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Mitch McConnell looks more and more like an escapee from the Muppet ranch every day. And, today, he’s suggesting that the several states file for bankruptcy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday he favors allowing states struggling with high public employee pension costs amid the burdens of the pandemic response to declare bankruptcy rather than giving them a federal bailout.

“I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route,” he said Wednesday in a response to a question on the syndicated Hugh Hewitt radio show. “It’s saved some cities, and there’s no good reason for it not to be available.”

Perfect sense, really. The poor students are just screwed. The banks are “too big to fail.” Why not let the states shaft pensioners and all. Maybe the Federal Reserve could do the same – they’d get off free and easy (as usual) while we all get to keep our “fair share” of the debt we owe to ourselves. Brilliant! Statler and Waldorf, make room in the balcony.