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No doubt you have heard of the subway fire-bombing in London which left a multitude singed and injured.

A woman was reportedly severely burned in an explosion at Parsons Green underground station in west London that is being treated as a terrorist incident.

BBC presenter Sophie Raworth, who was on the packed commuter train heading into central London said she saw a woman taken to ambulance with burns “from top to toe”.

Witnesses described a loud bang, followed by flames and a “fireball” that erupted in the District Line Tube carriage at about 8.20am today.

The packed commuter train also had many children on board, travelling to school.

Several passengers were injured in the explosion, and witnesses said there were scenes of panic as people struggled to escape the carriage, “collapsing and pushing” each other.

Images of the aftermath of the incident appear to show a bucket with wires trailing from it smouldering inside the carriage, near doors.

Before we get to my Terrorism Template in use, word comes that the suspect has been identified from CCTV footage. He is already known to authorities somewhere because Perrin’s First Law of Terrorism.

Other than the use of a primarily incendiary bomb, this story unfolded like most. What caught my eye this time comes from deeper down in the Template, the reactionary part after the main event is over. Note:

In [Other Country A (probably America or Great Britain)] [Idiot President or Prime Minister X] declared, ā€œ[stupid quote]ā€. [Insert additional stupid quote if politician X calls for bombing or other military action in unrelated county B ā€“ also insert podium pounding picture of serious looking idiot or map of country B]. The shocked attention of the world is now turned towards the people of [city].

Today, “Other Country A” is indeed America. Here, this morning “Politician X” Trump did call for action in or against unrelated countries. In fairness, Trump first decried the actual attack and offered sympathy and assistance to Great Britain. Then he said it was time to “get nasty” and touted his immigration ban affecting six Muslim countries.

This is a stretch, and barely fits, in that the ban is not necessarily military action. And it is related to defense in the wider war on the West. But it usually comes conjoined with additional actions in already failed missions – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.


The burning bucket. Evening Express.

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