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Parity: not necessary in terms of quality or quantity. Effectiveness, rather. Things change.

This morning (pre-scheduling this on Thursday night) I read a take on the new nuclear super weapons Putin was boasting of the other day. They may be real. And that may be real bad. Dr. Donald Miller, Jr. explains.

Then this (Thursday) evening I saw something by Vox Day. It seems that even without 100 MT bombs and hypersonic deliver capabilities, an enemy learns, rather fast, to adapt to the conditions of war. Read Vox’s take on yet another take:

This points out two more very good reasons not to engage in unnecessary foreign wars. First, you’re implicitly training your enemy. The longer you fight him, the more he will learn. Second, if you compound your error by engaging in “nation-building”, you will usually find yourself literally and explicitly training your enemy.

Over time, opposing forces tend to become more and more symmetrical. This is the process that we are beginning to see, both in terms of tactics and the demographics of the militaries themselves. US military supremacy was always bound to erode, because no military, not even the Roman legions have ever remained permanently superior. But this increasingly observed tactical symmetry is a clear indication that the erosion is picking up speed.

Minding one’s business comes to mind.

Oh, and happy Saturday!