Over two years ago lowlife white racist Dylan Roof walked into a black church in Charleston, SC and shot a group of black Christians. Then, I pondered the meaning of the tragedy. I stand by that post.

The same exact thing happened again this past weekend. Well, there were a few differences. The church was in Tennessee, not South Carolina. The Christian victims were white this time. The lowlife racist was black. Other than that it was pretty much the same story. Oh, and there’s the fact that this may be the first time you’ve heard about it.

TN Suspect Charged with Murder.

Suspect Sudanese radical.


Emanuel Kidega Samson, murderous, racist invader and psycho.

Better ban the Confederate flag again. Tear Robert E. Lee off his statutory horse. More university classes on white guilt. Oh … yeah…

No, this case does not fit the narrative. And there is a narrative our “elites” push. This one does not fit, so it is ignored. There are many, many more like it. It doesn’t even fit the gun control sub-narrative. Here, yet again, the bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun. To the MSM memory hole!

A person of conscious doesn’t want anyone harmed, black, white, or green. There’s the old live and let live thing. There’s a reason why no mainstream media outlets are running this story 24/7 and that no prominent politicians or celebrities have spoken out about it. They don’t care. It’s not that, to the MSM, #WhiteLivesDon’tMatter … Well, maybe it is.

Their cause this week centers on black millionaires and their horrible struggle to find meaning in an unjust nation. For example: they have to live with the knowledge that millions of average whites pay their million dollar salaries while cheering for them to play a game. It’s must be a dreadful life.

The only good thing about stories like this is that they reveal the charlatans for who and what they really are – for those still capable of seeing. The media, the pols, the “elites,” the celebrity trash, the overgrown child’s game players – turn them off.

Dylan Rook is on death row. Emanuel Samson should join him. Monsters like that we can stand to be rid of. If you care anything about people, any people or all people, then consider that the time has come to also get rid of the other monsters.

With the culture war, as long as they cover up, the casualties keep going up.

There. Done. I in no way meant this post as a distraction from your offense at or defense of the NFL, MLB, the NBA, NASCAR, or any of that other important stuff.