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Ever stay at the Waldorf Astoria? Love cigars? Yes, that’s me too.

Well, luxury lovers, here’s something you might not have known – there was once a Wardorf-Astoria Cigar Company! It was based in the hotel on Fifth Avenue.

This was back in the old days when Cubans were a bit more common in the US and on sale at local shops. And, legal beagles, one of Waldorf’s Cubans led to first-run trademark litigation in New York! Um … the case was resolved amicably…

Anyway, Wikipedia, from whom I’m stealing all this historic wisdom, says that the WASC grew, in part, out of the great phenomenon of the United Cigar Company. In the roaring 20’s United had over 3,000 cigar stores! That’s the most I’ve ever heard of. J.R. has, what, 5?


United’s Shop at NYC’s Flatiron Building, 1917.

Peacock Alley was for cigars. All those years ago.


Happy Sunday!