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I had a high-energy Sunday. Much was accomplished.

The first change, here, is minimal, though substantive:

As you might have noticed above, the Header modification is now: “Thoughts on Freedom and The West.” This, as opposed to:

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 3.33.29 PM

This has been the general theme, anyway, for a long time. Now it’s codified. Yes, I’m still concerned with Natural Law. The cigars will continue at random intervals as will the general rambling. Also,

I moved the TPC link up the sidebar and the FP link down:

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 3.39.28 PM

If I’m honest, TPC is, now, where my better commentary is found. FP is limping along – and likely will for a little longer, bar some reinvigoration. Natural changes.

And, just below those links, one finds the heralding of A NEW BOOK (SOON)!!

Screenshot 2018-11-25 at 3.19.48 PM

I have solicited a fitting forward from a fitting commentator. This should run about 150 pages or so. Hopefully, the e-version will be more readable than that of THLCB; the high-quality trade paperback will be awesome. Ready the credit cards…

The new, to-come entry has been entered on the updated Books Page. Peruse that, if you like.

Yesterday, I kicked off some semi-heavy posting with a social media update. My de-linking from Farcebook was multi-faceted (and great!): the great algorithm changes of 2017-2018 dealt me quiet the traffic blow. That coupled with the spying and privacy invasion and the fact that social media marketing is virtually useless led me to kill the FB account. Still, I’m missing a lot of clicks.

I appreciate that those who now visit are hardcore fans (and perverts Googling in for the #hotpants post – geeze, don’t think I haven’t noticed the pattern [still grateful for the visits]). And, by my admittedly weak standards, 2018 still counts as a “great” year along with 2015, 2016, and 2017. Something needs improvement though. Working on it.

The eventual syndication of my TPC column should help, as will increased book-related queries. I have an email list that I have never deployed. Honestly, it needs a cleanup and I need to learn how to use a list. Progress…

Other items, briefly:

More fiction coming;

Pen Names cometh;

A new alt email has been secured;

What to do with Youtube and videos in general;

I’m mindful about the old Patreon page (ignore it for now);

The ads are problematic, yes; the mobile app is horribly clogged; with a traffic increase I should be able to update $$$ and clean that up while keeping the site free;


Anyway, thanks for dropping by and reading through these changes – for the better in the near future.