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I hate to admit it but I have soooo many drafts and manuscripts in the hopper – about as many as I have draft articles for this site. Then again, I’m happy to have the material to work with.

Over the past few months I’ve gathered a bit of input from readers, suggestions for making The Happy Little Cigar Book even better. Thank you all. Some want more stories, some more recommendations. Many, if not most, want pictures. I am considering an expanded Second Edition – with pics! I’m also developing ideas for two (or more) Sequels of sorts.

In the existing book I tossed out the idea of Cigar Stories, wall to wall tales about cigars and the folks who smoke them. I’ve certainly heard and lived enough for another volume. Another possibility is a guide book to better cigar shops. I figure I can start in America and maybe later tour Europe for yet another edition.

A tour book would require extensive travel, considerable time and expense. As is I am pressed for sorely needed new equipment and software. A GoFundMe page might be in order. I’ll give that one some thought.

Then there are all the works in progress. You’ll need a new bookshelf before I’m done.

Cheers! Perrin.