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The Empire, ahead of its impending fall, has suddenly, instantly, and without opposition grown by leaps and bounds. Who could have ever foreseen this???

Government also has changed personal behavior, recommending and in some cases ordering people to stay home, practice social distancing and wear masks outdoors, in some places under threat of fines or penalties. Coming next is likely to be contact tracing, an effort to track people exposed to the virus that could invade the privacy of all Americans.

So far, Washington has authorized more than $2.35 trillion to prop up suffering workers and industries and supply an overwhelmed health care system, with another round of spending likely coming soon. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has resurrected and expanded its playbook from the 2008 financial crisis, pumping an estimated $4 trillion into the economy.

More spending could be required in the future to patch the holes the pandemic has revealed. The nation also is likely to need higher taxes — and not just on the wealthiest — to help repay the gigantic debt Washington is incurring to rescue the economy and workers.

Recently, but before Corona Mania hit, someone I admire wrote that the coming (2020) political battle would be between conservatives and socialists. At the time, I thought, “Then, congratulations, socialists!” But then, the conservatives didn’t even show up. So, congratulations, socialists! Enjoy your hoax victory while it lasts. Time is tick, tick, ticking away, virus or no virus.