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Political corruption never sleeps. It never relents. And it hates being exposed.

Wikileaks was poised to give us an October Surprise this coming Tuesday. Rumor has it, it will be more on the walking, talking corruption that is the life of Hillary Clinton. Normally, Wiki just posts this stuff and alerts the media. This time was going to be special. Julian Assange had plans to step out on the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy and deliver the goods in person, like some dictatorial proclamation in a banana republic. Why? Who knows. Maybe the long stay inside is getting to his head.

Someone must have advised him this wasn’t a good idea (snipers and Sky-Hook rides to GITMO and so forth). He canceled the plans to release the information in such fashion. I imagine we’ll get it – and forget it – in a way that doesn’t risk Julian getting shot.


Photo by HeatStreet. Modified by Super Possum.

Hillary seems completely unworried. She’s recuperating nicely will Huma is hamming it up in Paris. She was dispatched to Europe to get the expat vote and to double register dead migrants.

There was a $5,000 a plate party you weren’t invited to. A party with celebrities and royalty and W’s daughter. Wheee! Then they had an after affair at some Billionaire’s home. (Wonder if that guy pays any taxes?) Huma’s estranged husband couldn’t make it. He was busy dodging the SVU.

You’re with her, remember? And she’s with you … just so long as you’re a celebrity, a prince, or just super rich. Super, eh?

Meanwhile the fires of the Empire burn unabated. The Pentagon just admitted it paid a UK PR firm $540 Million over four years to cook up some fake news video for Al Queda in Iraq. No idea what the videos were used for or if they were ever used. Who cares? It’s just money we don’t have for an idiotic undeclared war, in a place that doesn’t concern us, against an enemy we created and continue to support.

This may explain where .00008% of that missing $6.5 Trillion went. Hahaha.

Now, back to your pink-clad, anti-American, overweight, low-IQ, felon-ball.