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It’s your critical responsibility if you have any to educate them about the increasing uncertainties of our times. Scott wrote a magnificent article on the topic at Freedom Prepper. It’s a must-read and must-share item for American families.

Learning situational awareness helps you both professionally and personally. Business leaders use SA to study past actions and events, analyze what is happening currently, and steer their business towards a more positive future. Armed with SA knowledge, leaders can create effective business strategy that gives clarity to their operational goals. This way, threats are addressed early on and losses minimized in an efficient manner.

Teaching children about SA helps them in comprehending and assessing complications of the world they live in from an early age. It makes them responsible about their own safety as well as that of their family members and friends. It also acquaints them with generic rules of the community.

Situational awareness enables children to be independent and assertive while they become familiar with their environment. It also helps them to be confident when faced with challenging circumstances. Ultimately, SA sharpens a child’s perceptive intelligence thereby assisting them in solving cognitive tasks at school or at home.

This will be one of the most important things you do this year. Do it today.