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Happy June! And thank you for helping make last month the best May in blog history.

The site’s fifth anniversary is just around the corner. I’m planning a little digital party and you happen to be invited. (No RSVP required).

And I just completed the first of several big summer road trips. (I declare that summer is here, now). Had a great time, thanks. A few things….

A. The drive was not-so-bad but could have been better. People, please re-acquaint yourselves with the art of driving a darned car. I did not encounter much of the idiocy I normally find across the two larger Southern states but I did see room for improvement.

B. Plan B. The next ten years or so should hold an inordinate amount of road travel for old Perrin. Or just travel. If you (not YOU, but others in general) refuse to learn to merge, speed up, not text, signal, etc., then I have a counter-plan.

This weekend I paid a little visit to my new friends at Atlas Aviation at TPF. I’ve made it a goal to complete something I started 20 years ago. I hope to have, by the time the sixth anniversary rolls around, at least a Sport License.



If and when that happens, you are free to slowly limp and weave down 75 in any manner you like; I’ll look and laugh from above, somewhere below 180 but nowhere near the mayhem.

Now, on with the summer time.