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**NOTE** This piece was written under the influence of pain killers and prescription strength muscle relaxers.  I really really hope it makes sense to you, my beloved readers.  ***

You, by now, have surely heard of Dylan Roof. A drug-addled, psychotic, racist piece of walking, talking sh*t in a form resembling man, Mr. Roof has done America a tremendous service in spite of his initial nefarious designs.

Earlier this week I had intended to write something about a different story out of South Georgia.  It also involved violence against the innocent although it was dispensed by a gang or group of deranged savages – the police.  Let me briefly touch on that story and how it relates to Dylan’s rampage.

Last year David Hooks and his wife, Teresa, were the victims of a burglary which resulted in the theft of their family vehicle.  Naturally, perhaps unwisely, they reported the crime to police.  The police, ever slow to solve property crimes, solved this one fast.  They apprehended the suspect and interviewed him.  Being a weasel, he said the drugs in his possession were found in the Hook’s stolen vehicle.  The police, being either incompetent or gullible, believed the thief and pursued a warrant against the Hooks.

During the night of September 24, 2014 the cops, attired in SWAT costumes, executed a search warrant at the Hooks residents.  Teresa, fearing the burglar(s) had returned called for David’s help.  David emerged with a shotgun and was promptly shot dead by the heavily armed police.  Of course, no drugs or other illegal items were found during the specious search.

Thus did the innocent David Hooks, 59, become the another causality (collateral damage) in the idiotic “war on drugs” in 21st Century America.

Business as usual, the police in Dublin are standing behind their actions.  No criminal charges will flow from this travesty of “justice.”  The Hook family will receive a settlement in their civil suit but this will not bring David back from the dead nor actively deter the police from future murders.  Is your War on Drugs really worth this?  This scenario unfolds every day.

What caught my eye about this story was the support generated for the Hook family. The hooks are white.  During a courthouse rally over this injustice many black civil rights activists from Atlanta showed up in support and outrage.  A disciple of the late Josea Williams stated that now white people would be brought into the struggle against police injustice.  The police shoot to death innocent people of all races almost every day.  It is an epidemic which is largely ignored outside of the black community, blacks being, historically, the primary victims of this “war.”

I rejoiced in that perhaps people would wake up and unite.  Then Dylan Roof came along.

On the evening of June 17, 2015 Dylan Roof walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. A prayer service was underway.  Dylan participated or at least sat quietly for an hour.  Dylan is white, the Church is predominantly black.

I have been the white face in a “black” church before.  I have never experienced the feeling of being the “white face” but rather a sensation of love and welcome as a brother of Christ.  I find black churches to be largely more Christian and less country club than many of their “white” counterparts.  Dylan no doubt experienced the same treatment.

Despite his kind, Christian treatment Dylan, without any provocation, shot and murdered nine church members – members who had just welcomed him with open arms.  Dylan is a white racist who hates blacks for no reason.


Dylan Roof, intoxicated redneck f*ck, dishonors the Confederate Battle Flag, guns, America, and all humanity. UK Daily Mail.

Dylan’s plan was to start a race war between blacks and whites in America.  As sure as Jesus cast demons from out mens’ hearts, Dylan’s plan has backfired.  Matthew 4:10; Luke 11:14.

In his “manifesto” Dylan declared, “N****rs are stupid and violent…. Black people view everything through a racial lense [sic].”  To solve this problem Dylan acted in the most stupid and violent manner possible against the most helpless and decent people he could find.

You know what happened at the AME church.  You know about the manhunt and Dylan’s capture.  You have intense feelings about this crime as do I.  Initially I called for Dylan’s execution.  This came from my heart in spite of my distrust of the American legal system in general and the death penalty specifically.  Thus was the force of emotion.

I wrote on a friend’s Facebook posting the comment: “Hang. Him. High.” I then remembered what I had written about the death penalty in South Carolina only a short time before: “Gandalf answered [Frodo] masterfully: ‘Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.’”

My own inconsistency here illustrates several points.  The State, having surrendered its legitimacy, should never be in the position of deciding whether anyone lives or dies. Christians should not seek nor rejoice in the execution of any criminal.  Dylan, like so many modern mass murderers, was under the influence of psychotic drugs initially developed by the CIA in an effort to effect mass mind control (MK Ultra).

Many have been the vacuous debates about the motives and influences behind these murders.  President Obama roundaboutly blames guns in society.  Guns rights folks blame our debased criminal society.  Dylan’s use of and convictions for legal and illegal drugs are mentioned.  Suspicious people like me see a government angle to the story. In the end, Dylan Roof did this and bears responsibility.  Despite my rationalization and research I still (sadly) stand by my knee-jerk statement of “Hang him.”  God help me, Dylan and everybody else.

Roof appeared by television before a Magistrate Judge.  The case against him is astounding.


Dylan Roof faces SC justice.  USA Today.


Charleston’s Mayor speaks about Roof and the death penalty.  USA Today.

As I said, Dylan’s plan for a war have backfired.  America has instead been brought together as rarely before.  Charleston is not Baltimore or Ferguson.  The country is galvanized against violence.  In Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched his mostly white civilian posse to guard black churches.

In Charleston victims of the crime have expressed forgiveness for Dylan in displays of love which nearly defy belief.  I mentioned my Facebook comments herein. Several of my FB friends have linked the following story:


“We are all Sandlappers.”  Facebook/Lauren’s County Sheriff’s Department.

A man tracked down Dylan via Facebook and posted the following on his page:


Marcus Stanley is a much bigger man than I. IJReview.


Marcus Stanley (R), 10 feet tall and made of gold.

SSRI drugs may play a part in the majority of modern American mass murders. However, the forgiveness and togetherness brought about by Dylan Roof are unprecedented.

While writing this story I interviewed two black gentlemen on their thoughts. Tito, a cigar brother, said, “Where we are as a country is sad.”  “In God’s house to commit those crimes is sad.”

Tito’s visiting friend, Gerard Ousely, of Durham, N.C. said: “Our country has been polarized.  In a sad state of affairs, we’re letting the minority run the majority.” He went on: “Nine people got killed behind hatred.”  “People die because of poor police tactics, racism, hatred, it’s just ridiculous.” “We the majority need to get behind what’s right.”

The time has come to stand together against evil, whether from the State or from each other.  Join the majority, join what is right.