy or tactics is forbidden.

Meanwhile, Russia marches on, growing.

And yeah! RUS is obviously losing… VIDEOS of what’s really happening. One won’t find these on Ewetube or the MSM.

While the MOD rolls in train after train of hardware, the WereWest is rapidly running out of weapons. Running out of resolve, purpose, and time too.

When looking for a second (or third) front, don’t forget N. Korea. (And don’t fall for the HyStErIa).

Okay, that’ll do. Tomorrow, another column is coming – I have to tinker with it. Etc.

Winding a Spring


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If I’m not mistaken, Fred Reed has used that phrase before and not without great reason. He’s right that almost no one is talking about the demographic disintegration in the USSA and that, therefore, almost no one offers any potential solution. READ another of his warnings.

Remember that refusing to acknowledge reality and refusing to do nothing automatically leads to the dreadful default solution. Whatever we go through is probably about what we’ve all warranted.

Assume the Opposite


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I wrote about this, and did a show, for the FP gang a while back. But, here is Patrick Armstrong’s three ways to identify and defeat WereWestern fake news misinformation. Pay special attention to No. 3. I might add a fourth: look at outside sources (while applying the same wariness in general).

As an example: the USSA’s Navy has evidently poisoned more Americans. Heard about that from CNN of FOX? No. And when you do, watch out.

Another example – and this has become routine – “Russian army on ‘precipice of collapse,’ say US generals…” Literally everything in that story is bullshit, as evidenced by: the fact they’ve been saying the same thing, without merit, since March; it all ignores strategic reality; it is from (I’m surprised they named them) a bunch of losers who have zero experience fighting or winning modern warfare, and; it only serves the propaganda interests of a dying satanic empire.

Further Pipeline/Ukraine Analysis


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Watch THIS VIDEO. Good on Dr. Jeffrey Sachs for telling the truth about the USSA’s attack on NS 1 & 2 and for shaking the MSM trolls so.

Next, a theory about how they did it. Personally, I’m going with UAVs. However, this aerial delivery idea is interesting and plausible.

Next, Andrei M. and Larch have some great insights into what’s really happening with the SMO.

Lastly, if ‘Muricans weren’t a bunch of retarded heathens, then they’d be far more worried about THIS attack by Rehashed Nazi Eugenics, Inc. against American babies.

As Gonzalo Lira says, “know what’s going on.”

Impending Economic Collapse


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In progress now! Again. On exactly the same pathetic terms as in 2008. Nothing has changed, except by getting worse. Here we go again. Too big to fail, still?

Vox’s breakdown:

The Fed refused to take the bitter medicine that was necessary back in 2008. They bought a lot more time than I would have imagined by kicking the can down the road, and the Covid lockdowns and “emergency spending measures” appear to have given them an additional two years. But now it’s October, historically a month when the debt chickens come home to roost, and two of the world’s biggest banks, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, have managed to get themselves in seriously deep trouble again, because no one ever stops doing what they’re doing when you prevent them from suffering the consequences of their actions.

While both giant banks are too big to be permitted to fail without significant ramifications through their host countries and the demi-global financial system – which now requires the prefix since the BRICSIA nations have their own system – and both are national flagships, the recent destruction of the energy pipelines suggests the hitherto unthinkable possibility that the Fed might not only be willing to let the banks fail, but perhaps even order the Swiss and German governments to refrain from bailing them out in the interest of furthering the Great Reset.

And both current governments are sufficiently corrupt, and sufficiently ignorant of economics, that they might well accept destructive direction from Washington DC on the subject. The fact that the only member of the Swiss Federal Council who has any grasp of economic matters just resigned last week might even be a sign that an unprecedented action – or rather, lack of action – may be in the offing.

This suggests that the next big economics battle will be the nationalization of banks and money vs centralized demi-global banking and a single digital currency for the former West.

Note that the same retarded heathens who moaned and whined about student loan forgiveness will have next to nothing to say if or when the WereWestern governments bail out these evil institutions. Again. The banks should be allowed to fail. hell, they should be forced to fail. And then, to hang from lampposts and trees.

Also note, as Vox does, that the MIR-CIPS sovereign nations are outside this stupid, predicted collapse. They will go on, business and life as normal. But hey, we got us freedom fries, right? That and the rule of literal satanists who really and truly hate us.

Next month, y’all better vote really, really hard.

Thank You For Your Service


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I’m sure another military worship holiday is right around the corner. So, what better way to honor those who commit mass murder serve than to remember the truth about TWA 800.

A noted investigative journalist who has spent years probing the disastrous crash of TWA Flight 800 off the Atlantic coast in the late 1990s said in an interview posted this week that he’s certain the U.S. Navy accidentally shot down the Boeing 747.

The flight took off from JFK International Airport on July 17, 1996, with 230 people aboard — 212 passengers and 18 crew members — and exploded in mid-air some 12 minutes later, killing all aboard.

At the time, dozens of eyewitnesses claimed to have seen what appeared to be a missile streaking skyward before the airliner exploded in a massive fireball, leading many Americans at the time to conclude that it was likely a terrorist attack. But investigators at the time claimed otherwise.

The only part I find hard to believe is the accidental angle. But, who even remembers way back in 1996? So many worse atrocities have happened since that it almost seems like a bit of fond nostalgia from a better age. All of it fits rather uncomfortably with this observation of an observation of Divine Wrath.

Rod Dreher believes that God withdrew His hand of protection from the United States on September 11, 2002. And, let’s face it, subsequent events do tend to support his contention.

In light of all the subsequent events, even 2002 feels like a bygone golden age.

Suspects Identified


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We all knew this, but it’s good to repeat.

The massive pipelines, designed to deliver up to 110 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea every year were sabotaged on Monday. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the “Anglo-Saxons” of targeting the Russian pipelines to deliberately destroy Europe’s energy infrastructure.

The United States and Britain are the primary suspects in the sabotage attacks against Nord Stream 1 and 2 based on a cost-benefit analysis, former Trump Pentagon advisor Douglas Macgregor believes.

“Let’s use the process of elimination. Would the Russians destroy their own pipeline? 40 percent of Russian gross national product or gross domestic product consists of foreign currency that comes into the country to purchase natural gas, oil, coal and so forth. So the Russians did not do this. The notion that they did I think is absurd,” Macgregor said, speaking to syndicated columnist Judge Napolitano on the Judging Freedom podcast.

Russia now says NS 1 and 2 are salvageable; whether they will bother to repair the damage and invite another attack is another question. It also remains to be seen just how evil and stupid the neocons really are. My guess is very. Don’t play along, Men of the West.

Slightly Used Bridge For Sale


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What do you get when you cross the Covid Hoax with RuSsIa Mania??? Another idiotic bat-based hoax…

The headline says it all:

“Terrifying Russian Bat Virus Could Spark the Next Pandemic”

Fall for that one if you will.

In related fake news,

“Some officials now say monkeypox elimination unlikely in US…”

That one really fizzled out, as even stupid ‘Muricans were able to see that the pox only affects sodomites and children (and I suppose some animals) molested by sodomites. Still, it is rather telling that the lamest, most preventable disease ever may be a lasting feature here in our continent-spanning Sodom and Gomorrah. The wages of sin are never-ending hoaxes.

Schools Cause Ignorance


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At the “higher” ed level. Read this:

Another Inconvenient Truth

In 2006, the University of Connecticut set out to discover how much learning happens in a student between entering as freshmen and graduating as a senior. Five academic areas were selected to measure, using 14,000 students at 50 American colleges, including Yale, Brown, and Georgetown. At 16 of those 50 – including Yale, Brown, and Georgetown – graduating seniors knew less than incoming freshmen. Negative growth had occurred. In the other 34, no measurable change had taken place.

A bald summary might look like this: after spending an average of six years in search of a BA degree or its equivalent, and spending an average of a quarter million in cash and loans, a great many young people had nothing or even less than nothing to show for the investment. What they had was a piece of magical paper. This is a script out of the Marx Brothers.

-John Taylor Gatto, Weapons of Mass Instruction, pp. 37 – 38 (2010).

Sadly, this is not isolated in the colleges. I noticed a similar pattern while researching K-12s. Pick a school system and then look at the assessed test scores or other metrics from elementary through high school. One will notice that the longer a child is in the grips of these failed, deadly institutions, the less the child knows about a given subject. I randomly picked a feeder system, elementary, middle, and high school-levels, in the former state of Georgia to make this point. I used math. Let’s have a look at the effectiveness of the “lessons”.

5th grade: 14% math proficiency (stellar, huh?);

8th grade: 11.9%;

HS Algebra: 7%…

I understand that theoretically the level of difficulty increases as the grades advance, but learning is supposedly cumulative, right? And it’s not just in this one dead system. Just pick a system and test it. And it’s, ala the UCONN study, in the colleges as well. Why? Because – hang onto something – the schools were designed to destroy or cripple thinking rather than impart knowledge. To that wicked end, they are smashingly effective.

When America was an industrial nation, this system built docile, semi-literate workers for factories. In this day and age, as there is little to nothing for the kids to do once they graduate, it makes perverse sense to retard them as far as possible. That, and the primary focus of the schools has since shifted from faux-indoctrination to Moloch fodder-making.

However one slices it, no child should be subjected to this rank evil. And no semblance of even partially-advanced civilization will survive such a system. The results are already upon us. The organized schools were conceived with ill intent. Now, they are purely destructive and dangerous. It’s time to end them.