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Here’s a bit of good news about the West. And you thought I was forgetting to post this Saturday. I’ve haven’t been busy, just lazy.

Not so long ago NASA scrapped the Space Shuttle ending over 30 years of reusable space technology. The Shuttle was a marvel if it did end up being a money pit. It and the Moon landings were NASA’s crowning achievements. The future belongs to private space companies but it was nice for the government to provide a kickoff.

Many, myself included, saw the end of the Shuttle as part of the decline of America. I think we were wrong perhaps. They have one last kickoff and they’ve saved the best for last.

Forget Mars, rockets and nuclear drives. Meet the IXS Enterprise:


VIDEO by The Cosmos News / YouTube.

That’s obviously not a real ship, just an artist’s rendering. The idea, a brainchild of NASA scientist Harold G. White, was launched in 2013; the real ship probably won’t until maybe 2113. But it will happen. This or something similar.

And it’s a superluminal ship. That means it will go faster than the speed of light by bending (bubbling) the time-space continuum. A working warp drive.

With hordes of primitives trying to drag us back to the stone age and a people who seem pleased with staring at electric garbage in a flat box, it’s nice that someone is thinking about the future.

Maybe in a 100 years or so we will be able to load up all the politicians, banksters, terrorists, and their apathetic idiot enablers and supporters and send them far, far away. Or, we can escape them. Or both.

Our kids, grand kids, great-grand kids or their children will witness this one day. We cannot be beaten back or down. We are the future.

Ahead, warp whatever…