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Last night, in congratulating Mr. Macron, I wrote: “I assume ISIS will get back to work this week or this month. Tonight they breath an understandable sigh of relief. Five more years of attacks should be all that’s needed to swing the majority around.”

I was right. They got right back to … something … just one day after the election.

ONE of the busiest train stations in Europe was placed on lockdown as heavily armed cops reportedly hunted for ‘three dangerous men’.

French authorities confirmed a police operation was underway at Gare du Nord – the station at which Eurostar trains arrive in Paris from London.

The Paris police headquarters said the operation was to “dispel any doubt” about a threat, but would not give more details.

However reports in Le Parisien claimed cops were hunting for “three dangerous men”.

Officers are said to have emptied a train of more than 200 people that was arriving from the northern town of Valenciennes as they searched for the trio, whose profiles were apparently flagged to French security chiefs by a “partner country” on Friday.

Since then, there have been three reported sightings in Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux.

The latest sighting was made by a conductor and a ticket vendor, the paper claimed, and sparked the huge police presence.


Macron’s New Normal. The Sun.

Could be anything, could be nothing. Maybe just a little preemptive, overreaction by the cops. It could be any three dangerous men. Surely it’s no reason to regret turning the national back on the candidate dedicated to stopping this sh!t.

The comments (so far) are hilarious:

edmond day 2 minutes ago
The FROGS are coming out of the sewer.

Kevin Roberts 4 minutes ago
The world will now get to watch what happens when you turn a European nation over to muslim-sympatico simpering Lib.

Enjoy what’s left of your future, France.

Ron Duibs 12 minutes ago
You French asked for this why bother us now, if they kill some of you that is macron’s new normal, stop bothering the rest of us just accept your fate.

chiangmai1 14 minutes ago
you voted for your man macron.you get what u voted for well done

Edward Studor 19 minutes ago
This is what you wanted France. The mass stupidity of a nation voting for more of this is beyond belief.

Bob she 20 minutes ago
Emboldened by Macrons win, not appeased.

Chico CDM 18 minutes ago
Nothing appeases Muslims other than being burried with a missing head.

Chico CDM 25 minutes ago
Thank the left for mass importing Muslims, helping them build mosques and protecting their vile behavior as the new norm. Thank your left wing friends and politicians.

Minnie Hallman 26 minutes ago
Macrons favorite people…….Muslim terrorists.

Chico CDM 29 minutes ago

All this jumping to conclusions… Logical, rational, going to be 100% correct conclusions.