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ABC News 11 out of Raleigh, North Carolina reports today there are two less Democrat voters over in Wilmington.  See the story: http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news/local&id=9062720.  This news has far greater implications.

It seems some normal, ordinary man was at home when four “gentlemen” who, by the way, would look an awful lot like Obama’s sons, came calling.  The visitors were not selling Am-Way.  Rather, they intended to rape, rob, kill, or otherwise victimize the residents of the home.  Unfortunately, for them, the homeowner obviously had not heard the news about the Sandy Hook shootings, nor had he turned in his firearms to the local Gestapo. 

As I said, FOUR thugs went into the man’s house.  But, only TWO of them came out!  That’s right, this guy joined about 6,500 other Americans who used guns to defend themselves that day.  Sadly, two thugs got away.  Here are their pictures, which look a lot like pre-existing mug shots to me:


(Funny how violent felons aways have mug shots handy.  ABC, 11, NC.)

If you see the two survivors, call the cops, or better yet, send them off to burn with their friends.  Seriously, I hope they are brought to justice and maybe, just maybe, they can learn a terrible lesson here and possibly walk away better men someday.  They face a long list of charges.  In Georgia, they would also face murder charges – for their dead homies.  In GA, a criminal conspirator faces murder charges if one or more of his co-conspirators dies during the commission of the underlying felony.  Maybe NC has a similar law.

The homeowner here is to be commended for helping clean up the streets of his town.  He is also likely in need of counseling.  No-one wants to kill other people, no matter how despicable they might be.  Still, in the end, this man acted like a true American.  He’s a hero.

You know what?  I bet he fired more than two bullets in order to drive off the invaders.  There are more than a few un-American types slithering around places like Washington, D.C. who are hell-bent on making sure the People are restricted to lower-capacity firearms.  Then, they will take away all your firearms.  After that, they may take your homes and possessions to “redistribute” to thugs such as those pictured above.  I hate these people.  I hold them far more accountable for the decline of our nation than the low street savages whom they defend.  The cretins just want a thrill or some free stuff.  The gun-grabbers have an agenda.

One of their tired and moronic battle cries is that “nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt…”  They hate the AR and all similar weapons (unless carried by their shock troops).  They hate the idea that any “common” citizen can field a gun with a 30-round (or greater) ammunition capacity.  Stories like the one out of NC demonstrate, conclusively, the need for high-capacity weapons (I say automatic weapons too).  Last year, right across the river from where I live, the exact same scenario unfolded.  A shopkeeper, who lived at his business, confronted four felons who crashed a van through his wall.  He had an AR-15 pre-loaded with a 30-round magazine.  The felons fared poorly but the citizen almost ran out of bullets – even with the dread weapon he carried.

One of the commentors on the above news story (I love reading those comments) noted that you do need high-capacity rifles for hunting.  “Some animals come in packs.”  This is true of hogs, coyotes, and criminals.  It’s even truer about the ultimate and most dangerous creatures stalking the American people – government thugs.  As I write, a pack of these demons seek to disarm the free People, a crime more notorious than any home invasion.

I hope the likes of Barry Sotoro, Joe “Shotgun” Biden, Dianne Feinstink, and The Jerk choke on their satanic initiatives.  At the very least, they can take a few high-capacity magazines and shove them.

Keep calm, and shoot on!