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Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, “Belgian” brothers, are dead. Suicide bombings have that effect regardless of familial relation. By itself this would be great news. However, as you know, these brothers took out dozens of decent people – more of a homicide bombing.


The men in black. Dailymail.

The man in white in the above picture is master bomb-maker, Najim Laachraoui. Najim sadly did not participate in the suicidal part of the attack. He’s too important. He made the bombs and those used last year in Paris. He’s probably the most wanted man in Western Europe.

Europe’s former most wanted, or most hated man is Geert Wilders, a real Belgian who has the crazed idea that Belgium is for Belgians. Today he has a good deal more support. Geert has spent a long time studying Islamic terrorism in his country. Based on his research he says, “I fear that we ain’t seen nothing yet.” I fear he’s right.


Potential leader of Belgium, Wilders. Breitbart.

The solution is very simple. Get men like Wilders into authority and get dogs like Najim into the ground or at least out of civilized nations. The other option is to make frequent use of my terrorism template.