This was supposed to be the Late Lunch News but was delayed due to the events of the day.  Let’s get to it:

Boston Bombing:


(Cowardice at Copley.  Drudge.)

This is obviously a terrible tragedy.  I’ve seen death estimates from 2 to 12, with injuries running to 100 or more.  Why would anyone do such a thing?  Sadly, we know there are many reasons – none of them legitimate.  I’m not going too in-depth here as these stories constantly change from the initial reports.  Many things strike me as suspicious and odd about this crime, I’ll mention a few.  First, I am astounded that no-one immediately blamed white Christians with guns.  Feinstink has at least thrown out the possibility of “home-grown” terrorists – Ron Paul supporters, you know.

Second, there is a report that bomb squads were working during the marathon as part of a drill.  Odd, just odd.  Third, the Saudi “student.”  We all recall (okay, I recall) the false accusations leveled at Richard Jewell in 1996; let’s not jump to conclusions.  If it turns out this guy was the bomber (or one of them), then we can look for an al-CIA-da “connection.”  Maybe Iran?  Or Syria?  Or Saddam Huss…oh yeah…  Or, they could scapegoat Jim Fat Union.  If there really is an arab connection (even a false flag), then shouldn’t we immediately start deporting people?  Perhaps Sen. Rubio and Co. should reconsider the amnesty for illegal invaders.  Okay, I’ll stop calling for common sense.

The Empire is being uncharacteristically tight-lipped here.  When they start making statements, then I’ll start challenging them.  Needless to say, whoever is behind this evil should hang.

The other news:

The Masters:

It was great to see Adam Scott win yesterday; the Aussies have their first Green Jacket, about time! 

While I was watching the Butler Cabin ceremony I saw two commercials.  The first was a hit piece against John Barrow, my Congresscritter, by the GOP.  I wondered why the hell they ran it a year and a half ahead of the next election.  Exposure I guess.  It did not fit the mood of the afternoon and raised my blood pressure a bit.  Luckily, the very next advert was for my buddy Russell Wilder and Top Shelf Cigars!  I’ve never seen his ad before.  Good stuff.

Cyprus and the Goldbug:

Gold has taken a brutal beating over the past 72 hours, as have most commodities (including stocks).  I heard a little murmur about insecurity in China being the reason.  Maybe part of it.  Another part comes from the ever worsening saga in Cyprus.  The Cypriotic government criminals are selling off the nation’s gold reserves to raise money to cover their bailout of the local criminal banksters.  Banksters the world over scoff at gold and tell the little people to avoid it – in favor of colored paper held in their banking casinos.  However, those same criminals are buying the hell out of the yellow metal at the same time.  I suspect the Cypriotic banks and others in Europe will be the customers who purchase that government gold ($500 Million of it). 

So, having been bailed out and saved from their wrong-doings, the banksters have “haircut” away people’s life savings and now will suck up their national gold.  Maybe they’ll want the people’s blood next.  If they do, they’ll get it.  I advocate ceasing one’s connections with organized banking as fast as possible and to the greatest extent possible; there’s no incentive to save now and every reason to avoid the criminals.  if you buy gold, don’t forget about lead, brass, and steel too.


Faux News reports D.C. is a haven for tax cheats.  Imagine that.  I didn’t get beyond the headline, so I’m not sure if they’re only talking about Timmy “Tax Cheat” Geithner.  You know little Timmy – the dude who cheated on his taxes and as punishment was forced to run the Treasury (including the IRS).  Rich.

John “Berth Certificate” Kerry Heinz told Communist News Network that foreign students are afraid of American guns.  I guess they prefer bombs instead.  Sorry, had to do it.  At any rate, if they’re so afraid, they should stay where they F*****g belong!  Kerry can go join them…

The idiotic residents of Kalifornia keep signing petitions.  First, they signed one to eliminate the Second Amendment.  Now, they’re after the First Amendment.  When will that “big one” ever get here?!

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