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What is the American Dream in 2020? I think we’re all past the point in believing in a nice little house (maybe any house) and the two kids (or even any human relationship). All that has been completely killed by the ancient enemy and, if we’re honest, by us. At least by the older generations. Thanks, assholes!

So, what is it today? Getting that stimulus welfare check and wearing a mask to Walmart to fight over toilet paper? This isn’t a dream. It’s become a reality. It’s a nightmare.

Anyway, I just learned that, like everything else, one of my favorite places, the Smokey Mountains National Park, is closed … until. This reminds me of the closure back in the 90s when the Republicrats couldn’t issue enough debt fast enough and decided to punish the people. Then, as I suspect now, the fact that the gates are closed does not mean that one can’t go in and hike or camp. I discovered that there was no force field absolutely prohibiting entry. Best of all, the crowds are gone and no pesky rangers will stoop around your site. There have been no virus sightings in the hills. So, maybe that’s the place to go. About the only dream that’s left. Happy hiking.