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And threats of illegal arrests.

A family in Oxford, Wisconsin, is suing the local sheriff’s department after a patrol sergeant threatened to arrest a teenage girl for disorderly conduct for posting on Instagram about being infected with COVID-19.

Amyiah Cohoon, 16, is a student at Westfield Area High School in Westfield, Wisconsin. According to this lawsuit, she and schoolmates went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida for a spring break trip in early March, right as the coronavirus was beginning to spread and businesses began to shut down. She and her classmates canceled the trip early and returned home.

Once home, Cohoon began developing symptoms associated with COVID-19. She sought medical assistance, but at the time they were unable to test her to see if she was infected. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection with “symptoms consistent with COVID-19,” according to the lawsuit.


I’m not quite sure why she didn’t lump the “school” in with the SS officers. Anyway, here’s hoping she never returns to that pile of satanic idiocy. This, and MUCH more, will be featured in my education-themed TPC article next week. It’s going to be huge and possibly one of my final words on the failed Amerikan schools – if you don’t know by now…