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If you’re thinking about writing a book, the time has never been better.

Authorearnings.com dug deep into some recent sales numbers and produced a detailed report. The information centers on sales of ebooks and printed copies in the five largest English-speaking countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

These five nations have a combined population of over 450 million. And those people read books. Or at least they buy them. The most recent data show they collectively purchased over 1.6 billion books in the latest measureable year. That’s about 3.5 books per person per year.



Imagine if your book was one of the 3.5. No, you won’t get everyone to buy – not even close. But the sheer, staggering volume of sales is mind-boggling. This lays to rest the excuse that “there are already too many books out there.” Maybe there are but the people seem to want more.

And these are the five largest Anglo nations, not even the entirety of the English-speaking world. I do not know for certain but I suppose translations are pretty easy to obtain. That opens up the rest of the planet – the parts that read.

This is great food for literary sales thought. And it reminds me that I really need to crank out another volume … or ten.

Happy writing. Happy reading.