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I’ve been morbidly interested in the Fed’s latest act of national homicide for whatever reason. It’s been more than difficult to keep track of exactly how much fake money they’ve pumped out. This could be it:

Global stock markets have been on a torrid run in 2019, adding more than $17 trillion in total value, according to Deutsche Bank calculations.

The value of global equities began the year just under $70 trillion but has now surpassed $85 trillion, according to a chart from Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Slok.

The banner year for equities has been helped by easier monetary policy and political developments around the globe.

Central banks around the world have taken a more dovish approach, boosting markets. The Federal Reserve has cut its benchmark interest rate three times this year, and the European Central Bank cut its already negative rates even further.

$17 Trillion in dove shit! Ridiculous, I know. The real number is probably much higher.