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What Has Been Seen (By Some) Cannot Even Be Seen (By Most)


I feel like I’ve told this story before. Yet, here we go again. The post-modern reality, in the remains of the West, is a never-ending series of interlocking, overlapping hoaxes, lies, insults, and defeats. The worst part of it all might be the way the people just keep falling for the narratives and scams. The agendas and actions of our mortal enemies are generally plain and open. And yet it’s like a veil sits over the eyes of Westerners, a screen of faithlessness, fear, delusion, and pure stupidity.

Over three years ago, I noticed something interesting and alarming in the monetary world. It tied in with something else I noticed a few months later. But don’t take my word for it, again; instead, read Vox Day’s excellent interpretation of a Zerohedge analysis of the sad nexus between the Great Hoax and the terminal collapse of the Werewest’s portion of the world economy.

And, sure enough, as soon as the U.S. central bank began to sell assets and return to “normal” policies in 2018 and 2019, a new, even bigger crisis was “found.”

A novel coronavirus. Never mind that coronaviruses appear all the time and that most people will get and survive the flu a half dozen times in their lives… this time the world went completely nuts.

Everything was shut down for two years – except politics. Trillions were spent on vaccines – vaccines that don’t prevent you from getting Covid or from transmitting Covid. It was definitely a government vaccine: it cost trillions, everyone was forced to use it, and it didn’t work.

Nothing else worked during the Covid lockdown either. Kids don’t learn at home. Employees don’t work at home. Flimsy surgical masks don’t prevent you from contracting or spreading Covid – they don’t work, but they were required too. Fauci wore two masks, everywhere. He received four different shots of the “vaccine.” Guess who got Covid anyway?

Worst of all, the government spent unlimited sums of money on things like the ridiculous “paycheck protection program,” which might as well have been called “Fraud on a Federal Scale For You.”

Read the whole thing. As for what I just included, I have a few points to add. First, it’s more accurate to say that government-abused kids don’t learn at home through fraudulent government home-based BS “learning.” Second, by 2019 things were back to normal – so long as “normal” means declining at free-fall speed. Third, the horrible fate of decades of usury is affecting those economies still in league with the satanic forces of the US-NATO-ZIO-BIS-IMF system of theft, murder, and fraud. The sovereign nations (80% of the world) are surviving well and preparing to part ways with those of us caught in the sinkhole. This is why Russia has suffered trivial losses to its GDP this year, despite (or thanks to) all the retarded sanctions, and why Russia’s rate of inflation is declining steadily. Meanwhile, in the Werewest … yeah.  All of this is interrelated.

I spot patterns with relative ease. This is due to reading A LOT and to a natural creative logical thinking ability. Things others don’t notice, even when the things are pointed out to them, line up in my mind almost without me having to consciously think about them. So it was that in September of 2019 I noticed something (else) amiss with the Fed.

REPO the Whirlwind:

But, this is serious. On Monday, September the 16th, the NY Fed started pumping $75 Billion per day into the commercial banks. This will continue through and until October 10th. That’s $1.875 Trillion right there. As a bonus, the crooks, er, the Fed will also spring $420 Billion in REPO BUCKS!!! (like a lottery game or something)(14 days X $30 Billion per day) in an attempt to gift yet more free fake money to the constituent ownership of the Fed. If this seems to you a tad self-serving, then you’re on to something.

All of this is happening during what we are assured are the very best of economic times. And, again, it’s all taking place in a span of less than a month. !Poof! Just like that the banksters have another $2.3 Trillion to play with, waste, or hoard. Temporally – and this is really fun stuff – $2.3 Trillion was the value of the entire economy as recently as 1950. In other words, what took previous generations 174 years to accumulate, the Fed just summons up out of the Dark Crystal instantly. This is why I now refer to what passes as practical economics as “sorcery.” There’s no other label that fits.

Those cautionary words ran here, and originally at TPC, on September 24, 2019. They obtained little traction at either outlet and were almost universally ignored – as was the underlying problem – by the MSM. Yet, the Fed kept extending the madness, the MSM kept ignoring it, the people still read nothing, and I kept making observations.

Couple this with what’s going on with China’s cash crash and you get the feeling that a global financial meltdown is upon us – now, not in the future. Bank run, anyone?

I was admittedly off about a few things. That was on October 8, 2019. At the time, I had no idea what was being planned for early 2020. I also misread the China situation, in tandem with the bifurcation of the world economy. Perhaps, I didn’t misread so much as jump the gun, time-wise.

As-is, China has joined Russia in forging an entirely new and better, more honest economic system. Half the world is signing on with them. In the end, I suspect their nationalist, sovereign take on capitalism – for the people rather than the leeches – will completely dominate the globe. This whole year has seen the beginning of the abandonment of the US-NATO-ZIO-BIS-IMF satanic world disorder, economically and politically. It’s happening, it’s not stopping, and ultimately, it’s a great thing. 

Back to 2019: just how much nonexistent fake money was conjured by the dark sorcerors? We may never really know. The program ran on and on, soon to shift its nature in 2020, and the reporting became nebulous. The magic number of $17 trillion presented itself in December. By that time, Gerald Celente was trying to estimate similarly large totals. Few others, as usual, even noticed. A working formula might look like this: X fake dollars x infinity = B-A-D.

In very early January of 2020, while Orange Man was murdering diplomats, the usual suspects were boasting about the funny money torrents (good is bad, down is up, etc.), and they started singing the tell-tale song of a recession-proof economy. They, the usual suspects, sang the same thing in 2008 – just before the bottom fell out. It’s really a terrible song; if you hear it, pay attention.

Then, as a few might recall, the worst plague in the history of man struck the unsuspecting world – on time, on budget, and in perfect keeping with the biowarfare plan. Seems like there was something about a bat. Yet and still, the money kept flowing. This was, recall, before the Fed and their slaves in Congress started officially trying to crush the bats under a mountain on new funny money spending. 

By that time, I had guessed, to a degree, what was going on. I’d researched the bat bug to the best of my ability. I’d started ridiculing the whole show. I also developed one of several theories, that the C19 hoax was, among other things, “Convenient Collapse Cover” for the in-progress economic collapse. Shutting down the economy and ordinary life, while preparing to QE the daylights out of the (fake) money supply, did go some distance towards obscuring what had been in progress already for six months. Or, really, since 2008. Or, really, since 1913. 

And keeping the dim-witted masses stepping and fetching in fear of the common cold or a shortage of toilet paper was a pretty good plan. It was almost like someone (someone very, very evil) knew the people and knew how to manipulate them. The people, for their part, fell in line without thought or hesitation. It worked. Amazingly it is still working! Just this past weekend, I had the misfortune to overhear two otherwise good and decent people nervously discussing the latest “booster,” and whether it would keep them “safe”. 

Herein and above, I mentioned “creative logical thinking ability,” which is the seventh and highest level in Bloom’s taxonomy. Most ‘Muricans, like the safe booster-seekers, have trouble operating at levels one and two. They really can’t remember what they see, and they have extreme difficulty understanding it. Ergo, today’s title, if you were wondering.

I also put my grand theory in print back in May 2020: How It Might Have Happened: Just A Theory. Read that if you haven’t already. Then, I was forced to make some creative assumptions. Some of the factors are still unknown, but my guesses were pretty accurate. The C19 hoax was far more than a Ponzi scheme accelerator; it was, and is, a biowarfare operation of the satanists against the people of the earth. They’ve inflated the (fake) money supply while deflating the population. A work in progress. And, again, it requires(d) the participation of the masses.

Over two years ago, I again tried to sound a warning. Here, and at TPC, I explained how the con (or, part of it) worked. 

For months, from the very beginning, I’ve described the COVID-19 hype and hysteria as “a ridiculous, low-effort hoax.” I’ve caught a certain amount of flack for this declaration, mainly from people who either put faith in liars or who are unfamiliar with the definition of the word “hoax.” 

Absolutely nothing about this idiotic pandemic nonsense has added up. That goes double, triple, or a hundred-fold for the deaths. First, the scare-mongers warned of 2 – 2.5 million deaths (by about now, if memory serves). Then, they lowered the estimate to the hundreds of thousands. They ignored that most people appear to tolerate the Corona bug as well as they do any other common cold, maybe better. They shifted to the cumulative case count instead of deaths. And, as of this past weekend, they tallied 183,141 total deaths. That number, like just about everything else they’ve said, is an outrageous lie.

The real number of deaths, per the CDC(!) as of August 26, 2020, is … 9,683. That’s how many people have died FROM COVID-19 in the US in 2020. That means the scare tactic figures are off by a factor of twenty. The real numbers lurk in the (quietly reported) data sets. This is from the same government agency that, in May, reported that those stupid masks do not work. Still, the mantra is: wear the mask(!), and fear all the (fictitious) deaths.

The grossly-exaggerated death numbers are not pure fiction. Instead, they come from all those people who died WITH Corona. Most of the others had comorbid conditions. In other words, they were dying from something else anyway and just happened to also test positive for the WuFlu. Most were older people. The average age of a “Corona death” is 78, which conveniently happens to be the average age of death in general.

By that time, even with the inclusion of hard numbers from the same government that was running the bioweapon attack, I was met with outright hostility instead of insouciance. Mencken was right when he said that people love being lied to and are enraged by the truth. That is unlikely to change anytime soon.

This one is running around 2,000 words, so I plan to wrap it up. Since 2020, the truth – as hated as it is – has been made clear to those who can and will see it. We’ve read RFK, Jr.’s book (and now, movie). We’ve seen the weapons programs in Ukraine and elsewhere. The fake vaccines are a proven lethal menace worthy of Nuremberg trials and hangings. Et cetera

Fear, mindlessness, willful ignorance, and gullibility are some of the worst comorbid conditions. Things keep moving. Try to do what you can.

(Pre-Pub) UPDATE: A NY court has ruled against NYC’s mandatory vaxx poison decree and ordered that all fired workers, who resisted the illegal mandate, be reinstated with full backpay. Let that be a hopeful lesson. I’m not exactly sure, but I think that most people who held out against the evil are being vindicated. Thus, the supreme importance of standing strong and defiant. Those who caved, I am sure, regret it.