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How It Might Have Happened: A Theory

Since The Hoax started, I’ve openly and mockingly derided the hoax as a hoax. This being the age of post-literacy, I’m constantly “corrected” by such bland thoughtlessness as, “Well, ACK-CHUUUALLY, it’s clearly a real thing! For you to imply that this is fake, it seems like you don’t know what you’re talking about. The virus is obviously real and really killing everyone.” (The correction comes as often from the well-meaning types as from the ignorant know-it-alls). They’re all of them wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.  

First of all, get a Gott verdammt dictionary! “Hoax,” as I explained several posts ago, doesn’t mean “fake.” It means something done for malicious purposes. “Something done” implies something real. The underlying thing, in this case, a second-rate cold bug, may not be terribly effective. It’s the malicious purposes that make trouble.

The intelligence community, the military, the banksters, and the elites knew about this hoax last year – probably around the time they were putting it into malicious action. Early in the year, while wading through more ordinary lies and bullshit, the people were informed that a supervirus had emerged from a “wet” market in Wuhan, likely from the consumption of raw bats. As literally bat shit crazy as this excuse was, and even as it was completely disproved, it was believed by the masses and endlessly repeated by the useless politicians and their lapdog media. Someone pointed out that Wuhan is home to a high-level biowarfare laboratory. The suggestion was made, and ran with, that the Chinese accidentally released the monster. Accidentally gave way to intentionally. War was hinted at. Now, shills like Peter Navarro openly say we’re at war with China. We might be, though not in the way the liars suggest.

What if the dreaded, yet remarkably unserious COVID-19 was not released by China, but against and on China? China, and Iran? Here’s my theory, which makes as much or more sense than anything else floating around. By the way, consult with the dictionary about the meaning of “theory.” I do not know exactly what happened. All I know is that the government, having lied about everything for the past 160 years, cannot be trusted. What I’m about to hypothecate is just as likely to be true as anything they’ve poured out. And I don’t have WMDs, Tower Seven, the Curse of ‘65, The Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, withholding, the 19th Amendment, the income tax, the Federal Reserve, etc. holding down my average.

There’s also the thing about the US government, other governments, and corporate and NGO elites having A LOT of prescience knowledge about the bug before it ever made the news. How did they know?

I’m not the only one with a version of this theory. There’s Vox Day and Ron Unz, among others. Very good company. And, like them, I do not presume to know or understand everything. Alternative causation is frequently wrong or misattributed. But just as frequently, it is more accurate than the official story. 

Here’s the theory, in a semi-narrative form:

In Frederick, Maryland, the US Army maintains a quaint little post called Fort Detrick. It was long home to the Empire’s biowarfare development center. It probably still is; they’ve just changed the name. Take your pick: USAMRMC or USAMRIID. They’re not exactly the same thing but they work on similar research and they’re located together. 

For grins and giggles, let’s assume – because this is, again, a theory – that at Detrick, they keep some viruses handy. Maybe one of them was of the Corona family. One may trust the military to keep dangerous diseases every bit as safe as they did the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. 

Now, call it the Deep State, call it the CIA and Mossad, Illuminati, NWO, or any name you like because globalism is a really big and far-reaching operation – suppose that someone spirited one of those viruses out of the lab. Or some other lab somewhere. What then? Then, they give it to their counterparts in Wuhan, right? Maybe. Or, maybe not. My theory ponders whether the bug didn’t first travel up the East Coast to Boston. News broke in January that the FBI arrested Harvard professor Charles Lieber along with two Chinese nationals. Note that the charges do not specify biowarfare. He was charged with shady reporting of his multiple interests and benefactors. But there was a rumor that one of the Chinese arrestees – or another person – had discretely made off with a vial of … something. 

We can stop right here, if we trust the self-appointed “fact-checkers,” as they’ve preemptively ruled out my theory. I do not trust them, therefore I will proceed.

Despite being arrested and held on a million-dollar bond, Lieber’s faculty page was still operational mid-May. Harvard boasts of Lieber:

… At Harvard, Lieber has pioneered the synthesis of a broad range of nanoscale materials, the characterization of the unique physical properties of these materials and the development of methods of hierarchical assembly of nanoscale wires, together with the demonstration of applications of these materials in nanoelectronics, nanocomputing, biological and chemical sensing, neurobiology and nanophotonics.

Lieber has also developed and applied a new chemically sensitive microscopy for probing organic and biological materials at nanometer to molecular scales. …

All things to be proud of, those. In fact, his very name means “beloved” in Yiddish. By the way, some of his benefactors included the NIH and the DOD – to the tune of some $15 Million. He also did business with China and perhaps other countries.

Might this be the man to tinker with something very small, like a virus? And the tinkering need not have involved anything as sophisticated as Lieber’s ordinary work nor CRISPR technology. Sometimes, as dog people can tell you, old-fashioned cross-breeding goes a long way. The smallest twist to part of an organism that regularly mutates on its own and – voila! – a slightly more dangerous, and novel virus, perhaps of the Corona family. 

Maybe he did nothing of the kind and is, in fact, innocent of all charges and suspicions. Let’s assume for sake of exploration – theory, again – that something of the kind did happen. A new, modified disease was born and then removed from the university by someone. Who? This is, again, a working, guessing theory, but we’re not likely to get real answers, at least anytime soon. Lieber’s case, 1:20-mj-02158, District Court, D. Mass, was sealed (why?), then unsealed (okay), and then partially resealed (why?). My guess as to the “why” has to do with a nebulous assertion of national security. And, honestly, I’m surprised he’s still in the country. I would not be surprised if the case was closed pursuant to some extra-judicial settlement (also sealed) and that Lieber later turned up, working in another country, like Israel. He and his associates may or may not be agents of Mossad. Or of the CIA. Or of China. We don’t know anything except that there’s a smell. There is also the viable concept of the patsy.

Moving on, theoretically, let’s assume that whoever stole the modified virus wanted to get it out of American jurisdiction as fast as possible. The closest foreign country to Boston is Canada. Again, some rumors have swirled that the next stop could have been Winnipeg, home to Canada’s only CL4 bio lab and home to some rumors about more Chinese activities. Note: the “fact-checkers” have covered this too, which lends additional credibility to that which they allegedly disproved. It could have also gone to Vancouver. Or, to both. It’s also possible that it could have then traveled – the little bug got around – to Hawaii, North Korea, and/or Japan.

Somewhere along the way, I suppose it could have been handed off to another party, probably someone from the CIA or the Pentagon, some useful member of the Deep State. That someone either took it directly to China or handed it off to yet another person for transport to the 2019 CISM Military World Games in Wuhan. Wuhan is, of course, home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, another top-level dangerous disease research facility. This scenario, by the way, has occurred to the Chinese. (Yeah. “Fact-checkers” on that too).

So, if all of the foregoing happened, in some manner, then what? I theorize that a member of the US game delegation could have handed off the bug to a mole in China who worked in the Wuhan Institute or who had access thereto. From there, it was a matter of two things: one, releasing the virus in Wuhan (maybe at the bat emporium), and; two, having someone forward a sample clandestinely to Iran. 

Even most Americans are aware that something happened in Wuhan, rapidly spreading to South Korea and the rest of the world. Fewer know that Iran suffered an early, and very politically-damaging outbreak as well. The disease hit the Iranian elite especially hard. Part of my theory suggests that, pursuant to scheduled arms or technical advisement missions, the mole or another agent of the agenda spread the virus to the high-level Iranian leadership. From China and Iran, it literally went viral, as you might have heard. You’ve probably heard much else in the way of hype and nonsense.

As I wrote recently, this virus, like most of its kind, is terribly ineffective – both as a weapon and in the more general sense. It appears contagious, but not, in and of itself, terribly deadly. The vast majority of “victims” never know they have it and recover unaided. Thus, certain interested parties have had to move statistical mountains in order to re-code other ailments as COVID-related. There’s been a level of fear-mongering like the world has never witnessed before. If the bug failed, the PR campaign succeeded.

Okay, who would do this, if in fact something was done? It’s possible this could have been China’s secret military gift to the world, but I doubt it. They’re ascendant, reclusive, and rather civilized. It would not be in their interest to anger all other nations. But, it might be in the interests of the US Empire and/or Israel and/or the worldwide diaspora and/or other globalist factions. It might be something else, possibly even something natural. It might be – again, just bouncing plausible ideas here.

Let’s start with the Empire, the easier part: this could have been an easy way to strike at two nations the Deep State hates and fears, at the same time, and with few traces of underlying malice. Think this impossible? Consider that, as a separate class operating within but also without (no loyalty) the US political machinery, these types will do anything to advance their selfish causes. As an entity, the Empire is the organism that saw fit to drop an atomic bomb on a church. Anything is possible when one deals with demons.

The Israeli and/or diaspora angle is a little harder to fathom, though as many know, both often work together and/or in tandem with the Empire. My guess is that this was a way to do several things. It could have been revenge on China for their denial of The Great Leap (look it up). Targeting Iran is ever an objective. These would be a relatively easy sell to certain parties within the Imperial bureaucracy. There’s more to consider.

First, are the interests of the diaspora and the Israeli nationalists aligned here? We don’t know. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they’re diametrically opposed. That’s why I resorted to the “and/or.” The Great Leap and its failure deeply concern certain elites outside of Israel. They frequently hold influence yet lack power of the sort needed to pull off such a revenge attack. The Israelis, especially in concert with the Empire, have the power though they might lack the motivation – even as to Iran. It could be both factions operating together. It might be the diaspora along with the Empire. It could also be a direct Mossad involvement, as revenge, because Israel had a vested interest in the Leap for no other reason than to keep the diaspora from coming to Israel. We do not know. We do know there was a boomerang effect, blowback.

My guess is that the global ramifications were anticipated, calculated, and even desired. These people are wicked, not stupid. They knew that fifty years of relentless globalization would send the virus to Italy, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Europe, and the US. They counted on it.

In addition to the nominal, temporary weakening of China and Iran, with the ability to attribute false blame to them, here are a few side benefits (in brief, to move this along):

  • Extremely convenient cover for the pre-existing collapse of the financial (sorcery) economy;
  • A chance to gauge the willingness of the public to tolerate (or even demand) further tyranny on a scale never seen in history – boy, the people haven’t disappointed;
  • The effective, if temporary, end of organized Christianity;
  • Extended reliance on the government for basic necessities;
  • The near-future ability to instill further panic and/or foist God-knows-what on the people with a “vaccine,” the “Gates” agenda and all;
  • Excuse for more war (which could be heating up even now);
  • Etc, Etc, Etc…

Yes, there have been detrimental side effects. For instance, even the low-wattage bulbs begin to sense something is amiss with the public school system. Risks they were willing to take, I suppose. The potential for war, both in distant lands and seas along with the variety uncomfortably close to home, should be of grave concern to Americans. A first strike rather eliminates moral high ground. Then again, any outfit that bombs churches and murders 62 million of its own children never had anything resembling morality. It is more pressing for a rapidly fading power faced with a potential enemy that its own tests and games say cannot be beaten. War should be a concern of the people (as they’ll be asked or forced to participate), but since Fox and CNN haven’t started pounding the drums, it really isn’t. Yet.

And finally, nearing press time, there’s this news from abroad: The new Chinese envoy to Israel was found dead at his home, from “natural causes.” This may be the case. Then again, just how many coincidences are they allowed under any theory?

That my theory, one of them, for now. There is, at present, no way to know for certain what is happening. Only trust that whatever the mainstream narrative is (and, yes, it changes daily), it is a lie and a deception. I’m sure you disagree with the foregoing at intervals. That’s fine so long as you’re thinking about this and not parroting the foolish idiocy from cabal propaganda. I understand that much of this is beyond some people’s ability to grasp. They are, most of them, currently wearing ill-fitting masks to protect against the bug, even as those masks have been demonstrated to be both ineffective and even inherently dangerous. To the extent they consider outside possibilities, they usually jump straight to the lizard people. Honestly, I don’t write for them. 

And, I am sick of writing about the virus, the hoax, the fallout and covers, and everything else that goes with it. It is my great hope that these might be some of my last words on the matter. Right or wrong, I can’t change any of it. Neither can you. We can’t fix it, all of it, but remember that we didn’t cause it. We don’t have to perpetuate or facilitate it. 

BELATED UPDATE: Dr. Lieber was convicted by a jury and will allegedly be sentenced in January of 2023.