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Last month I reported on a ranking of livable cities world wide. Brussels, Belgium ranked number 21, ahead of any American city. The city even ran a tourism advertisement this year suggesting it is “a peaceful, welcoming city.” The ad followed negative publicity from the known association between the November Paris terror attacks and Brussels’s Muslim community. Brussels certainly has been welcoming to Muslims and “refugees” – they are a quarter of the populace. Paris related terrorism arrests where made in Belgium just last week.

The city proved less friendly this morning when ISIS bombed the airport and a train station. Thirty-something are dead and maybe 200 are injured.


The religion of pieces – pieces here, pieces there. UK Dailymail.

Friday’s arrest of Salah Abdeslam, an ISIS terrorist formerly welcomed into Europe, coincided with the admission by French officials of the vast scope and complexity of the terror network behind the Parisian massacre (and that of Brussels and so on).

Investigators have come to realise that the Paris attackers, sent by the Islamic State’s external operations wing, were well-versed in a range of terrorism tactics – like suicide vests, gunmen in various locations and hostage-taking – to hamper the police response, the report shows. They have exploited weaknesses in Europe’s border controls to slip in and out undetected, and worked with a high-quality forger in Belgium to acquire false documents.
The scale of the network that supported the attacks, which took 130 lives and wounded 813 people, has also surprised officials, as President François Hollande of France acknowledged on Friday. There are now 20 people in detention in six countries on suspicion of assisting the attackers.

 – French Terrorism Report, reported by The Irish Times.

Everyone, from elected officials to the media to the public, is surprised. They’re shocked by these acts of war. My question is, “why?” How can anyone be surprised at this point? Why isn’t this an expected outcome? I have written and others have written about this problem and its solution. What on earth will it take to wake people up? Is it possible the West has merely accepted terrorism and dominantion by savages as the new normal?

If that is the sad case, I humbly offer the following news story template to make future reporting of these attacks a little easier.


TERROR IN [Insert City]!

[City] was the scene of carnage today after terrorists [shot up, bombed, etc.] the [exact location(s)]. [Approximate number of dead] are dead and [approximate number of wounded] are injured, some critically.

Terrorists [began shooting, detonated bombs, etc.] around [time] at the [location(s)]. In the blink of an eye [whatever normally happens at location(s)] turned into a nightmare for those present. The injured victims are being treated at local hospitals. [Quote from witness about bodies and/or body parts everywhere].

[Insert pictures of the aftermath]

Immediately prior to [shooting, bombing, etc.] the assailants screamed, “Allah Akbar!” [ISIS, al-cia-da, other known terrorist group] has claimed responsibility.

[Insert security footage of Islamic attackers just before bombing, etc.]

[City and/or Country] is on highest alert. Residents are being told to shelter in place as [police and/or military] units scour the area for additional suspects [and/or unexploded bombs, casings, other evidence]. [Quote from security official].

[Idiot national politician] vowed today to leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators and their supporters to justice. [Self-serving quote from idiot politician].

In [Other Country A (probably America or Great Britain)] [Idiot President or Prime Minister X] declared, “[stupid quote]”. [Insert additional stupid quote if politician X calls for bombing or other military action in unrelated county B – also insert podium pounding picture of serious looking idiot or map of country B]. The shocked attention of the world is now turned towards the people of [city].

[Republican Presidential candidate (or, alternatively, John McCain)] called for immediately carpet bombing the entire Middle East. [Democratic Presidential candidate (or John Kerry)] called for compassion for the Muslim population of Europe and for all refugees.

The facts of and motives behind the [type of attack] in [city] are not clear at this time. It is important, despite the claims and boasts of ISIS, that the public not rush to judgement. [Quote from Social justice warrior Y about the need for tolerance]. In spite of what happened today we all know Islam is a peaceful religion. The government will make things right.


Pulitzer prize material it is not. It does fit the narrative though. We either get used to these attacks and the worthless subhumans behind them or we take back our civilization. I opt for the latter course of action.