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I congratulate the City of New Orleans and its upstanding citizens on their successful removal of the Statue of Jefferson Davis, first, last, and greatest President of the C.S.A.

Workers in New Orleans in the early hours of Thursday took down a statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. It was the second of four such statues or monuments targeted for removal as city officials seek to erase the vestiges of an era that celebrated white supremacy and racism.

Crews, wearing masks to cover their faces, worked under a heavy police presence starting at 3 a.m. to dismantle the statue, which was erected in 1911, nearly 50 years after the end of the war, and commissioned by the Jefferson Davis Memorial Association.

Wearing masks over their faces … like the Klan. Irony lost, certainly.

Begone, era of white supremacy and racism! Begone, history, heritage, pride and civility! Hell, begone all ye old, dirty, usurping, 0-culture crackers! Comes now the era of the SJW, the post-1965 Amerika!


Annie Flanagan / Carlos Slim’s Blog.

But, seriously, congratulations to the people of the Big High-Crime Drainage Ditch. All their problems are now solved. Never again need they fear: ridiculously, hilariously failed schools; high unemployment; crime to make Detroit wince; gangs; drugs; welfare careerism by the generation; illiteracy; an economy as stagnant as their beloved swamp; the swamp; 110% humidity; tropical diseases; public corruption; public urination; public vomiting; vagrancy; illegal gun raids; looters; Superdome sodomy and rape sprees; police looters, and; the next Katrina.

Getting rid of one old white man accomplished so much. Two men – I think they did away with Gen. Beauregard too, him and his horse. Two men and a horse gone and N.O. becomes paradise on earth. It’s like Newspeak for the statuary aware – out with the old and tainted and in with a better, brighter, if lower and dumber future. You will see this improvement immediately upon your next visit to N’Awlins. You will; I’ve made my last trip.

This pitiful episode, and the hundreds like it around the faltering U.S., do lend some optimism to the prospect of one day tearing down other monuments – those to Amerika’s favorite plagiarist, drunken womanizer, and communist. I think the FBI files will be unsealed in ten years or so.

Until then, in honor of anti-Southern hatred in N’Awlins and elsewhere, I leave you with this:

I do not give a damn!