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The first got the crap beat out of him (Video). It looked to me like the “flexibles” might have been trying to homo-rape him. You know, for the power…

The second smoothly drove on and got away safely. Some SJWs are none to happy about his escape.

The difference? The second man had a gun and was ready to use it. He didn’t have to. Thugs usually give way immediately when they encounter determined resistance.


The “F*ck the Police” sign-holders were surely crying to the police about this.

The first man begged for mercy as he was beaten. Pathetic. And he received none. The savage types and mobs in general are not known for compassion. Never beg. Fight! Make them beg.

I would say the man in the car was close to brandishing his gun, almost in a casual manner. I wasn’t there though. In general neither of those two actions – brandishing and casual display – are never proper technique. A gun should only be deployed for active shooting (not showing). However, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

He was in the middle of a violent mob of heathens. Said monsters were busy beating beggars, kicking over the homeless, trying to throw photographers into fires, knocking down reporters, hating on the white debil, fighting with the cops and each other – in addition to rioting, looting, and committing vandalism arson and other felonies. A handgun was more than justified. Hell, a Browning M2 would have been justified. I just hope he exercises a little more caution next time. At least he made it out.

I also hope just one of the insurrectionists learned from this also. Some of us are damned sick and tired and are taking counter-measures. If things don’t change very soon, a lot of thugs are about to get a painful lesson. Our kindness and tolerance (and wimpy begging (sigh)) are taken as weakness and provoke more attacks. Then, invariably, we snap and all hell breaks loose. This is an observable pattern of history.

I can feel it coming. Can you? Something very similar is the subject of my “big post” which, sadly, is delayed again. It really won’t be long…(sigh).

Tonight I hope there is peace in Charlotte. If not, I hope there are dead rioters in the morning. If things escalate I will be calling for rifles. I trust all of you have the pistols ready as is. I know my lunch buddies do.