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We’re nearing the end of the tour-of-Europe, with a quick glance at two final Eastern nations and a cursory glimpse at the Rest of the European West. Welcome to part eight. 

PART I: Poland

PART II: Slovakia

PART III: Hungary

PART IV: Poland 2.0

PART V: Romania (and Moldova)

PART VI: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia (with Czechia)

PART VII: Estonia and the Baltics

No apologies, young friends, but I really have to speed this along. Our first two destinations you have heard of, though they are somewhat historically, politically, and economically different than those we’ve covered. Both still fit within my tripartite matrix. The list that follows them is, well, a list. Here are the two final Eastern Euro nations of the great tour:


It’s, as might be guessed, majority (78%) Ukrainian. The remainder is mostly Russian and the total demographic composition is roughly 98-99% similar, if not utterly homogeneous. 80% are Christians, with 60% belonging to the Eastern Orthodox Church; 95% are “believers.” As such, they tend to be intelligent, solidly “average” on average, and ahead of the declining US.

The languages are, again, as might be expected, Ukrainian and Russian. The currency is the Hryvnia, one of which roughly equals .04 USD. There’s is a wide-open, beautiful country, with a rapidly developing, increasingly sophisticated economy. They are a proud people of tradition. One of the traditions is intermittent disagreement with,


Okay, here’s a brief slow-down. When I was a boy, we were reliably told that Russia (then, the USSR) was the “evil empire.” They were our “cold” adversaries and their people suffered miserably under communism. And, now, today… Today, we have completely flipped the equation around. The land of the free is dying from a million self-inflicted wounds. Meanwhile, in Russia, they have flat taxes, superhighways, skyscrapers going up at an Arab or Asian rate, as long as you’re not subversive, you’re as free as a lark, AKs are everywhere, and they have a government that appears to govern for (not against) the benefit of the people.

Those people are, nationwide, 80% ethnically Russian, and about 90% European. The country is huge, truly continent-spanning; in the Euro West, the demographics are closer to 99% homogenous. 75% are “spiritual” and 50% are Eastern Orthodox Christians. They have the fair share of atheists, likely holdovers from the terrors of the past, but the overall situation is better than much of the West. They’re smart too, with an average IQ a hair under a straight normative SB/WAIS average – nearly half an SD above that in Amerika.

You guessed it! They speak Russian. Their currency is the Ruble. And, they are a powerful, nuclear-armed nation, the most dominant one of the two countries that need not bow to the new evil empire. While known best for their vodka, they also produce some of the best local, craft beer – generally made on small farms by older women – in Europe.

These are two great and proud countries. They are not without issues. Think of it as trading one form of uncertainty for another, but in two places where the people and their lands will outlast the problems they face.

Now, for a very quick look at the rest of the larger nations of Europe. If they taught you anything in your school classes (a large if, I know), then you probably know a little already. SP, the Duck, and InfoGalactic can fill in the gaps. Many of these are the secondary lines of the real “Camp of the Saints” struggle, somewhat behind the leading descender, the US Empire. Beyond noting that the first two are nuclear powers, I’m just going to rattle off:

The UK,









Denmark and the Scandinavians, 

Iceland, and

“Etc.” for anyone else I overlooked.

Some of them are worse off than others, but all are salvageable and all are (for now) better off than the dead USA. Make of it what you will. Watch the rest of Europe! The right is rising and the people are getting tired of being lied to and dominated by (decimated by) the globalists. There will be positive changes! If you’re part of it, I’d appreciate that postcard. 

With regard to any of these alternatives, it is important to put aside any of the mainstream lies you have been told by the corporate-CIA media and your “schools.” Also, kindly discount or take with a grain of salt the “advice” you may have received from most Gen Xers and nearly all older generations about everything political and economic in these nations. Their pitiful obsession with taxes, rights, equality, and the rest of it blinded them to the destruction of their own nation; who really cares what they say about other lands? Yes, things are different elsewhere, but they work. And again, they’ll keep working while America fights her last wars and afterward, regardless of what happens in North America.

And! We’re not quite done with Europe yet. Next, we’ll investigate a few “smaller” options out of a medium-sized collection of tiny nations. After that? Well, there are more places outside of the US and Europe to consider. We’ll name a few at least. And then, finally, the time will come to discuss the potential and likely future of America and the United States.