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I’ve held back on all of the steerage-class aviation disaster stories of late because there’s very little to say about them. If you’re an adult in America today, then you should know exactly what kind of torture you’re signing up for when you willingly climb aboard a commercial sardine can in the sky.

I even refrained from commenting on the terrible demise of Simon, the giant rabbit, the most famous bunny since Bugs. Today I actually looked into the story and found it more pitiful than I had imagined. Simon, alone of all the recent victims, has my sympathy. He did not independently agree to his fate.


R.I.P. Simon. USA Today.

All of this got me thinking about “accepting fate.” That is something one does not have to do – not without a fight. For more on that, please read James Altucher’s wisdom:

How To Start Over At 40 [or any age]

Remember: as bad as it might be, you’re not Simon.