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A year ago I reported just how bad things in Venezuela were getting. Bad, yes, but then just the tip of the iceberg.

Today I wrote a cautionary column for Freedom Prepper about the continuing slide of the South American nation. Please give it a read regardless of whether or not you know about or care about the crisis. Odds are you don’t (know) because of the near black-out by the American media.

Through the horrible lense of Venezuela we are witnessing the complete collapse of an entire society. This was brought about by many factors – chief among them Communism (Socialism). And it can all happen anywhere to any people – even Americans. Please learn and prepare.

I’ve written some shorts and posted some links about the crisis this year. Some few of these have proven extremely popular. If I have time, I would like to write out some fully timeline of the collapse with detailed analysis. (No promise on that).


High unemployment;
No money;
Price and monetary inflation;
Food shortages;
Starvation – the average person has lost nearly 20 pounds already (some have died, more will);
People are eating rats and pets to survive;
The grocery stores are empty and closing;
Martial law;
Daily riots and ultraviolent crime;
Complete desperation;
Schools are closed;
Power is out;
Water is interrupted; and
On and on and on…

Even after I published that, Drudge reported things keep getting worse, more desperate:


Drudge Report.

What’s happening there is terrible. For us, potentially more terrible, is the specter that this could happen in the U.S. – or anywhere.

The media did rave over Venezuela just a few years ago. The former president made scathing, hilarious, and partially (mostly?) true remarks about G.W. Bush at the U.N. The media covered that. Then the former leader sent tankers of free home heating oil to New England during a cold winter – a gesture for America’s poor. That was in part a publicity stunt. The media picked up on it.

It is strange they are so uninterested now that the nation has descended into utter chaos. Small wonder. As I noted last year, Venezuela is was a statist’s paradise, home to so many thoughtful, progressive, socialist and communist programs and ideals. Now, it seems, the chickens have come home to roost. Now the people eat rats or starve while dodging bullets in the dark.

The same people who told you life in the South American paradise was so great, then, are the same people telling you America and the West need to adopt the same systems now. It’s not that they don’t learn – they do. They just do not care. You should.