Fred Offers Uncomfortable Truths and Unpopular Choices


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I love Fred Reed. I mentioned, a while back, my admiration for James Altucher and Vox Day. I should have included Fred in that company, so I do so, now. Read his weekly articles at Fred On Everything.

Fred lives in the hills somewhere around Guadalajara and/or Lago de Chapala. His geography, wit, and previous experience allow him ample firepower to tackle the pressing issues of our late day.

This week he, again, delves deep into the uncomfortable cesspool of the American underbelly (or greater society as it’s also known). His thoughts center on the late madness in Charlotte and associated pathology.

And they attack whites. It doesn’t matter to them who did what to whom. An African cop in an African city with an African police chief shoots an African criminal, and the rioters attack whites. In Milwaukee a black cop shot a black criminal and the tribesmen called for burning white suburbs. We seeing an episodic, one-sided–so far–race war. We will not admit it as then we would have to do something about it, and we do not know what.

It is coming. One day rioting blacks will try to loot the wrong store, burn the wrong house, beat the wrong white man, and hell will cut loose. Talking about law-abiding blacks, law-abiding whites, will make no difference at all. There were law-abiding Protestants, law-abiding Catholics in Ireland. Did that stop the violence?

Three solutions, or ameliorations, offer themselves: Repression of rioting and enforcement of the law. Segregation. And having it go on forever or blow up hugely. Choose. Refusal to choose selects option three.

Nobody is talking about this issue. At least not honestly talking. There’s some chanting. A little looting. Rioting, burning, maiming, murdering, beating and robbing – but no talking. No thinking. Consider, if you can get away from the TeeVee long enough his three choices. We’re on a default collision course with the third.


Independent Journal Review

This is the same sort of debacle Europe faces regarding the unchecked migrations and invasion. We face that too, to a lesser but growing, degree.

Does this upset you? For any reason? Good. That means you are thinking about it, at least subconsciously. Thinking might lead to acting – acting for better solutions. Doing nothing leads to some inevitability too.

Fred is also big on science, culture, education, and politics. I don’t know if he’s a cigar brother. I imagine he is.

Feeling Like Fall



I’ve been working out back for about an hour. And the temperature has dropped on its approach to the sunrise hour low. I think it’s there now – about 62. The humidity is in check too. So, all around, it feels like a fall morning.


Not going to lie. I need a good fall break getaway. Tomorrow is the first day of October and I have something planned.

For now I will settle for cooler air (at last!), a cup of coffee and a re-light from yesterday – the new Pistoff from Kristoff. (A very good cigar despite my letting one go out yesterday…)


Happy Fall, y’all!

Maybe a 50/50 Chance


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Either mechanical failure OR terrorism.


NBC 4 (NY)

At Least 1 Dead, More Than 70 Hurt in Hoboken Train Crash

Preliminary reports suggest the 8:45 a.m. crash – involving train No. 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line from Spring Valley – was accidental or caused by operator error, according to five law enforcement officials. They stressed it was early in the investigation, though.

Too early to tell anything but it was operator error… Sure. Anything is possible.

Our governments (like NJ) run 1960s train technology on 1920s tracks. They knew they should modernize speed and breaking controls but decided to put it off until 2018.

Then again, how hard would it be for some “refugee” import to disable the breaks or hack into the controls? Of course, they could just get jobs as engineers (operators, whatever).

Outrunning The News: Thought Provoking (and Thank YOU)


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Last night I commented on the insanity and predictable horrors of welcoming terrorists into our nation even as we bomb them abroad. I recounted a friend’s comment on a similar column: ““Can you imagine America taking in 100,000 German refugees *while* we were bombing Dresden?

In response to that, another friend added: “Never thought about the Germany comparison. Very thought provoking.” It is.

Now that I have thought about the WWII parallel, I remember that we did the exact opposite back then. Rather than import “refugees” we maintained a total ban. And the government went to extremes to make sure no German (or other) invaders reached our shores.

The various state militias were called up to patrol the coasts. Our enemies did endeavor to send spies among us. They were met by old men and boys on the beach with rifles. FDR went even further than that. The FBI and the OSS feared spies and saboteurs in own major harbors. They also knew the harbors were operated, de facto, by the mafia.

The G-men went directly to the mafia bosses and asked for their help. The Dons consented without hesitation or promise of reward. They knew two things: that the FBI would lay off of them for helping, and; they had to protect the harbors for their own interests if nothing else. That they did. Whatever else they were, they proved they were patriots. And I imagine it would have been better to be caught by the old militiamen than by the longshoremen.


Back to modern Germany and the rest of the West, the situation grows worse by the week. Vox Day reported on a German study which found:

Migrants with recognised refugee status are holidaying in the countries they supposedly “fled”, with their vacations funded by German taxpayers, a newspaper has found. Newspaper Welt am Sonntag learnt that migrants are returning to countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Lebanon for holiday purposes, then travelling back to Germany where they continue to receive comfortable welfare payments.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has been aware for some time that some recognised refugees are taking leisure trips to the very spots they claim their lives are in danger.

The government body sent a written request to Berlin’s employment agencies in June, asking that they report the travel arrangements of migrants granted asylum holidaying in their countries of origin.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Employment Agency confirmed that “there are such cases” but reports that there is “no analysis or statistics on this subject and therefore we do not have information”.

We pay them to invade our lands and then pay them to vacation back in the horrid places from which they “fled”. Vox goes on to correctly assess what’s coming from all of this:

It’s time to repatriate every single “refugee” and migrant that has claimed asylum in Europe or the United States. They are invaders and economic parasites, they are not “new Americans” or “new Germans” and they will never be.

And the churches and charity organizations who aided and abetted this treasonous, criminal activity should be investigated, fined, and if they knowingly helped the migrants defraud the public, have their licenses to operate removed.

As for those foolish enough to claim that the West has to help them, keep in mind that Nigeria is on track to have a population of 509 million by 2050 thanks to Western assistance. The West needs to stop helping the global South now or it is going to have to choose between a) mass slaughter and b) being completely overrun.

It will choose (a) of course. And all the blame for the bloodshed should be placed directly on the heads and hands of the Churchians and do-gooders and aid workers who made it possible.

Thank you, my friends, and thanks to VD. I like to stay current. In fact, I’m getting to where I am ahead of the news in many cases.

I saw this on Drudge this morning:


Deutsche Bank next Lehman? Who said that yesterday? I said it:

Like the fun from 2008, this next round will center on the funny money-inflated banking industry. Deutsche Bank will be playing the part of Lehman Brothers…

Then I saw a story at LRC and The Telegraph: ‘Emergency’ Need For Exorcists After Surge in People Dabbling in Satanism and Black Magic.

“The number of people who take part in occult and satanic practices, which lead to serious physical, psychological and spiritual damages, is constantly rising.”

Dr Cascioli teaches courses in exorcism at the Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum, a Vatican-backed university in Rome. “The number of exorcists has increased in recent years, but there are still not enough to deal with a dramatic situation that affects, above all, young people who use the internet a lot.

“There is a broad spread of superstitious practices, and with that a growing number of requests for help from people who are directly or indirectly struck by evil.

“It is dangerous to underestimate a phenomenon that is caused by the direct actions of the devil, but also by a decline in faith and values.”

Again, I’ve already been there. I had a similar article a month ago. I said:

In addition to ample man-made malady, demonic activity and possession is on the rise across the globe. Wesley Baines interviewed Fr. Gary Thomas, a Vatican trained exorcist. Thomas explained that there is an increasing incidence of possession by fallen spirits which afflicts protestants and atheists as well as Catholics.

Tooting my own horn, I was also the first person (outside LEO) to identify the “book” in Charlotte. A small first, but a first still.

You’re welcome for all this foresight.

And, don’t think that these events and issues are not connected, each with the others. They are.

The violent crime and social unrest, the terrorism and invasion, the economic turmoil, and the rise of the Satanic are all interrelated. The demonic is the big umbrella under which all the others reside. It’s all part of the ancient war on us. The first step in fighting and resisting in that war is thinking about it. That’s what I do here. It’s what we do here. This is becoming a we centered effort.

Thank you all.

Justice and Blow Back


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Good and bad news on the terror front today.

The good news is Hussein Obama’s veto of the 9/11 Bill was soundly overridden. Now perhaps we can get some answers there.

The bad news: we got answers today about Omar Mateen’s shooting rampage in Orlando. The details are not pretty. The FBI finally released the rest of the 911/negotiation recording transcripts. The massacre was prompted, on ISIS’s behalf, by the drone killing of Abu Wahid and some other terrorists in Iraq. It also suggests Marteen was not necessarily a lone wolf. This is called blow back. It is facilitated by our crazed foreign policies and our suicidal immigration laws.

I was suspicious of the official lie…story all along.


Perrin Lovett, June 21, 2016.

Thirteen lines out of nearly half an hour of conversation was BS. Now we have the rest of the story (TRANSCRIPT).


Free Beacon / Orlando PD / Justice Dept.[SIC]

This is what we get. This is what Geo. Washington warned us about. A product of needless wars and deadly population replacement. It is the result of our stupid, blind allegiance to the globalists, the banksters, the oil companies and the arms dealers. It is dead Americans; 49 that night as the negotiation went on.

How much is enough? Apparently for the maniacs in D.C. there is no such thing as too much war or too many dead people. They will keep on bombing and then import more angry savages, utterly incompatible with Western Civilization.

Some people get it. In response to my early post, Terrorism By The Numbers, a Facebook friend replied: “Can you imagine America taking in 100,000 German refugees *while* we were bombing Dresden?” That sums it up perfectly. We are attacking an enemy that wasn’t until we attacked, and in a place where we have no business. Then we bring the enemy here, unfettered. The results are predictable.

As our leaders have betrayed us, we must help ourselves. We can start by gunning down the next Omar Mateen before he gets started. Enough is enough.

Terrorism By The Numbers


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Monday night during that pitiful excuse for a debate I heard several semi-coherent blurbs about fighting ISIS and terrorism. Most of these blurbs were accusations leveled from one RepubliCrat to another. Essentially there was no strategy discussed.

Much of the current political and military lying about ISIS concerns Syria. The plan seems to be: fund and equip ISIS until it is time to bomb them; then do so, violating international agreements. For all the craziness, the plan does make sense geographically. ISIS is in Syria. They’re also in America.

They’re active in America. Which country is Orlando located in? How about New York? Minneapolis? San Bernardino? They’re everywhere, here. And that is literally the truth.

Recently linked FBI data shows that Islamic and other terrorists have been active in every state during the past year. Here’s a map:


FBI / Breitbart.

Seven thousand seven hundred and twelve encounters in the past year. Not all, obviously, were violent. Still, this rate and quantity is ridiculous.

The FBI has been criticized frequently for their seeming inability to combat terrorism even when the suspect(s) are on the radar. Maybe they are overwhelmed. 7,712 cases could do that.

Information analyzed out of Arizona revealed that a little over 80% of the cases (215 out of 267) involved Islamic terrorists. It could just be that we have an Islamic terror problem in this country (not Syria).

The Regime’s solution is simply: just bring in more Muslims – by any means necessary. If they wind up on the terror watch / deportation list, make them citizens. Hillary Clinton will continue this program, accelerating it if possible. It will continue under Donald Trump, his bombastic counter-assertions aside.

America was not like this not all that long ago. We had problems then, yes. But, call me crazy, things seemed better back then. The numbers.

The Financial Crisis Recovery Crisis


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Remember the financial crisis? And I mean from your own personal experience. Of course you do. Now, remember the recovery – again from experience and not what the media and politicians lied about. That ones a little harder, eh? There wasn’t much of a recovery honestly.

Now the recovery in name only is in crisis. Historically we’re due for another recession at this point. And the next one will be carrying the baggage of the last in addition to new problems.


At least the Joker had a plan – chaos.

Like the fun from 2008, this next round will center on the funny money-inflated banking industry. Deutsche Bank will be playing the part of Lehman Brothers or AIG (or both).

Europe’s biggest lender Deutsche Bank has lost more than half of its value since January, posing a threat to the stability of other banks across the continent. Some analysts are worried it could invoke a large-scale crisis, bigger than in 2008.

After a massive sell-off on Monday, Deutsche Bank’s market value shrank to €14.5 billion. In dollar terms it is only $2 billion more than the $14 billion penalty the bank faces from the United States Department of Justice over its mortgage-backed securities business before the 2008 global crisis.

Deutsche’s problems have raised questions about the health of other big European lenders. The share price of the Royal Bank of Scotland has plunged 13 percent and Italy’s UniCredit is down 12 percent this month. The Bloomberg Europe 500 Banks and Financial Services Index is down 4.2 percent for September. This is the worst result since June, when the Brexit referendum heavily hit the markets.

The problems of Deutsche Bank are putting the German government in a difficult dilemma, as it must decide whether to save the bank, whose assets are valued at about €1.8 trillion, half the size of the German economy.

Get that? A crisis bigger than 2008. That’s because this one is still tainted by the problems of 2008 which were never dealt with.

Germany is working on a rescue plan but that is just for and because of one bank. What about the others?

There was a secret rescue of sorts after 2008. The Federal Reserve printed up and gave away (loaned to be technical) about $16 Trillion. All of it went to the banks. The banks did nothing with the money; I’ve talked about this before. Maybe a third of the fake cash was gifted to foreign banks – mainly European. The same banks that are in trouble again. The numbers are hard to figure but Deutsche got hundreds of Billion$.

But that doesn’t mean it didn’t accept government rescue money during the financial crisis. Consider the following:

  • As one of the largest counterparties of failed insurer AIG, Deutsche Bank received $11.8 billion of the funds used to bail out AIG. [2]
  • The Federal Reserve made emergency low-cost funds widely available to foreign as well as US member institutions through its discount window. Deutsche Bank was the second heaviest user of such funds, borrowing more than $2 billion. [3]
  • The Federal Reserve also created a program known as the Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility, which allowed banks to use their assets, including troubled or hard-to-value assets, as collateral for short term loans. Deutsche Bank was the largest user of the program, sending the Fed more than $290 billion worth of mortgage securities.[4]

To most people, who don’t make fine distinctions among the particular government programs that funneled their tax dollars to financial institutions, this probably looks an awful lot like a bailout.

This has been on my radar since at least 2013. I focused on the derivatives bubble then. It’s amazing that it has lasted this long.

And, it can’t last much longer. This crisis will probably be the main story of this fall, rather than the clown-show of the U.S. election.

Sadly, the people “in charge” have no idea how to combat these problems, which they created. Their only solutions will be more of the same. For us, that means more suffering. prepare now; this could get very rough.

Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18. Wooo!



This is one heck of a cigar!


This Corojo masterpiece of the D.R. is incredible. The very medium-full body conveys a tastes that is at once “dirty” (like you wouldn’t suspect from the Dominican) and smooth (like a Cuban).


I knew just by the first touch it would be a great smoke. You know the feel. Soft but firm. And it did not disappoint. The draw and burn were utterly perfect. By the way, I smoked two for control purposes. Both were Grand Rothschild 6x58s.

It’s a pricier smoke at over $15 but it is actually worth it. I rarely say that. Try one soon! Good Lawd!


Hedonism never had it so good.


Demosthenian It Was Not


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It was like watching two demented doctors argue over treatment for a corpse then realizing they’re really arguing over grave robbing.

Absolutely amazing but the debate really went something like this:


Some takeaways:

  • Like George Carlin said, this really is the best we can do.
  • Each “side” thought their clown won, if only barely.
  • I was a little surprised Hillary didn’t cough, faint or zone out.
  • Why was Trump sniffing between jibbers early on?
  • Both are smart people. They’re only acting stupid.
  • That was the worst debate I have seen.
  • No disrespect to Lester but why even bother with a moderator.
  • For all the “action” it felt scripted.
  • Beyond typical: Democrat clown: “tax and spend”; Republican clown: “law and order.”
  • Neither has any concept of freedom.
  • They both want your guns.
  • I’m glad I do not vote.
  • I’m glad I do not watch idiot-vision.
  • The Republic is dead and has been for some time. When the resuscitation efforts grow tiresome, let me know. I have a death certificate. Would you like an autopsy?
  • The Empire, unacknowledged by most, is on life support, which is acknowledged even less.
  • I need to work on those fall getaway ideas.

Debate Expectations


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Mine are extraordinarily low. Trump and Clinton face off in a little over an hour. I’m actually going to stay up and watch the show or at least try. I’ll give some thought to what they say though the saying doesn’t always translate well into the doing later on. Honestly, I’ve completely written off Clinton. Trump is a very impressive man but he has not impressed me as a candidate. He says many of the right things. Then he either backtracks, softens, or goes totally wild.



Anyway, in addition to the comedy and Clinton cough watch, I’ll be keeping track of a few core issues. I may come back with post-debate analysis. I’m sure I could go ahead and do it now as few (if any) of the following will be reasonably discussed:

  • Taxes. Eliminate the income tax and the IRS completely. Replace it with nothing.
  • Abolish the Federal Reserve. Replace the funny money with gold -backed (or ANYTHING backed) currency in a “free” market-based banking structure. Exile or execute the banksters.
  • Halt all debt spending. Repudiate and cancel the existing federal debt and all unfunded liabilities. They’re never going to be repaid, they really don’t exist, and they’re a product of the funny money. Hell, repudiate all debt period. Make debt illegal.
  • End all entitlement programs.
  • End all programs, agencies, and expenditures not expressly in the Constitution.
  • Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments.
  • End the wars, recall all personnel, and disband the standing military, reduce it to the limits of the Constitution.
  • Return defense to the several states, the militias, and the people. Return many things to the people.
  • End the war on drugs.
  • Pardon all current and previous federal convicts not convicted of piracy, counterfeiting or treason.
  • Expel or execute all terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, terrorist apologists, and anyone remotely connected with terrorism.
  • Halt all immigration into this country.
  • Expel all foreign nationals – all of them (for now).
  • Repeal the Immigration Act of 1965. Execute anyone still alive who voted for it and anyone who supports it.
  • Surrender all nuclear weapons to Perrin Lovett.
  • Repeal all federal firearms laws. Re-legalize machine guns first.
  • Repeal most federal laws.
  • Acknowledge that judicial review is an unsupported fraud.
  • Reduce and limit the courts.
  • Vastly increase the membership of the House.
  • Have all redress of grievances with go through Congress.
  • Abolish all administrative regulatory agencies. Ceremonially burn the CFR.
  • End all foreign aid.
  • Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.
  • Acknowledge the Union is voluntary.
  • Tear down that shrine to Baphomet.
  • Reduce D.C. to its native status as a swamp.

Okay. Now I’m getting carried away. None of this will be done and some of it is far beyond the President’s power anyway.

Still, these are some of the things I’ll be looking for. Let’s go green with this government – reduce, reuse, recycle, burn it to the damned ground.