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The EU offers its “best deal.” And it may be that. As other nations withdraw in the near future and the EU begins to collapse, the deals will get worse – possibly culminating in: “stay or it’s war.” As is, Boris may be right:

Johnson called on May to “junk” the so-called backstop, which he said risks leaving the U.K. as a “satellite state.” Both the U.K. and EU say they want to avoid the backstop ever being triggered, but so far that hasn’t been enough to reassure the DUP, whose 10 lawmakers keep May in power.

The EU could yet demand the U.K. accept a “special deal on immigration”, Johnson said, seeking to raise doubts around one of the key benefits May says flow from her deal — ending freedom of movement.

The only deal on immigration the UK should accept is a total ban on invasion and the complete repatriation of all existing incompatibles in the Kingdom. Time is running out; the culture reaches a tipping point. It was the demographic trainwreck that drove the original vote in 2016. Failure to deliver will likely result in eventual civil war or slow societal genocide.

Speaking of the Monarch, where is She?!?!

And, who, now, has any faith in May? Or Boris or Corbin or anyone else in the government? The Titanic is already rudderless.