Perrin Lovett is an author, writer, and freedom expert. When formerly a practicing attorney, occasional lobbyist, and small-time political meddler, Perrin mixed and mingled with the American “elite” for well over a decade. He also witnessed the power of the system crushing the common man. This left him with a lasting sense of revulsion.  As a result of these experiences and his own personal convictions, Perrin is one of the most pro-freedom advocates in the western world.  A personal anarchist and spiritual Catholic, Perrin seeks peace and prosperity for all free people.

This humble blog is his primary presence on the internet. His ramblings may also be found at Freedom Prepper, Preparedness Weekly, and Cigars City. He has written hundreds of articles and papers on Natural Law, freedom, firearms, and political, legal and economic abuses. He is also the author of The Happy Little Cigar Book and Perrin on Politics. Additional books by Perrin Lovett are forthcoming.

With his Herculean physique and daring feats of valor, Perrin was once thought by some to be the inspiration behind Conan the Barbarian.


Perrin Lovett

For a short while longer he will continue to split his time between Georgia and Florida before retreating into the mountains. He is the proud father of a beautiful and talented daughter, Alexandra.  When not writing he enjoys reading, weight lifting, “dirty” boxing, shooting sports, womanizing, cigars and craft beers.

Perrin Lovett is available for consultations, writing projects and speaking engagements. Contact him at perrinlovett[at]gmail[dot]com.





Fun Legal Disclaimers:

The views, opinions, and educational services provided on this site are purely the work and/or opinions of Perrin B. Lovett, Esq. If you question the veracity of any information found herein, kindly conduct independent research in order to verify the same. Be mindful that Perrin often uses satire to make points.

Also, the posts made at this site by Perrin Lovett, unless denoted as guest columns or “re-posts” from elsewhere, are the intellectual property of Perrin B. Lovett. They are copy-write protected under the laws of the United States and some other jurisdictions. As I note herein, I try absolutely to give credit where credit is due. I ask the same of those who quote my work. A little citation goes a long way. Perhaps my ideas inspire you to write something greater – I hope so. If you need to quote me, just do so. Any elaborate use of my works (other than credited re-posting) requires my authorization, which I will likely give with great enthusiasm. Re-posting or forwarding on sites like Facebook or related blogs are okay without authorization. However, other unauthorized dissemination is prohibited.

Nothing contained herein constitutes legal advice or other professional advice. No attorney-client relationship is established when you read any of Perrin’s legal rants or his serious legal discourses. Neither Perrin Lovett, nor any other lawyer or attorney worth his salt, will ever make final guarantees regarding any legal matter or the ultimate outcome thereof. Laws change constantly, courts make erroneous decisions, facts and intentions are mis-communicated, and sometimes things just go wrong. Rather than advice, think of the information on this site as legal education from an expert, but limited by his knowledge, understanding, and various factors.

Should you have a legal or other issue which must be professionally addressed, Perrin recommends you contact a qualified professional in the particular subject area and in your locale.

The ideas communicated in Perrin’s blog posts are his own opinions and conclusions reached after experience, reflection, and research. Oftentimes the posts contain links to outside sources (original sources). Perrin Lovett does not warrant that any such links will actually work when engaged, nor does he control the sites behind those links and cannot be responsible for any changes made thereto. While not necessarily resorting to formal MLA, Blue Book, or other official citation systems, Perrin does go to great effort to credit information sources. Visual pictures and perhaps videos are also included in some posts. Many of these pictures were taken by and remain the proprietary property of Perrin B. Lovett. Others originated from sources Perrin found on the internet or other sources (i.e. Google Images); Perrin uses these pursuant to the “fair use” doctrine. Should you discover that one of your own images has been used herein you may contact Perrin regarding the same. Perrin will either ask for your continuing permission, adjust the use of the image(s), or remove them altogether.

Nothing contained herein is intended for use or expression contrary to any valid legal condition in any pertinent jurisdiction. Certainly, most of the posting herein were developed with any eye towards compliance with Natural Law, based on Perrin Lovett’s best interpretation thereof and as judged by the Ultimate Authority.

UPDATE, December 29, 2018:

Policy on guest posts and PSAs. These are not allowed here. I’ve had numerous requests over the years for both and, every time I ask for more information, I get nothing back from the would-be contributor. If you’d like to add something, get your own site. The irony is that the very few people I would exempt from this general policy have their own platforms.

Also, I terminated the (mostly unused) Patreon account and I’m in the process of killing social media – YouTube notwithstanding. If you want to follow me, then do so here or via the TPC columns or Amazon. FP is wrapping up (sadly) early in January of 2019.

And, to confirm suspicions, this site is (and really always has been) for Westerners with north of Mensa-level mental abilities. Others are welcome but not the target audience.

Thanks, P.

Why are you reading this boring nonsense – get back to the fun stuff!

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  1. Good job Perrin!


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