Perrin Lovett is an author. He is a Christian, a nationalist, and a son of both the American and Southern Confederate Revolutions.

This humble blog is his primary presence on the internet. His ramblings may also be found (or, were found) at Broadly Speaking, The Piedmont Chronicles, Freedom Prepper, Preparedness Weekly, Cigars City, and few other outlets.


Perrin Lovett (some years ago…)

Perrin Lovett is sometimes available for (very expensive!) consultations, writing projects, and speaking engagements. Contact him at perrinlovett[at]gmail[dot]com.

Fun Legal Disclaimers:

The views, opinions, and observations provided on this site are purely the work and/or opinions of Perrin Lovett. Be mindful that he often uses satire to make certain points.

Copywrite protected intellectual property of Perrin Lovett. Links to this site are welcomed. Please solicit permission to run entire columns or articles. Unauthorized dissemination is prohibited. Etc.

And so forth!

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  1. Good job Perrin!


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