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More of a sneezing fit really. Big sneeze and then I felt fine. Until this morning. Only too late did I consult weather.com for the pollen count (its high).

Some years I have no allergy symptoms at all. Some years there’s a little here and there. And, then, some years it hits me all at once like a sledgehammer to the head. Guess what kind of year 2017 is. Yeah.

The good news is that I know this will be over fast. The better news is the antihistamines.

Anyway, why did I write this out. Well, I have several rants to get to. And I have several longer articles in the works. But all of that requires a clear head. That’s something I rarely have anyway and hay fever doesn’t help.

I’m not going to discard you like a used tissue (or 5). Before you go, please take a free PDF, a how-to project I wrote up a while back for Freedom Prepper, a tiny (FREE) e-book:

Perrin’s DIY Gasoline Depot (Cause You Might Need Extra Gas…)


The original write-up from FP.

Okay, now. Where’s my Advil???