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Two of my major themes here are that I: 1) hate government in all its evil lowliness, and; 2) I love cigars. Today I have greater reason to champion both of these worthy ideas.

The FDA is waging all out war on the premium cigar industry. Stupid law after draconian regulation threaten to disrupt if not kill the family of the leaf. It’s all part of the government’s larger war on freedom. They hate us, seeing us as little more than cattle to be milked of taxes until we die. Die will shall some day but not due to our cigars.

Cigars are bad, lies the state, because of children and health and safety and other BS – all of it dead wrong. It seems that the FDA has in its possession an in-house study which shows there are no significant health risks associated with smoking 1 – 2 cigars per day. The study was an amalgam of multiple independent medical studies conducted between 1965 and 2000.

The study noted that all examined types of cancers and maladies were in some way associated with cigars – they found that people will eventually die of something. Most people know that anyway. However, the increased risk associated with cigars is negligible, almost nonexistent; it looks to be an average increase of about 1%.

That’s it. One percent and cigars are bad. Most scientists and statisticians will tell you about something known as the margin of error in studies like this. It may be that cigars actually impart zero risk.

Of course the government spun its finding – when it finally released them – in the typical dishonest official way. (Seems to me they’ve been hiding this information). They summarized their findings, saying that cigar smoking is associated with death. They left out the contributing percentages which, again, are effectively nothing.

Here are some of the statistically insignificant findings (note all the single digits and zeros):


Heartland Institute.

None of this should come as a surprise, especially to the cigar community. Government is a giant lie personified; it is pure Satanic evil from Hell.

As part of the new cigar regulations which took effect at the beginning of the month, cigars now come with warning labels, such as:

  • Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.
  • Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.
  • Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Lies, lies, and more lies. Government needs its own “Government Warning” label.

And even this study only looks at health risks (none) and not health benefits. Cigars were prescribed for decades as medical treatment for a variety of illnesses, from asthma to anxiety. Cigar smokers tend to be happier people. Now there’s more reason to be happy.

So it is that my love of cigars is well justified – now by medical science. Also vindicated once more is my atavistic hatred of the dread institution of the state. In coming posts I may explore ways to deconstruct the menace of government. For now, I’m going to enjoy a healthy cigar.


Smoke on that, my friends.

By the way, I was serious:

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Government is a known leading cause of death, destruction, disinformation, theft, hatred, general misery and human suffering. To Hell with it.