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I can’t let this story go. I wrote recently again and again about H.R. 1314 (2015). President Obama (Democrat) and his Congressional Allies (Republicans) are pushing like all Holy Hell to enact new, secret and unprecedented trade authority.  This may spell the end of employment and prosperity in America.  Ho Hum.

The Trade Act of 2015 does the following:

* The TPP was constructed in secret by corporations. Congress and the public had no input. This is fundamentally undemocratic and undermines transparency in government.

* It is a trade deal that increases corporate power and CEO bonuses.

* Thousands of jobs out-sourced to countries that do not respect human rights or worker’s rights.

* It allows transnational corporations to sue countries if they believe they have been harmed (sometimes speculatively) in a trade agreement written by corporations and behind closed doors.

* Expands the deregulation of banks, hedge funds and insurance companies. Remember the Wall Street crash of 2008 due to deregulation? Regulations keep corporations honest and prevent them from harming us.

* Harms environmental regulations in counties that are part of the TPP.

           – Remember NAFTA and CAFTA? Well, here comes SHAFTA.

Do you like secrecy, unregulated bank power, and Washington control of … everything? Like your job?  Hate it? Want to give it to some H1-B foreigner?  If so, you’ll love H.R. 1314.  It covers the globe where NAFTA and CAFTA left off.

Remember, just for now, that we have a two-party political system. The Democrats and Republicans are diametrically opposed, remember? Rush Limbaugh says so.  Pay no heed to the support for H.R. 1314 and the corresponding Congressional votes.  The Two Parties are really different despite their similar support for the destruction of America.

A week or so back I recounted the story of my phone call to Rich Allen, he of Congress, supposedly representing me:

Last week, prior to the vote and temporary corporate profit defeat, I called my Congress Critter, one Rick Allen, for his input.  While I live in his District, he does not necessarily represent me.  Since the departure of Ron Paul I have had no semblance of representation in Washington.  So it goes.

Amerika being what it is these day I was unable to speak directly with my employee. Rather, I had a conversation with a polite young fellow named Eric.  He laughed and admitted, yes, much of the Bill is secret. (F’ing hilarious!) He did note that I could read all about the public parts – see Thomas quotes, above.  True to his position and the nature of his work he would not say definitively whether my boy Allen was in favor of sending more jobs oversees and more money to Wall Street.

As an aside, Allen did vote against the Bill.  Then he immediately voted to keep it alive for future consideration.  How very political of him.

Eric was well aware of the TPA chant at the baseball game.  Though he was not present he did state that several of his office mates were.  I warned him of what Marcus Aurelius said about this kind of thing.  The Roman leader and philosopher was solidly against jingoistic public displays of partisan passion.  My warning was likely lost – then and now.

       – Perrinlovett.com, Id.

On June 18, 2015 the Republican dominated House, in utterly insane fashion, voted 218 – 208 to move the Trade Act along and voted more of your jobs towards destruction.


My Boy, Allen, voted along with the 218 of Death.  Thomas.

I called “my” “representative” Rick Allen to discuss his vote.  I called his office at (202) 225-2823 (call them for grins and giggles). Rick’s polite young colleague, Ethan, answered.  I thanked him and the whole office for the vote.  I noted that I do not like my current job and that a foreigner should take it over.  I thanked them all. I then asked how I could apply for welfare. Ethan said he would not answer my rhetorical question. I am happy he could disseminate my sarcasm.

This Bill will become “law.”  Brace yourselves for third-worldom and the happy trappings thereof.  Contact your Congressman.  Join the discussion!