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I just mentioned Freedom Prepper in a story about my recent allergy attack (unrelated, mind you). And I would be remiss not to mention the great changes this week at that incredible publication. Check out the all new and improved:

Freedom Prepper (Always Ready)


FP, 2017.

Yes, it’s a Drudge Report style now. I like it. Scott likes it. One really can’t reinvent Matt D’s perfectly good news deliver wheel design. And it’s a news aggregation site, now, primarily. Prepper news and related info, that is. I’ll still have some weekly articles of my own there. Most of my new stuff will (well, does now) appear at the FP App, which is (for now) only available for Apple iTunes. The new site will/should soon have a link to the App, along with the VIP pages, and Preparedness Weekly magazine (also from iTunes but somehow more compatible with other devices).

For an archive of my older (2016-17) FP articles, try THIS LINK. There’s something like 20 pages of my links (so far). The new aggregation links come up first (and are growing rapidly). Those are just links. The real articles are further back; use the “older entries” tab at the bottom of each page to review.

Now, really, where’s my Advil???