Dear Lord, 9 PM rolled around and I realized I had not issued anything, here, today. Been busy, sorry. It also occurred to me I haven’t done a cigar review in at least a few weeks. I’ll keep this short – either this or an old re-post (how much fun are those?).

This is not a review. It’s a cigar review preview…

Check this out:




55 pounds or ounces? Hefty either weigh.


Yes. That is a real LFD Coronado. I mentioned the old C, circa 2005 or 2007, last month – fond memories. This is the comeback edition. Probably gonna fire that up in a few. It’s kind of like the buildup to a first date. No. It’s more like a date with the hot girl you had a fling with ten years ago and haven’t seen since. No. It’s better. It’s a smoke.


More tomorrow.

Oh yeah, other stuff happened today too: Comey’s EMP rallied the stock market in North Korea; or something.