Anyone shocked or surprised by the attacks in Brussels and Paris must have recently awaked from a decades long coma. Congratulations to them on their recovery.

The Nationality Law of 1984 is to Belgium what the Immigration Act of 1965 is to America – demise wrapped in attractive lies.

“Refuge” and “target” must be synonymous.

Left untreated heartworms and terrorists will eventually overwhelm their respective hosts, usually with the same charm and gratitude.

U.S. Marines are taking casualties in Iraq, again, still… We’ve been meddling there a quarter century. Haven’t the bankers kind of bled that one dry?

I actually approve of President Obama’s olive branch to Cuba. It’s about damned time.

“They” say Al-assad is behind the European terror attacks. Just like how Saddam was behind 9/11.

Neo-Nazis are being arrested (for hate) in Europe even as more “refugees” flood in. Funny, but you don’t see many (any) skinheads blowing up trains.

A curious little clique profits, financially and in terms of power, from all this war and terrorism.

Globalism and Satanism seem to go hand in hand.

Though many Americans are unaware Belgium is a real country they are able to gleafully recite the roster of their March madness team. Hope, that is.

Basket weavers are starting to ridicule colleges. With good reason too.

An entire segment of the population is hoplophobic. Their’s are the panicked lives of lemmings.

People used to prefer books to tattoos. Then we got hip. Hip and dumb.

Televisions are like politicians. They convey nothing. They take your money. You can waste a lifetime watching them.

Angela Merkel is like Robert Mugabe in reverse. Less pleasing to the eyes though.

If I had a dollar for every voter who really thought it out,  I’d be dead broke.

Sad to say, but the American way went the way of Pompeii.

I’m envious: at least Dante had a guide.

The central banker makes one hanker for a canker. Astounding, really.

Gandalf for President, 2016? I’m in. Or Radagast. Hell, at this point I’d settle for Nob. Maybe even a plain old Midge.

The average Carolinian points at Georgia and laughs. The average Georgian points at Alabama. In Alabama they’re not sure where they’re pointing to.

This list has officially run out of steam…