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Here follows an article I wrote some seven years ago for the now defunct News From The Vegas Room, Vol. II, Issue I.  This is the former unofficial publication of my local cigar shop, Top Shelf Cigars.  I re-posted it here with implied permission.  It’s a column (page 2, mind you) about cigars and the Cuban Embargo!  Just click on the following link to read (page 2):

Vegas Rm Art 2008

Bolivar Belicosos Fino (Google Images, fair useage, etc...)

Bolivar Belicosos Fino (Google Images, fair useage, etc…)

The information contained in the old article may be out of date – I cite some laws which may have changed.  Then again, though the Cuban embargo still stands, President Obama has recently expressed his desire to end this stupid policy.  I spoke with my tobacconist today about the cigar ramifications and I re-read the article – still pretty spot on and accurate.  Enjoy!

It also features an old, poor-quality picture of yours truly, when I was much larger.  hehehe…