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Now, part five in this series, a look at a slightly different kind of Euro nation, Romania – with Moldova added as a bonus.

PART I: Poland

PART II: Slovakia

PART III: Hungary

PART IV: Poland 2.0

First, some series-related good news: Our second and third nations, Slovakia and Hungary, have entered into (another) cooperative agreement to ensure growth and prosperity in both nations into this decade. Among pooled resources to combat the likely CIA/DOD-based pandemic, the two coherent nations will further expand border crossing and a gas pipeline, among other items. A strange note for Americans to grasp: neither country will be robbing the other or off-shoring native jobs. Things are different when things are better.

And now, Romania.

Much like Poland and Hungary, this free, Christian country wedged between Hungary and the Black Sea has the unadulterated desire to see its families and children prosper. As such, the legislature has just passed reforms that will kill globo-pedo perverted sex education in the schools and which ban gender “studies” in colleges. They did their time under communism and have, apparently, had more than enough of it. Of course, some of us realized that (or should have) back around Christmas of 1989 when, during the short, happy Revolution, the good people dispatched Secretary-General Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife via firing squad. (Always shoot the communist dictators!)

Since then, it’s been throttle-down for freedom, wealth, and general happiness in Romania. The Faith of the People plays a huge role in that as does the nature of the people themselves. They are almost entirely ethnic Romanians, with a handful of other, related peoples (and some Gypsies) sprinkled in for seasoning. The overwhelming majority are Christians, 80+ percent of them belonging to the Orthodox Church. 

Again, I wasn’t that happy with the average intelligence estimates I found. However, as-is, they are essentially tied with the dying US Empire in terms of raw IQ. The differences, I believe, are several. I don’t think they have had the necessary spread of testing in order to accurately gauge the measure. They are, while now a “first” world nation, still technically developing; they are – in terms of roads, schools, opportunities, agriculture, etc. – roughly where the USE is. However, as we decline precipitously, they, still recovering from Stalin’s boot, are rising. I suspect that at the end of this decade when the USE is … ailing … they will be closing on par with their neighbors regarding academic ability, opportunity, and ingenuity. 

The fact that I have lumped these fantastic people and their rich heritage into this series should tell you something. I need not, nor will not, continue to repeat myself with all facets of the various societies. They’re members of the EU, they have money, you can learn Romanian, etc. Duck and Start Page all of that.

Instead, I’ll cover that matter that’s been eating at your brain since you first read “Romania,” above. Yes, this is the home of Vlad Dracula – the very real Impaler and the vampiric notion of Bram Stoker’s keen mind. When you go for your exploratory visit – and, again, you need to look before you leap – you can be part of the zany history of these interrelated characters! 

There are much speculation and debate as to which castle or fortress was the exact home of whom or inspiration for what. They have castles like we have Waffle Houses. Start with this one, which may have had less to do with the historical Prince than some would— Just start there, okay? And, should you get tired of the keep-hopping, then make plans to retire for the evening at the favorite lodging of the fictional Count … Hotel Castle Dracula! Yeah, I must admit that it looks more than half like a tourist trap, but hey – the rooms and eats look inviting and the scenery is amazing. Note: I do not know whether this has to do with the Hoax of 20 or something else, but various sources are reporting booking difficulty and/or possible closure. ?? You got me. Whatever. Just remember to enter freely and of your own free will and leave something of the happiness you bring! Ha, I crack myself up…

Okay! The bonus. Next door, to the east of Romania and in between Ukraine and the Black Sea, one finds the lovely, little, overlooked country of,

MOLDOVA. (No, I’m not making any of these places up) 

This gem of a nation and a people is rather related, in terms of people, culture, and history, with Romania, Hungary, and Poland – it fits with our exploration. And, it is remarkably homogeneous and unmolested by the Twenty-first Century! It’s essentially 100% one People, and 95% of them are Christians (93% Orthodox). The language – Duck or SP it! – is similar to Romanian while the IQ is closer in line with Poland. 

Moldova is another “developing” Euro nation, perhaps a little behind, economically, Romania. Climate-wise, it is much the same – a “cool” kind of place. And, there, one can find that a “Saiga” isn’t just a Russian tactical shotgun! (You’ll see…) And, like just about anywhere I’d steer you, it’s a beautiful land full of beautiful people. Again, this is a traditional place that is rising while maintaining the ways that made it what it is. 

Take a closer look and see if you might be a good fit for their great future. If so, whether it’s from Romania or Moldova, kindly remember my postcard. Thanks.


This occurred to me sometime during my processing of viable civilizations: if you go, try to make yourself indispensable. As I mentioned a few posts ago, do not be that girl, who tries to Yankee-ize your new home; fully blend in. In doing so, find some way you can contribute to the community. It will help you learn more about them and how to mirror their culture and it will cause them to love and want you. Be a stand-in [Pole, Slovak, Hungarian, or Moldovian] that they wouldn’t ever dream of wanting to lose … or get rid of. I think the magnitude and importance of this sentiment will become more manifestly obvious as the decade drags on.

Also, I must admit that, as noted briefly above, this entry might lack a little of the steam that powered its predecessors. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that this is part five. But, if it’s so, then remember that it is difficult to keep up the intensity, repeating great things in and about various categories, over and over for a wide field of nations, each excellent. All of the countries I’m covering are here for a reason. They all at least pass my three-part test for high homogeneity, Christianity, and an average intelligence that meets or exceeds that of the US (an increasingly easy feat). In many ways, depending on the definition, the places I’m covering are more Western than the West (or, are just parts of it). 

Travel Tip #1234: I’ve hinted at this before, but there is an added word of caution or concern if one rents an automobile in the Eastern nations of Europe. They’re all EU and Schengen, but the insurance companies have some funny restrictions. You can still go, but they have extra charges (imagine that) based on travel into what they (the insurance cabal) describes as the northern and southern zones of the Eastern Schengen area. Undoubtedly, your rental company will explain this and assist you in lightening the wallet accordingly. Just make sure you’re up-front about the itinerary. These being modern cars, one can safely assume they’ll know where you’ve been – and rat you out at your expense. There’s also the matter of toll passes and a few more small things. Consult Auto Europe for cursory information.

Next time, we go … to some other great nation.