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Two blurbish news features from FP News. We now summarize some of the day’s prepperish stories for reader convenience (and traffic driving…).


The State of Florida, acting partly on pressures from teenagers, quickly passed a ban on gun ownership by those under age 21. Yes, in Florida, teenagers aren’t old enough to own guns but they are old enough to direct public policy. Curious.

This will surely halt all violent crime in the Sunshine State. There are no criminals (or terrorists) over 21 and everyone knows criminals (and terrorists) respect and obey the law… It is certainly NOT a first step (third, 28th…) towards total gun control.

More on Car Computer Hacking

This isn’t something exactly new. The danger has been publicized for a few years. But it is real. The most prevalent problem is that your phone has been synced and your information is vulnerable (like banking, passwords, etc.). Then, there’s the issue of someone hacking the car and using the controls to kill you. Car companies and our ever-so-benevolent government have known about this and done next to nothing.

The manufacturers are working on even more mobile killing computers and the gubmit is after guns. This all makes good sense as guns kill 1/3 as many Americans as cars.

Either way – you are largely on your own. Be advised.


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