Good News! 2020 Should Be a Better Year For Flooding – Accuweather

That means less floods than we saw, nationally, in 2019. The good meteorological masters ast Accuweather crafted a map of the most at-risk locations this year. Would you believe that most of them are in or near major river valleys?! True. Take a look. The best part is that, unlike a Chinese virus, one can still visually observe the waters rising. “How high’s the water, momma?” Now, I have that song stuck in my head…

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Boy, Do I Feel Better


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You know, as strange as things have been lately I was thinking there was some sort of crisis going on. It’s good to know the pleasant truth now. It turns out that they’re running an Atlas Shrugged mini-series on the TeeVee! That explains why Steve Mnuchin, playing Wesley Mouch, is rattling on every day like he is. It’s all play-acting. However, I do recall there was more to the book than just the lies of the Bureau of Economic Destruction and National Hoaxes. It sure is dragging on a long time too. Then again, I guess screen productions have to be a little different. I suppose Donald Trump is Dr. Stadler?

Negative Oil Pressure


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So, West Texas Intermediate crude just (if briefly) traded in NEGATIVE territory – meaning nobody wants the oil and they have to pay people to take it. Free-loading Amerikants might think that’s a good deal, especially for gasoline. And, it will be – while current supplies last. Then, we find out what happens when there is no profit in gas or oil at any price. My guess is that it means a shortage.

It’s like when you’re driving and the oil gauge drops to zero. Either the gauge is broken, or else your engine is about to seize.

This may be just as well as Amerikants have nowhere to drive and nothing to do there anyway. Interesting times.

The BIG Corona Winner: Government


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The Empire, ahead of its impending fall, has suddenly, instantly, and without opposition grown by leaps and bounds. Who could have ever foreseen this???

Government also has changed personal behavior, recommending and in some cases ordering people to stay home, practice social distancing and wear masks outdoors, in some places under threat of fines or penalties. Coming next is likely to be contact tracing, an effort to track people exposed to the virus that could invade the privacy of all Americans.

So far, Washington has authorized more than $2.35 trillion to prop up suffering workers and industries and supply an overwhelmed health care system, with another round of spending likely coming soon. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has resurrected and expanded its playbook from the 2008 financial crisis, pumping an estimated $4 trillion into the economy.

More spending could be required in the future to patch the holes the pandemic has revealed. The nation also is likely to need higher taxes — and not just on the wealthiest — to help repay the gigantic debt Washington is incurring to rescue the economy and workers.

Recently, but before Corona Mania hit, someone I admire wrote that the coming (2020) political battle would be between conservatives and socialists. At the time, I thought, “Then, congratulations, socialists!” But then, the conservatives didn’t even show up. So, congratulations, socialists! Enjoy your hoax victory while it lasts. Time is tick, tick, ticking away, virus or no virus.

A Question and a Tip


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What is the American Dream in 2020? I think we’re all past the point in believing in a nice little house (maybe any house) and the two kids (or even any human relationship). All that has been completely killed by the ancient enemy and, if we’re honest, by us. At least by the older generations. Thanks, assholes!

So, what is it today? Getting that stimulus welfare check and wearing a mask to Walmart to fight over toilet paper? This isn’t a dream. It’s become a reality. It’s a nightmare.

Anyway, I just learned that, like everything else, one of my favorite places, the Smokey Mountains National Park, is closed … until. This reminds me of the closure back in the 90s when the Republicrats couldn’t issue enough debt fast enough and decided to punish the people. Then, as I suspect now, the fact that the gates are closed does not mean that one can’t go in and hike or camp. I discovered that there was no force field absolutely prohibiting entry. Best of all, the crowds are gone and no pesky rangers will stoop around your site. There have been no virus sightings in the hills. So, maybe that’s the place to go. About the only dream that’s left. Happy hiking.

Government School = Public Health Information Repression


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And threats of illegal arrests.

A family in Oxford, Wisconsin, is suing the local sheriff’s department after a patrol sergeant threatened to arrest a teenage girl for disorderly conduct for posting on Instagram about being infected with COVID-19.

Amyiah Cohoon, 16, is a student at Westfield Area High School in Westfield, Wisconsin. According to this lawsuit, she and schoolmates went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida for a spring break trip in early March, right as the coronavirus was beginning to spread and businesses began to shut down. She and her classmates canceled the trip early and returned home.

Once home, Cohoon began developing symptoms associated with COVID-19. She sought medical assistance, but at the time they were unable to test her to see if she was infected. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection with “symptoms consistent with COVID-19,” according to the lawsuit.


I’m not quite sure why she didn’t lump the “school” in with the SS officers. Anyway, here’s hoping she never returns to that pile of satanic idiocy. This, and MUCH more, will be featured in my education-themed TPC article next week. It’s going to be huge and possibly one of my final words on the failed Amerikan schools – if you don’t know by now…

Yes, I Have Noticed


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Have you? Michael Snyder noticed: Have You Noticed How Much Delight They Are Taking In Shutting Down Churches All Over The United States?

Every American should be deeply alarmed by the precedent that is being set right now. If our churches can be shut down any time an “emergency” comes along, and if the bar for declaring an “emergency” just keeps getting lower and lower, it creates the potential for a whole lot of abuse by tyrants both big and small in the days ahead.

Abortion clinics are essential and open, churches are dangerous and closed.

I’ve also noticed that most Amerikans haven’t done a thing about it and that most of the churches willingly went along.