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A few blogging updates about last month.

This site is in its fifth calendar year. I’ve only posted in three Septembers (2013, 2015, 2016). 2013 only saw one measly post. 2015 was a decent month with thirteen posts and good enough traffic. Last month was on fire, the heaviest trafficked month in history, with a near 20% increase over August (itself the previous record). In the first nine months of this year I’ve exceeded all of 2015 by almost 40% – I’m on pace to more than double traffic from last year and possibly outperform all previous years combined.

An International Presence

This is a quintessential American/Western site though I did have September visitors from 36 countries. The top five, accounting for 97% of visitors were: the U.S., U.K., Honduras, Canada, and Germany.

The Top Posts Of Sept.

Fifteen Years Ago – my recollection of 9/11.

Cigars Are Healthy – medical vindication of my hobby.

A Tale of Two Charlotteans – when the society slides, guns keep the peace.

By the way, the most popular post of all-time is Gunning For Votes (Sept., 2015) followed closely by Democracy in America (May, 2015). I’d pick Democracy out of those two though it’s still not my favorite.

Who Are Y’all

After four years I’m finally building up some regular followers here – I add 1 – 2 per day. Thanks, peeps!

Additionally, I get a healthy clickage from: Facebook, the prepping community (welcome again!), and Linkedin. I also see an increase in Google and other engine-direct traffic. I have the SEO skills of a drunk wharf-rat but something seems to be working.


perrinlovett.me is like a giant caterpillar – green and sure to eat all the peppers…

I said a little over a week ago I was redefining what makes a “good” day here. Wouldn’t you know it, that triggered Murphy’s Law. With the exception of last Sunday, it’s been a struggle and the new daily average has been just shy of the new mark. Growing pains.

Anyway, this is number 768. Fall is here. It’s October. This is my favorite season and I’m ready to roll!

Thanks, again.