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“Filthy Hooligan” gets tossed around a lot these days. Politicians, Republicans, Democrats, SJWs, rapefugees, Falcons fans, you, me – example after example after example.

And, once again, Alec Bradley has crafted a cigar just for our mad world: the Black Market Filthy Hooligan.


A big, beefy, green, barber pole of a cigar.

It debuted for a limited release last year for Saint Patrick’s Day. Following a tremendous reception A.B. brought it back for this year.

Last year I saw the green oddity and wrote it off as such. And that might have been the case this year but for a great recommendation (thanks, Jake!). Don’t judge a cigar by its off-color wrapper! This may be my cigar of the year – jury’s out til December.

Anyway, the Hooligan is a stout 6X50 Toro. The construction, while solid, presents with a slightly mottled appearance. That, of course, is due to the blending of dark Nicaraguan Jalapa (the brown) and Candela leaf (the green). For a mix it holds together perfectly. And it burns perfectly too. Another perfection is the cap (of Candela) which is seemingly custom-made for precision decapitation.

It was the green that originally put me off. My Candela experience has been a little less than exciting. In general, I’ve found, that what looks like grass or hay tends to taste like grass or hay. Not this one. This green somehow imparts a sweet flavor which exceptionally compliments the rich, earthy tones of the Jalapa leaf.

The binder is Sumatran; the fillers are a tandem of Honduran happiness and Panamanian strength. The result is phenomenal. A.B. says: “The medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke explodes on the palate with sweet tobacco flavors countered by the brawnier core leaves, like a good Irish Stout.” And that’s a great description.

By the way, with the green color, they really push the St. Paddy’s Day theme. Hmm. Seems like a good year-round smoke to me. Earthy, sweet, slightly spicy, and smooth in an endearing strong fashion. I concur on the body and flavor levels. It’s a fantastic stick for a veteran, sure to satisfy. And it works really well with a beer. Or, with black coffee.

Newbies too, I suppose, would enjoy this profile. Those without an established palate might do well to eat first and limit the liquid accompaniments. But, then, for them, a slow approach would only increase the savor without discomforts.

Wherever you happen to be experience-wise in cigar land, try one a.s.a.p. You need not wait for the green beer. Unleash your inner hooligan today, you filthy animal.