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Have you ever been to the Yankee Capital on the Potomac?  I have.  The place stinks of corruption and swamp gas (mostly corruption).  The air is heavy with a dread sense of impending doom.  It is the opposite of Disney Land. It is the least happiest place on earth.

Washington is overrun with an odd assortment of con artists, criminals, psychopaths and their sycophants.  Worst of the worst are the elected trash under the Capital dome and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  These grafting lunatics continually foist scheme after scheme on the unenlightened American People.  They want everything: your money, your freedom, your property, your children, your obedience, and your very lives. These otherwise unemployable degenerates are the front men for what George Carlin used to call “The Big Club.” It’s an organization of wealthy pirates, money changers, politicians and other villains.

The Club gets what it wants – everything – all the time.  Watch and listen as George lays it all out (around 2:00 min. in he states my title):

gc truth

George on Youtube.  WARNING: Video contains strong TRUTH.

Lately, the Club has been pushing another criminal trade act.  I commented on the Act (H.R. 1314) last time I rambled.  Normally, I let these things go with one or two posts but this one is special, unusual.  The anomaly lies in the relentless bi-partisan way this Bill is being rammed through the legislative process.

The Act itself is the work of President Obama (a Democrat).  It has nominal Democratic support in Congress.  The fighting power behind this insane drive comes from the Republicans in Congress (Republicans are the opposite of Democrats, remember?).

The purpose of this satanic work of corporate lobbying and largess is to steal the last of your money and employment and deposit them into the greedy, dirty hands of foreigners and Wall Street banksters.

There are a number of uncomfortable truths associated with American politics.  One is that Republicans, supposedly the though, all-American, good old boys, are some of the most spineless wimps every embodied.  They roll over for anything and everything. Obamacare: they let it ride.  Crushing debt: they fight it until they don’t.  Babies being murdered by the millions: they are “outraged” if impotent.  These losers normally provide a little surface friction for the cameras and then let anything go.  It’s their role under our ONE PARTY SYSTEM.  Imagine professional wrestling with a all “heels” cast.

This time around the GOP is fighting like wild banshees, fighting like nothing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and company are risking everything on this one.  They have taken Obama’s pass and are headed to the end zone come hell or high water.  Like Tom Brady they may have to take a short suspension for cheating but they will win this one – for the Club.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 16:  (L-R) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attend the bipartisan signing of the Medicare Access CHIP Reauthorization Act 2015, H.R. 2, press event at the Capitol on April 16, 2015 in Washington, D.C. H.R. 2, commonly known as "Doc Fix", is  a bipartisan bill to strengthen Medicare and fix its payment formula for doctors. CHIP refers to the Children's Health Insurance Program. (Photo by Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images)

Meet the Real terrorists. Politico.com/Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images.

In a separate but related story Sen. Orin Hatch (R, Utah) has introduced a Bill to help more foreigners take jobs from you via the H1-B visa program.  He will get his way on this.  The Salt Lake Tribune opines he should seek to fix the program instead of expanding it.  Why not just end it and let Americans make a living in America? Oh yeah, that doesn’t benefit the Club.

The Club, like the WWE, knows it has a PR problem.  After decades of being screwed over, even the dumbest, slowest American sap begins to suspect something is amiss. Enter a “face” character, a hero for the common man – cut from uncommon cloth.  Last night on CSPAN I watched Donald Trump lay out his bombastic, non-specific plan to save the Nation.  The Donald is running for President.


No donors required!  Forbes/Getty.

Trump is the “outsider” in a field of some 6,000 or so Republicans seeking the most dishonest job under the sun.  I heard him say things that made him stand out.  I liked a lot of it.  Most of it sounded like a sales pitch.  That’s the beauty and wonder of Donald Trump – he is the best salesman in the world.  He said many of the right things.  He cursed and called our current crop of idiot “leaders” out as just that – stupid people unqualified for their positions.  I liked that part.  He also told the cheering crowd (watch for yourself) he would make America great again.  I really liked that.  He stated some plain and uncomfortable truths; he said what few others dare.  I loved it.  Can he deliver?

Many slick salesmen don’t deliver the goods they promise.  Trump usually does.  When he boasts about a new skyscraper with the best of everything under its roof, a magnificent structure will surely follow.  Can he deliver in the political field? Real estate development is a noble endeavor.  Trump excells at it.  He builds real things that benefit real people.  That’s what development is all about.  Politics is about lies, deception, illusions and anything but useful creation.

I don’t think The Donald will fit in.  I don’t think he can be the change needed.  I think Ron Paul was the last hope for that – back in 2008.  Now, it would seem a little to late to retool and rebuild.  The hope now is in mitigating the damages and preparing for a new future.  Part of me hopes I’m wrong and that we are not past the point of no return. Part of me hopes to get to the future (hopefully one without the Club) as fast as possible – a little pain for a while then a fresh start. Time will tell.

Beyond Trump’s pomp and sales pitch I heard several nuggets which plainly proclaimed Trump to be a $9 Billion business as usual candidate.  Trump is opposed to the afore-mentioned Trade Act.  He also says he will “repeal and REPLACE” Obamacare.  I’ll bet he has plans to replace the Trade legislation too.  That will not cut it.  Abstinence is the only deal with the devil which ever pays off.  One cannot tune the forces of darkness to one’s whims and expect peace.

Similarly, Trump says he will “save” Social Security.  This echoes the age-old Republican mantra of shoring up, replacing, privatizing, or re-working that failed communist program.  Abolishing it is never an option.  No mind that we did just fine as a country for 159 years without such welfare confiscation.  Re-imagined evil is still evil.

Remember all of this should you shuffle into a voting booth next fall.  Your vote, be it for the billionaire, the old hag, ANOTHER BUSH, the shirtless cool dude, etc., will be in vain. The spirit of Carlin and I will waiting on you down the street at the cigar club or the gun range.